Honor your body and #makeitcount

I had a moment this weekend where my constant urge to go, go, go, do, do, do was overwhelming me. I was having a hard time getting out of my head, out of ‘that’ zone. It wasn’t all that dramatic, truly, but it was a moment where, as I took a minute to think it through, that I remembered an important notion:

Our bodies are our temples — we need to honor them as such. 

Source: pinterest.com via Jess on Pinterest

It’s as simple as that. Honor that body. It’s the only one we’ll ever have.

So on Sunday when I started to get frustrated that I was about to decide to switch my rest day for the week to Sunday instead of next Saturday as originally planned, I had to shake myself out of that go, go, go zone. And remember two things: 1) it’s *really* silly to get all worked up about switching a rest day (I mean really) and 2) sometimes, it’s needed.

It all came down to one factor when I woke up on Sunday – 87% humidity. Combine that with a planned 9-miler and it wasn’t gonna be pretty. I started to review my  marathon training schedule for the week in my head (while mulling it over via text with my sis, the ‘angel’ to the devil on my shoulder…), and I realized that I could easily swap my rest day in favor of having an even better run next Saturday instead. It isn’t supposed to be nearly as humid then and that’s huge when it comes to longer and longer runs. At least for me. Especially during a training cycle where I need to make every single run, every single mile count. Every run has a purpose and a meaning.

So my new mantra heading into the latter half of my marathon training schedule? #makeitcount 

Every single run.

Every single mile. 

Every single barre n9ne workout. 

Every single rest day. 


(and quit being silly about re-arranging rest days, yeah…that too)

And on that note, I’m feeling so very centered, so very ‘on, so very focused heading into a killer week of training, teaching and living. I have 16 miles (!) on tap for tomorrow, lots of barre n9ne classes to teach this week and some great running conditions (I hope) heading into the tail-end of the week.

It’s gonna be a goodie.
…and I’m ready to #makeitcount. Are you? 


27 thoughts on “Honor your body and #makeitcount

  1. I think re-arranging can be such a good thing to do. It’s not like you’re skipping it, you’re making it fit into the plan better and you’ll be thankful for that I know. I think it’s probably smart to push the 9-miler to AFTER your 16 miles too. Fresh legs fresh legs 😉

    • YES. At this point, I am SO anxious to get out there and run it’s crazy. I’ve never taken this many days in a row away from running during training! I’ll be at four days since my last run come tomorrow AM. These legs are more than ready to log some miles, WOOO!!

  2. Better to rearrange your schedule to accommodate things out of your control then trying to overcome them and possibly failing…LOVE your new motto…Hope you have a great week!!! xoxo

    • This is very very true and I’m REALLY glad I wound up moving that rest day to Sunday in favor of better running conditions next weekend. Like I said, I’m trying so hard to make every single run count, big time!! Thank you for being such an awesome supporter!! xoxo

  3. Isn’t it funny how caught up we can get in schedules and having to do something a particular way? I think that it’s super smart that you rearranged your schedule and are allowing yourself some flexibility. That’s what is about, right? Making fitness work with and for us (and therefore #makeitcount) versus forcing a fit? Good luck with your long run!!

    • It’s so silly when it comes right down to it — just because it was listed in my spreadsheet, doesn’t mean I can’t easily move it and have an even better outcome. But because it was in that SPREADSHEET, it was killing me LOL. But you’re right, it’s all about staying flexible to change, continuing to run and train smartly is so important to me!!

  4. Yes, it’s so true– I’ve gotten much better at this with time, and am now able to miss scheduled workouts without much worry, but it’s taken a long time to get there. Making it count is an awesome motto!

  5. I love the new template. A friend and I are actually starting a bridal bootcamp with support, nutritional information and workouts for brides and we chose the same template… so perfect and sweet. Loved your post as always, always so positive 🙂

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