Coming back for more

Coming back for more.
…or more specifically: what makes you come back for more?

And yes, I”m talking about workouts, healthy eats, honoring your body.
All of it.

What drives you to live healthfully, constantly coming back for more?

Was thinking about this yesterday as I went about my Thursday morning routine. Which included teaching a barre n9ne method class but no other workout before class started at 9am (just a class later that night that I took vs. taught). I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like something was missing. I love nothing more than to get an early-AM sweat on in some shape or form, it just starts my day off on the exact right foot. I never regret it. Yet yesterday, an early-AM sweatfest wasn’t on the agenda. Extra sleep was. It felt glorious to wake up at 6:45 after back-to-back 5am wake-up calls this week, either to teach, take a class or get my run in before the heat of the day settled in. I embraced the sleep, fully.

But that’s when the concept for this post came to mind. When I was bustling about, cleaning the house (why not? I had all the time in the world today compared to most mornings!) and getting myself ready to teach, I thought to myself: “Why do I keep coming back for more, lusting for it, even?”

It makes me feel alive.

That’s the bottom line.

Our bodies were built to be active, to move, and move often. To put the food we fuel our bodies with to good use. They were also built to appreciate the rest that we give them.  But man, they were *not* built to be sedentary — a lifestyle so many of us are forced to lead during work hours for all of us 9-5’ers with a desk job.

So when I say that working out, eating well and moving often makes me feel alive?
…it’s totally and utterly true. It’s in my DNA.

Yet, it’s in ALL of our DNA though, truly. It’s just a matter of discovering it (or rediscovering it, as the case may be), finding the right workout mix that you love and that your body responds well to. That can leave you in awe every single time — when you witness just what your body is capable of doing if you allow it to. 

It’s as simple a recipe as this:

Move. Move often. Eat well. Live. Live big.
Rest. And repeat.

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

And on that note, I’m off to move, move often (but rest often, too), eat (and drink) well. LIVING and BREATHING in every single moment while at the lake house for a few days in Maine this weekend/part of next week. While I’m away, I fully expect you all to think about your reasons for coming back for more — would love your thoughts here in the comments, or even if a post of your own, if this concept or question piques a few ideas in the back of your mind. Otherwise, I”ll see ya’ll on the flip side. 😉 


27 thoughts on “Coming back for more

  1. I NEED that plaque on my wall somewhere. Seriously love that! I have seen it before but it ALWAYS makes me smile and nod my head YES! I love this sis, it is SO true. And something we’ll be mindful of during our epic weekend together!! I cannot wait to get lakation started!!

    • Isn’t that plaque the best?? I totally want it hanging somewhere for me to see every single day. I want to live this life, no regrets – live BIG, ya know??

      Cannot wait to live big this weekend, lakation style!! woohoo!

  2. I think so many people will blame things on genetics or say they just can’t. It took my mom 50 years to figure out she was actually a natural at running. Trying is the first step.

    And have such a fun time in Maine, sounds uber relaxing!

    • Exactly. I have a lot of people in my life and around me that do the exact same thing — displace the accountability entirely. Trying is TOTALLY the first step and your mom is real proof of that — I LOVE how natural of a runner and athlete she’s discovered that she is, how cool is that? She is totally badass 😉

  3. I think that being healthy has a huge mental component for me too in addition to the physical one. I just feel better about myself when I am healthy. I feel lethargic and blah when I’m not and that always translates into a bad mental state.

    Plus, I don’t want to be on medications when I’m our parents age. I know that my in-laws and to some extent my parents take all kinds of meds and I hope that by leading a healthy life now, in 30 years that won’t happen to me.

    • YES. I want to live a long and healthy life and I know that laying the foundation now, as strongly and as firmly as possible, is the ticket to longevity, totally!!

      And I’m with you — workouts are very mental for me, it gives me that release I need in my days that nothing else quite compares to.

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day when my morning workout got pushed into the evening and I really had no motivation to get in there and do it, but I did. It made me really think about why I make the effort even when I just wanted to curl up on the couch and cuddle with the cats. It’s in me to move! I want to be the best I can be physically and mentally. I think about things during my workouts and let go of things that need to be let go of. It’s a release and it empowers me to be the best I can be. I want to be healthy and active my entire life! It just makes me…me!

    Great post, as always! Have a great weekend!

    • YES!! It’s in me to move too — even if some days I’m not sure how much I’m ‘feeling’ the workout…once I get out there, I never, ever regret the workout. It happened to me just today actually — I wasn’t sure how the run was going to go, wasn’t entirely sure I was feeling it, but once I got moving? I felt AWESOME and was so happy I did it.

      Have an awesome weekend!!

    • Right — once you’re in the habit of moving that body every day (almost every day anyway), it’s easy to stick with it, but if you’ve never experienced how good that habit can feel? You’re totally missing out, in my opinion, at least.

      Thanks for stopping by – have an awesome weekend!

  5. Have an awesome time in Maine!

    Results are one of the biggest things that keeps me coming back for more, but more often than not it’s as simple as how I feel on a regular basis when I work out. I’ve been slightly lazy lately, and I can tell – I’m more tired, my body just doesn’t want to really move. Knowing that my workouts are going to continue to provide me with the strength, health, and energy I need to live my life is what keeps me coming back for more.

    • That’s true – results certainly don’t hurt now do they? And it gives you this great sense of accomplishment to see all that hard work payoff — not just in how you look but more importantly, how you feel. Energized, fit and alive. 🙂

      Have a great weekend friend!

  6. yay, have a fantastic time away! that quote always makes me think of Jason – when I first met him he had it displayed somewhere – LOVE that attitude of his.

    I come back for more because IT FEELS GOOD. in every way – the healthy food, the active movement, all of it energizing and necessary!

    • Yet another reason why I think I’ll really dig Jason (and you) when we someday get to meet 🙂 great minds!!

      So simple but so true – it just feels good. SO good, so worth it!!
      Happy weekend to you!

  7. That quote? Awesome. I totally believe that the reason I come back for more is because it makes me feel alive and happy (not always during but definitely afterwards). Love your perspective on this Jess and this is something that I’ve been twirling around in my head a bit. Might have to do a post too!

  8. oh great post!! hmm what keeps me coming back…I think some of it is personal pride in continually achieving things I never believed possible…some is what others have said simply feeling better in my body, my mind and soul

  9. Have a lovely time in Maine:). So true I think it’s all about finding exercise that a person likes and then it becomes enjoyable and part of a person’s life. I’m helping a few of the girls in work lose weight and I find if they do exercise just for losing weight, they don’t like the exercise whereas if they do something they enjoy, they keep it up and end up losing the weight with eating well. As for me, love love working out. I’d miss it so much when I can’t work out.

  10. Lovely post as always. I think it’s great to step back and ask, “Why am I doing this?” “Why do I choose to be healthy?” Many from the outside assume it’s to lose those last 10 lbs or look good in a bikini but it’s MUCH more than that. For me, it’s because I feel my best, most productive, passionate self when I am living healthily and that’s something I never want to stop : )

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