Life lesson #26.2: Just (be)lieve

By now I think you all know just how much I’m loving this trek towards 26.2 that Scott and I have been on the past few months. Not just because it’s a totally new physical challenge for us, but much more so because it’s been an incredibly eye-opening learning experience.

…which brings me to the point of today’s post. 

Life lesson #26.2: Just (be)lieve

Ultimately, marathon training has taught me (and Scott) to believe in ourselves. Sure, we both come from a pretty faithful place anyway, but this new belief ‘vibe’ I’ve been sensing lately is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

I believe: 

in us. This one isn’t a stretch, I know — but the way we’re bonding through this experience is just awesome. It’s really why I actually look forward to the HOURS we spend on the road during our long runs. We’re together, pushing eachother silently to just keep going. The energy between us is entirely different these days, I just love that.

in our paths. Sometimes it’s hard to have blind faith that whatever path we find ourselves on, that it’s the right path, the one we’re meant to be on, the one He put us on for a reason. But lately? I find myself learning to harness that ‘believe’ vibe and it’s helping me (and Scott) to trust our paths more and more. Sure, there is lots of uncertainty in our lives right now, but it’s ok because we both believe and know and understand that despite al that, we’re right where we’re supposed to be. Even if we can’t ‘see’ around the bend in our paths yet.  

in our own strength. Hell, I have learned so much this past year+ since joining the barre n9ne family, experiencing the life-changing effects of the barre n9ne 60-day challenge and paying that forward through teaching at the studio as often as I can. But couple that with all I’m learning through marathon training? And damn do I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt. Mentally, I am finding an inner toughness I didn’t know exist. I mean, c’mon — we ran 16 miles this week and my body *and* mind didn’t fail me!! Instead, we totally rose to the occasion. I continue to stand in awe of our progress, week-to-week — not just the miles but how our bodies are responding to the miles.

…in just being. This is a big one. And admittedly still a work-in-progress for me but through marathon training I’m finding myself becoming much more calm, much more centered, much more able to ‘just be.’ <—a phrase coined by my friend Steph that I just LOVE. I’m finding that quieting my mind is helping me to avoid that mental head case that I’m prone to becoming while running. It’s also helping me to calm down in other areas of my life — learning to be a little bit more Type A- instead of Type A+, learning to quit striving for perfection and instead, striving for excellence. Again, this is a work-in-progress for me, but it’s moving in the right direction. And that’s what matters.

So today’s life lesson?
Just (be)lieve. 


25 thoughts on “Life lesson #26.2: Just (be)lieve

  1. I LOVE this sis. It is absolutely so true. It is hard to believe in ourselves and have faith in our lives sometimes, but just BEing is a huge part of that. Not jumping ahead, just focusing on the here and now. Worry less, BE more.

  2. What an inspiring post! It is so true, life can get crazy, and its so hard to just be. I couldn’t agree more with how you feel! The hubby and I will go on little runs here and there and after I feel so calm, centered, and connected to one another in a way that I can’t describe.

  3. I love how you put your journey to 26.2 into perspective. I have had some serious set backs in my life physically, which mentally beat me down. I was just talking to Tony this morning after we ran about how much my mental attitude has changed when it comes to pushing myself. We are new to running, but we have both come to realize that every day is a new day and that we have to focus on the now. I have a tendency to beat myself up over things, but for some reason, I’m practicing patience and understanding with myself when it comes to my runs. This is a HUGE lesson for me.

    • I think it is seriously awesome that you’re already learning so much through your own running journey — because you are absolutely right, practice patience and understanding is HUGE as a runner. Every day, every run, every mile can be very different for about a million reasons so to truly take it one day, one run at a time is so important. I’m glad you are loving this journey of yours…and my own journey too!

  4. You’ve already grown so much from your training, and you haven’t even reached the end yet!
    I’m so jealous that you guys are training together. A training buddy is key, and the fact that it’s your husband is just icing on the cake! 🙂

    • I truly never ever expected to learn as much as I have ALREADY through marathon training, it’s seriously crazy. I totally thought this would be a total physical challenge and that’s that — but it’s clearly so so SO much more than that, way more mental and emotional for me than I ever imagined. Pretty amazing and unreal if you ask me (especially since I can share this with my husband, like you said…love!)

  5. This is a beautiful post. I love the perspective that marathon training is giving you and your reflections on this experience are awesome. Seriously, you are making me want to train for another marathon and I swore those off years ago 🙂

    • It’s just crazy to me, all of this that we’re both learning and experiencing together. I can’t say it enough — so thankful that we have this opportunity and that we’re making the absolute MOST of it.

      hehe I love that it’s making you itch to train for another one 😉

  6. You can continue to workout and train smarter not harder and look how much you can reflect on.

    I want that quote as a t-shirt! The good thing about clocking miles, is you look back and have a great since of accomplishment and a much clearer head.

    Keep up the great training!

  7. Wonderful post and one of my friends summed it up to me today by saying we’re on the rights paths for ourselves. Inspiring how far you’ve come with barre and teaching and your running. You’re going to nail the Chicago marathon. It’s so special too that Scott shares your interest in running.

    • Exactly — totally right on what your friend said. We’re on the right path for ourselves…even if we can’t see around the bend in that path, it’s absolutely the right place to be. It’s trusting in that notion that takes guts, you know?

  8. So well written. If nothing else, this training is giving you faith in your ability, and if you can run a marathon, you can pretty much do anything! And from the mass comments you’re getting, you’ve got a whole lot of other people that beleive in you guys too 🙂

  9. This makes me so happy!!!! Beautiful post. It’s amazing what believing can do for anyone. (Even those that don’t have a Him to believe in…believing is very broad.) I love that your believing isn’t focused on any one thing…but most, if not all, of that belief is centered on one thing: “us”. You and Scott. I LOVE that it’s not a me me me thing…it’s about you, your bond, your strength, your support in each other, your hopes and dreams as a couple, your paths, and just being…together. It’s awesome that the two of you are so strong as ONE and as individuals. ❤

    • Aww thank you friend 🙂

      It’s so utterly true – whatever you believe “in”, just know that the more you believe, the more faith you can harness, the stronger you can become and you truly CAN do anything you ever dreamed of doing (and then some). I have never experienced such faith in action before in my entire life. This is such an unreal experience, I keep saying it but it’s absolutely true.

      And to share this with Scott? To bond the way that we have? It’s a humbling experience, and a true blessing ❤

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