Thoughts on 26.2 — almost 8 weeks in

Scott and I are at the 8 week mark of marathon training. It’s crazy how fast the time is starting to fly, especially as I look at our training plan and gauge how far we have to go by the number (and length!) of our long runs to come.

It’s kind of insane. 
…but it’s also kind of exciting. 

It’s also utterly exhausting. A fact that I didn’t even realize until this week. A week marked by our first PDR level run – 14 miles that I kind of think we crushed if I do say so myself! 😉 But as the day and the weekend wore on, I realized just how tired I was. Literally in bed at 9:30 on Saturday night, up at 7:45 the next day (a solid 10+ hrs!). And then Sunday night was a later night given a wedding we attended so I got more like 7ish hours of sleep. Apparently that wasn’t enough. I came back from teaching my 6am barre n9ne class on Monday and at the sight of Scott still snuggled in bed, I climbed back in for (what I thought would be) a 5 minute snuggle fest.

…and promptly conked out for another hour+! 
This does not happen, ever.

Clearly I am in need of lots more sleep than this body normally needs.

After this earth-shattering revelation of mine (gee, running  a shitton of miles week-to-week is tiresome, you don’t say!), I re-examined my training schedule. I think I’ve created a schedule that’s a wee bit too hardcore in terms of the drop-back weeks I’d added in. Let me rephrase that: the drop-back week (not weeks) I had planned for. After doing a little bit of research, I’m going with the consensus here and breaking our plan into three distinct sections — which means that I’ll have two drop-back weeks (vs. one) plus the taper weeks that’ll start our final drop-back in our plan.

Previously, I had budgeted in a drop-back week but it was only a few miles shy of our previous week’s long run. Now that I look at my plan more holistically, I’m realizing that I needed to drop back more than originally planned. So, here’s how the long runs look for us coming up:

This week15 miles (kind of excited about this, don’t know why)
Next week – drop back week: 10 miles for our long run
Going forward: 16, 18, 20 miles and then another drop-back week before we get into serious business: hello 22 miler, I’m kind of afraid of you!

I think this will help in two ways — um hi, it gives us a couple of mini-breaks in the action before ramping back up again into higher and higher milage, and it’ll reduce the risk of injury greatly. The last, last, last thing I want is to wind up injured. And oh yeah — I still want this to be a *fun* experience too, so the drop-back weeks will help keep the fun times rolling, ya know?

So anyway, just a few thoughts on where my head is at, the deeper we get into training. In all? I’m really finally finding a ‘love’ for the whole marathon training thing. At first, I was finding myself to be so apprehensive and unsure of how much I’d really enjoy the whole process. But truly? It’s becoming such a fun and interesting learning experience — and an awesome bonding time for Scott and I. A nice little side benefit, I do believe. 🙂


41 thoughts on “Thoughts on 26.2 — almost 8 weeks in

  1. I get super tired during marathon training, too. It’s good that you’re getting in that extra sleep that you need. You *should* be excited about your 15 miler this weekend; it’s another PDR and you had a great run last weekend! I hope it goes just as well for you.

  2. I think that adding another drop back week is a good idea. It’s also fun to run 10 miles after doing 15 the previous week and feeling like it was easy!

  3. The bonding! Tony and I got fitted for shoes and have been running together for the past two weeks. I feel so motivated with him by my side! Sounds like you have a better plan for you two! Hopefully that will help out with the exhaustion. I’m loving this for you!

    • It is the BEST part of this whole experience – the bond between Scott and I. It leaves me feeling so incredibly blessed every single time. I LOVE that you two are running together, how awesome!!

  4. 8 weeks in already?? Really? Time does fly. I remember I was pretty much useless after doing a long run. Pretty much rest, sleep, rehydrate, refuel, repeat. Yes, sleep and rest is important and think that your plan for drop-back weeks makes a ton of sense. I trained and ran 3 marathons with my husband and yes, definitely a bonding experience!! Figured that if we made it through all those long runs together and that pain, must mean something for our marriage, right?

    • Right?? It’s freakin’ FLYING by!!! And that weirdly DOESN’T scare me to say — WHO AM I??? 😉
      And YES — if we can make it through long run after long run together without hating eachother by the end, well my friend, that marriage is made of steel!

  5. Yep, they half plans I’ve used have one back off week, so I can definitely see 2 for a full. And definitely need to get in rest so your body can recovery. My mileage has been creeping into the 28-29 mile range for the week, and I definitely feel more fatigued. So I have no doubt that it’s starting to take it’s toll on you especially with your other cross-training and teaching…oh and then work. Gotta remember that part LOL.

    • Damn girl, your mileage is getting up there – look at you go! But yes, it’s definitely starting to catch up with me — not in a bad or scary way, its just more noticeable now in the sleep department, especially. Oh well, I guess 9:30 bedtimes aren’t the worst thing in the world in the grand scheme of things, hehe

  6. You are being super smart with this plan sis. I cannot believe it’s 8 weeks in AND you only have a handful of long-ass runs to go…how crazy is that when you think about it? Again, I am so impressed. XOXO

  7. I’m training for my first Marathon. And I too am learning rest and recovery is very important in this training process.

  8. I am so glad you’re realizing this early in the game. Most times I had super long runs I made sure it was a day that I had nothing else to do. You’re approaching this so smart, keep it up!

    • Well that’s the only thing I’m *not* doing — most of my long runs are during the week, it’s just easier for me to fit it in than on the weekend with teaching and things (like ‘life’ haha) but so far, I’m managing ok, I just may be slightly less energetic by say ohhh, 5pm. haha

  9. shitton of miles – now that should be a magnet:)

    I feel in and out of marathon training and it sounds to me like you are taking everything in stride. I’m so impressed with your mental and physical capacity! Keep it up:)

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  12. Ahhhhh! Reading your blog today is bringing me back to the joys of training that I miss so much! I just want to hug you and give you a high-five 🙂
    You are doing so GREAT! Keep it up! I love reading all about it 🙂

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  14. Just want to say I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love following your marathon training! You are so positive and inspiring all the time! I am definitely cheering you on!

    • aww! thank you for coming out of hiding to say hi. I’m SO glad you’re enjoying my marathon journey over here. Not gonna lie, I’m surprisingly enjoying it myself! (who knew?!)

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