15 miles on a prayer

This morning we ran 15 miles. 
…on a prayer. 

You see, I took some very wise, beautiful words of advice from one of the strongest, most wonderful souls I know: Lindsay. She told me that she often would use her long runs to pray, spending some of that time with Him. It not only centered her for the run but it gave her a chance to have a little chat with God along the way.

So that’s what I did this morning, just as we were hitting mile 2,  I said a little prayer.

This morning, I pray for
…and faith.

Faith in the process, faith in our training, faith in eachother. 

This morning I also give thanks. 
…for this opportunity to challenge ourselves. 
…for physical and mental toughness.
…for the blessings this experience has already provided us. 

I am thankful. 

As simple as that. I was praying it to Him as much as I was saying it to myself and silently sharing those words with Scott. Between those quiet  prayerful words, and the beautiful rainbow I saw on my ride home last night, and I was feeling extremely calm and centered for our 15-miler, our longest run to date. 

And I truly and firmly believe that it made all the difference. We ran those miles as if we’d been running 15-milers our whole lives. It was surreal just how good the run felt, how well our bodies responded, and how quickly the time passed. I never, ever thought I’d get to this point — where 15 miles doesn’t feel daunting. (I even said to Scott when all was said and done: “well, that *didn’t* suck!”)

…who am I?? 

I’ll tell you who I am — who WE are.
…we’re becoming the marathoners we dreamed of becoming ‘someday.’

But instead of ‘someday’ — this fall is our someday. October 7 is inching closer and closer (something like 9 long runs away!). And with each day that passes, we are both stronger, more confident, and most of all — happier runners.

This is just amazing. I can’t even begin to put it into words. It’s just…incredible. 

41 thoughts on “15 miles on a prayer

  1. I love this sis. You are becoming more and more an inspiration to me ever so gently and quietly. I cannot say enough how impressed I am, but also, how much faith and confidence you are gaining out of this experience. And to end your run and NOT feeling like it sucked? Huge. You are going to kill this marathon. Love you! (PS, that Lindsay…she’s a smart soul, isn’t she?!)

  2. What a positive outlook on running and really life in general. I’m in awe of your training thus far and love every post you write about it. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • You are the sweetest!! Thank you so much. I’m honestly as surprised and in awe as you are — I never thought I’d feel so good during marathon training as I do. Sure I’m damn tired, but it’s rewarding work, I gotta say!

  3. Beautiful post my friend. I think that’s what seals the deal for me with running – it’s that time for reflection and isn’t it wonderful when you are reflecting on the good, the positives, the things to be thankful for rather than “crap”. You forget about the crap in life and your focus shifts and I think it leads to a more positive mentality.

    teehee —> “well, that *didn’t* suck!”

    • EXACTLY. You hit the nail on the head – it forces your brain into such a positive mindspace, it’s crazy how it just sorta happens without you even realizing it mid-run. I LOVE where my head went today, it was so, so, centering and calming.

      and YES, LOL – I literally said that to Scott after!!

  4. Whether running or walking or hiking or biking…being out in the beautiful world makes the Lord all that more apparent. I always like to take my time outdoors to thank God for the amazing world He has provided us!

    • So right on my friend — we’re surrounded by beauty that He created…but we so often lose sight of that. Until we’re surrounded by it while being active, exploring the beautiful world around us. Such a cool thing. Blessed, really.

    • YES, yes, yes. Running with such a new/renewed purpose — it’s incredible. I am so thankful that you planted that seed in my head the other day. You are so good for me friend, SO GOOD! xoxo

  5. A beautiful and powerful approach to a run, what a great time to spend more time with God – He loves to share those milestones with us! Congrats on your new distance record, that’s a great feeling too! 🙂

    • Thank you, friend. It sure isn’t easy (as you well know!) but to hear you say that I make it LOOK easy? That’s a damn compliment coming from a seasoned marathoner like you!!

  6. So so so happy for you. It does get easier with each week and you should be proud of yourself each and every week. What a beautiful morning to get a nice long run in!

    • It was gorgeous today, PERFECT summer running conditions, through and through. I’m amazed that my body is adjusting so well and that it IS feeling more manageable by the day. I never thought it would happen!

  7. What a neat post – from the time in prayer to the running with Scott to the ease of 15 miles and inching closer to being a marathoner (a dream of mine too!)…Thanks for sharing! I, too, love using my long runs to process and pray, and I actually listen to sermons quite often as well – makes the time fly by and makes me realize I’m doing something good for my body, mind and heart. And yes, Lindsay is pretty amazing – love that girl and that makes me think I’ll love you too (from a fellow FitFluential friend!). 😀

    • Lindsay is quite simply amazing, LOVE her. She inspires me every single day, especially with her beautiful faith. I love it. I love that you’re also so faithful annnd that you listen to sermons while you run, that’s such a cool idea!! 🙂 (yay fellow Fitfluential friends!)

  8. What a great way to keep your mind clear and your thoughts positive while pushing through 15 miles.
    Best of luck with all your marathon training 🙂

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  10. I think that this post is amazing because for me anyway, I could not have trained for or run a marathon without having God help me thru it. I trained thru a hard season in my life and my time on the road was a time to decompress, reflect, and spend time sorting out my emotions. I often began talking to God. Giving him thanks, praying a mantra, or lifting others up in prayer.

    In fact I remember back to when I first began running and I was heading out for my first six mile run. It seemed like such a daunting task. I had a friend recommend that I pick a person for each mile to lift up in prayer. So I scribbled six people on a small piece of paper and did that. For the first mile I prayed for a friend who was going thru a divorce. When my watch beeped that I was on mile two I prayed for my then boyfriend (now husband) and our relationship. I did this until I had finished my six miles and I lifted six people up in prayer. When I stopped focusing on my own fear of the miles and instead on others, I was amazed at how quickly the time went by.

    Even now I will adapt a form of this. Last Thu. I was having a tough run. I shifted my focus off my own struggling body and onto my mom. I know she is having the fight of her life with cancer. I began praying for her and I immediately felt my own labored breathing calm down and my pace settle into a comfortable pattern. It truly amazed me.

    Anyways sorry for the novel but the cliff notes version is that I think this post and idea behind it is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Girl. This comment left me so floored, so amazed, so utterly uplifted and inspired in such a deep way. You never, EVER cease to amaze me with your strength, perserverance and perspective. Truly. I absolutely ADORE this approach to shifting your focus — well away from your own struggles mid-run and into a much higher purpose…lifting up the loved ones around you, focusing on THEM versus on yourself. Incredible. I am absolutely doing this next week during our 16 miler. No doubt about it.

      And PS. continuing to send prayer your way for your mom as she battles. xoxo

    • Sorry for lurking… I just want to say that this story is truly inspiring. I try to pray when I run also but more often than not my mind wanders more than I’d like. But reading this blog post and your comment make me want to put more effort into making my running time a prayer time. Thank you for sharing!

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