We did this (18).

We woke up at 4:30.

We packed our fuel (healthy bites FTW!) and water.

We shuffled out the door onto the dark streets of our neighborhood.

We ran. And ran. And ran.

We watched the world wake up around us, the sun slowly rising. Shades of pink and orange. Beautiful.

We hardly spoke, but when we did, it was always words of encouragement, a quick “I love you” or a joke to break the seriousness of it all.

We saw one very beautiful butterfly flit by us (I whispered quietly “Hi Nonna…” and said to Scott “butterflies always remind me of her, she must be watching us…”)

We ran some more.

…until we suddenly were rounding the final turn towards home.

We were both surprised how seemingly quickly we were nearing the end. (Me: “can you believe we’re doing this??” Him: “yup, we’re almost done, too!”)

…and then, we ran (all 18 miles) home.

We did this (18). ❀

<<clearly I am one of few words today…I’m still pretty amazed by what we accomplished out there today, in awe really. And very, very proud…of us.>>

67 thoughts on “We did this (18).

    • It made me cry to write it, actually. Such a poignant moment that I really couldn’t fully experience IN that moment so revisiting while writing this post brought a flood of emotions and memories. She was one spectacular woman. ❀

  1. You are awesome β€” both of you! Congratulations on getting through 18 miles and making it seem like no big deal. Your training is going beautifully. Surely a prediction for Race Day. So psyched for you and happy for you! Go eat and celebrate (and nap!).

    • Haha you are funny Ali. Thank you for swinging on by my dear — as you know one of the reasons I’m out here training for this thing, because YOU inspired the hell outta me!!!

      I am getting SO SO psyched for race day too…I cannot even believe how well training is going and how much FUN we’re having. Who the hell knew?!

  2. I am so proud of you guys. Unbelievably so. More than I ever thought I would. You are doing this. Nonna is watching (that part made me super teary!), and I honestly felt you during our run this morning, you were helping push ME along just as I was trying to push YOU through your last 8 miles. Even if we haven’t yet run these together, I feel as though I am sharing each run with you and that means so much. So so proud. Love you sis! XOXO

    • Your comment made ME super teary sis. I am so floored by your love and support and pride, it surrounds me on every single run, no matter what. I know you’ve always got my back and that means the world to me sis. I LOVE having you as my virtual running sherpa!!!! xoxoxo

  3. WOW! 18 morning miles together – you have the right to feel proud about that! Unbelievable – what a way to start the day! Amazing work, and i loved reading your thoughts. πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations! You two really are inspiring me! I have a client that wants me to run the Disney half with her. I still haven’t decided yet, but in so many personal and professional ways, I think I should. Oh and I’m totally letting fear hold me back…

    Great job today!

    • Oh you know how much I love this, right?? LOVE LOVE LOVE that this is pushing you to consider getting out of your comfort zone and going for it. My take? EMBRACE THE FEAR and GO FOR IT!!! You will NOT regret it. I promise!!

  5. 18 Miles-woohoo and you did it together! When Josh and I do long miles together it is me running and he riding his bike alongside as my sherpa, carrying food and water. Rest, recover, and rejoice!

    • And YOU are an amazing virtual sherpa. I cannot even begin to express the joy I felt when I took my first healthy bite fuel mid-run. I INSTANTLY thought of you. And it gave me joy and energy!! xoxo

  6. 18 miles!! thats so awesome. isnt it such a great feeling when like 15 miles and now 18 dont sound so bad since next you’ll be doing 20? kind of amazing how your mentality changes. you’re so close to race time!! im jealous i wish i was doing chicago..you’re gonna have a BLAST!

    • YES!! And I can’t believe I would EVER say 15 miles doesn’t seem so scary…but after running 18 today? 15 seriously seems pretty manageable, ya know? SO crazy how perspective changes during training!!

    • I love you, friend!! Thank you for being SO supportive and joyful about this whole thing for me, you’re just as much a virtual sherpa as Lindsay, Heather and my sis have been, I love it so much!! xoxo!

  7. Wow incredible 18 miles, well done! So nice that your nonna is looking down on you and cheering you on. You’re going to do wonderful in Chicago.

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