Of (fit) bucket lists and things

Hi friends! I’m baaaack! 🙂

And this pretty much sums up our glorious ‘lakation’ in Maine:

That would be me stealing a spot on my sister’s chair to lounge my legs on while we sat dockside for pretty much the entire trip up to the lake house. It was so perfect. Perfect time with friends. Perfect sister time. Perfect hubby time. Perfect gram and gramp time (complete with gram teaching us to make our first blueberry pie!) Perfect me time. So perfect I really can’t put words together to describe the trip properly.

…so I won’t even try. I hope you don’t mind.
(and for those of you following me on instagram, I apologize in advance for all of my annoying “omg it’s so beautiful here” pics, hehe)

In other news — I *did* successfully knock an item off of my fitness bucket list while we were away. A (fit) bucket list I’ve been keeping up with over on pinterest with lots of fun items on it, a few of which I fully intend on knocking from that list this year.

One of them is hitting that 26.2 goal of mine. 
…but you knew that already. 

The other one? Feeling confident enough to go for a run in just a sports bra and shorts. 
…seems pretty simple, right? 

But for me — this marked a pretty big milestone moment. Of me finally feeling comfortable enough in my own skin to not give a rat’s ass care what anyone thought of me (good, bad or otherwise) while I was out there running some miles. The confidence I’ve been working towards since the barre n9ne challenge first began for me last May, a confidence I’ve been chasing for years and years. A confidence in who I am today, tomorrow and forever — a confidence I’ve finally chased and snagged. And am holding onto for dear life.

So yeah, this happened:

With my sister and bestie Steph — two of my fit friends that have been right there with me on this journey of mine from the start. Quite fitting if you ask me. Also fitting? That it was muggy as all hell when we took off for our run last weekend in Maine. Holy sweatfest.

So how did it feel, you must be wondering?

To be honest, I was expecting to have some sort of an epiphany. To feel this giant rush of some sort. But instead, I felt…normal. As if I should have been / could have been doing this all along and why-did-I-wait-so-long-to-do-this sort of thing. It sort of felt like no big deal. But I guess that’s kind of the point, right? If it DID feel like a big deal, if I DID feel exposed or conspicuous or something then maybe it would mean I’m not quite ‘there’ yet. As in not quite as confident and comfortable being me as I thought I finally was.

I guess that’s my takeaway then. It was no big deal. But not because I had built it up way too much in my head and it was a giant fail. Nope. It’s because I really *am* that confident and happy person at last. I am who I am. And happily so. 

…and maybe this big 14-miler (holy PDR time!!) I have planned for tomorrow will be done sports-bra style too. Just maybe. 😉

43 thoughts on “Of (fit) bucket lists and things

    • haha aww

      But um hi – we DO wear bikinis all the time so what’s the big deal about wearing a sports bra in public, right? I had no idea what I was missing, clearly.

      I missed you TOO!!! xoxo

  1. First of all, you guys look amazing. But, I absolutely know how you felt. I love running without a shirt and have done it a few times this summer, but I really have to be in the right place mentally in order to do it. I loved seeing all your vacation pictures on Facebook, makes me even more excited for my upcoming, unplanned vacation! 🙂

    • That’s right – I had to get ‘right’ mentally before I could give the whole sports bra run a shot. And now that I’m in that ‘right’ place mentally? The run felt like no big deal, just a nicely air conditioned run actually. 😉

      I’m excited to hear all about your vacation, y’know *after* you actually take it 😉

  2. You girls look great! I am actually going on lakation today and planning a sports bra run tomorrow for myself. My thinking is that it will be easier to do for the first time out in the boonies than it is in the city. Plus it’s just too hot to care!

  3. Congrats on working and making a dent in your fitness bucket list. Like you, I expect to feel completely different after accomplishing it. While it does feel great to cross of something you’ve wanted to, it does feel normal. But in turn, it inspires me to try new things and add more to the list to accomplish. Sometimes the most fun is in the anticipation stage.

    • Exactly — it’s about feeling good about knocking it off the list and THEN figuring out what you want to put on that list to replace the item you just knocked off, right?? 😉

    • I had a feeling you’d like that pic of ‘us’ hehe 😉

      I know, it was seriously long overdue, this sports bra run right?? You’ve been telling me this for how long now?? And thank you for the compliment, you’re the sweetest (see? I can take the compliment gracefully…but I am blushing, for the record)

  4. So glad you were able to feel confident on your run! Our bodies can run amazing distances, and if those distances are most comfortably run in a sports bra, go for it! 🙂 Good luck with your 14 miler!

    • This is so true – our bodies can run amazing distances…something I’m learning every single time I lace up for a long run, marathon training style. I’m thinking there will be many more of these done sports-bra style!

  5. Love this sis! Our lakation already seems far away but it was utter perfection in every way. Love that pic of our feet 😉 And even more, that pic of us rocking our sports bras!! I felt normal too, but freeing and cooler, nice air conditioning that way LOL. And damn, those were some muggy runs! but so so good! Proud of you and us sis!!

    • I know, it already does feel far away, I miss you! hehe
      But I’m also very proud of us for rocking the sports bra run, getting out of our own way and just appreciating our hard work and going for it. woohoo!

  6. You look awesome and should feel no shame in rockin’ a body like that in a sports bra! Where did you go in Maine. I grew up in the Western Mountains. I went back in May and ran the Sugarloaf Marathon.

  7. Love this post! Good for you and I’m so glad it felt natural. It should feel that way, you are a fit chick and look great!

    • Thanks, girl! I’m so glad it wound up being a ‘non-event’ in many ways…just goes to show that becoming comfortable in your own skin CAN happen…even if it took me 32 years to get there 😉

  8. Are you kidding me? You look amazing. Like a total FitFluential BADASS. I’m glad you were able to knock somethings off your infamous list. Keep moving forward and honestly, the three of you look fit and scary as hell!

    • Hahah this might be my favorite comment of all – you are a riot and you totally made me blush, like whoooooaly. I love the idea of Fitfluential BADASS!! Maybe we need tanks that say that on them, hmmm? Rock on!!

  9. Yes! Running in just a sports bra has always been something I have always secretly coveted. I’ve come close when I’ve been dying in the humidity. Like you said, it’s built up to be such a big deal in my head but in reality it’s no big deal. I have a feeling my AHA moment will be happening soon especially if the heat continues. Congrats! You all look like strong fierce ladies!

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