Drop back weeks are awesome

Drop back weeks are awesome.
That is all.

…no really, that’s all I got today. Blog post: done.

juuuust kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok so maybe I’m a little slap happy this morning but I have a good reason — I think I’m in love with drop back weeks.
(I guess you wanna know why, huh?)

Why drop back weeks are awesome:

  1. We needed it. A lot more than I realized until we set out for our 10-miler this morning. Today’s run wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t awful either. But after last week’s “that didn’t suck” 15-miler, I was kind of expecting 10 miles to feel better than they did. Drop back week: needed. Noted.
  2. We got to sleep ‘in’ until 6:15 today. 6:15 feels utterly glorious after multiple strings of 5am wake-up calls — either to teach a 6am barre n9ne class or to hit the road for a training run.
  3. Less miles this week means itchy-to-run legs for next week. That’s my hope and goal, anyway. I *really* want next Tuesday’s 16-miler to be pretty awesome, epic even. And if that’s my goal, I best embrace the slightly fewer miles this week (even though the competitor in me always wants more, more, more! That’s where Scott comes in and tells me to cut the crap…hehe)
  4. It’s an opportunity to re-focus, re-energize and find new perspective. I mean really — I never, ever thought I’d say that I ‘only’ had to run 10 miles today. Only 10 miles?? Who says that?? Talk about perspective, huh? This week is also proving to be a great opportunity to re-energize…we’re at the halfway point in training, which means we’re about to head into some truly killer weeks of training. (my heart just skipped a beat just glancing at my training schedule for the next few weeks…)
  5. Pizza is still an excellent source of carb-loading fuel the night prior to a back-off week long run. As is oatmeal with sliced banana as a post-run recovery meal. Yum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yeah…you could say that I’m riding a pretty mean runner’s high this morning (whee!), but that I’m also hugging the sh*t out of this drop back week too. (((drop back week)))


32 thoughts on “Drop back weeks are awesome

  1. glad your training is going well! do you have a formal plan on the blog I could look at? I’m loosely training for my 3rd marathon and kind of want to follow a plan but am being lazy about making my own:)

  2. Awesome work sis!! I think it’s almost funny that 10 miles is *almost* easy peasy in comparison. Perspective. Totally. A mile is a mile, but when you get into those high numbers, a few miles less is probably VERY much embraced!! I channeled you on my longer run this morning and felt so good. It was a run that basically hummed even with somewhat dead b9 legs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Isn’t perspective amazing?? I can’t believe it myself…and I’d never call it ‘only’ 10 miles as if those miles were easy or meant nothing because that’s not the case, never is, no matter how many I run. A mile is a mile is a mile, right?? I’m SO glad you channeled me a bit on your longer run today, yayyyy sis!! I knew you’d do just fine once you got out of your own way and just ran!

  3. I seriously love drop back weeks too! I love the added rest and extra time in my life. I usually play catch up on the things that get neglected during marathon training (like cleaning the house, etc.) and love spending some extra time on the couch resting. It’s a great “reset” mid way through training. Enjoy it and keep up the good work!

    • Nah, taper comes at the end of the entire training schedule and ALL runs are pared way back. A drop back week is basically just a shorter long run to give your body a little break from the heavy duty intensity a lonnnnng run like 15 miles does to the body, ya know??

  4. I always love it during marathon training when my husband says to me “You only have to do 10 miles today.” Like 10 miles isn’t a respectable amount when you are hitting 15s and more. But I always loved those weeks, even if he gave them no respect LOL.

    • Right. It’s TOTALLY respectable…but when you consider those looong lonnnng runs you have been doing? It feels so much easier in the grand scheme of things. How crazy right?

  5. Hehehehe, this post has been sitting up on my computer since this morning. Well, yesterday morning to you now. lol I need to catch up on your 15 miler, but from the sounds of it, it went awesome and you’re just floating along during this week’s “rest”. Ha. Rest. I feel silly saying that, but to a runner hitting some hardcore miles, it probably does feel like rest. I’m so glad you’re feeling better about 26.2. (And I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see you go to Chicago. IN. LOVE. with that city.)

    • I LOVE that my blog has been waiting on your computer so you could comment on it! You are the cutest!!

      It’s been a nice quasi-restful week for sure. Crazy that this is who I’ve become already! ahh! haha

    • It was SO needed…and I’m really thankful I did some extra research before continuing on with the plan as I had it laid out originally, ya know? I don’t want to screw myself come Oct 7, you know??

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