How did we get here?!

As I was laying in bed on Sunday night, visualizing my training schedule for the marathon (yes, I do this often, LOL), I silently wondered to myself:

How did we get here?!

I mean, really — how did we do it? After running 13, 14, 15, 16 and now 18 milers, I am seriously stunned into silence over the whole thing.

I guess it might sound weird that I’m *this* surprised at the sheer fact that we are indeed doing this thing, but I truly am. I can’t say it enough — I had such a different set of expectations going into training. I was anxious, worried that I’d wind up injured somehow and totally up in my head about the whole thing. Quite honestly, the closer it got to marathon training time, the more anxious I got. The more I was started to honestly dread going into such an intense training cycle.

But something changed.

I don’t know when.
I don’t really even know how.
But I am in love with this entire experience.

And now that we’re just 8 weeks (!) out from the big day, I am at the point where if someone told me to go run 26.2 miles tomorrow? My reaction would *not* be to scoff and roll my eyes. Nope. My reaction would be – Bring. It. On.

We can do this. Our training is doing just what it’s supposed to be doing.

Our training is teaching us to quiet our mind and to let our bodies prove that it can do anything we want it to if we just let it be to do the work.

And THAT, my friends, is one huge, ginormous breakthrough for this soon-to-be-marathoning duo.

So yeah, back when I told myself not to fear 26.2, when I wrote that letter to myself, giving myself this very pep talk?

…Get back to basics. Stop looking at your training plan as well, a ‘training plan’ and start looking at each run as just that: a run. Something that up until recently, you adored. Stop letting anxiety and fear steal your joy in these runs. Embrace every single mile, particularly those long runs you’re gearing yourself up for in the next few weeks. The long runs that will push you into new PDR territory. Those very same long runs that will give you the confidence that your body can and will push through all 26.2 miles on October 7.

And remember: you are strong. You are fit. You are ready. And most of all? You are a joyful runner.

Now that I revisit that letter, those words — especially the part about being a joyful runner —  ring so much truer than I ever imagined they possibly would.
Not gonna lie…I never saw this one coming.
…but I’m SO glad that I ‘see’ it now.

26.2, I think I love you.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

34 thoughts on “How did we get here?!

    • You WILL Be back there eventually Tina, I KNOW you will. For now, I’ll do my best to make the most of this marathon training thing since you’re living vicariously through me right now. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this!! I love how happy you are with training now and what a different mindset you are in from the beginning (I could SEE the stress written all over your face and marathonmarathonmarathon running through your brain), to even a month ago, as you kept rejiggering your schedule to now, where you are much more ease with your runs and as long as you nail that long run, the other two runs you are are somewhere in there ,but it doesn’t matter as much where or when or how far. So excited to see you guys rock that marathon!

    • Isn’t it amazing what a difference there is in me even in just a month’s time?? I guess I just had to find the right groove, huh? Because now? This marathon thing is turning into such a joyful experience, I am truly honored to be able to do this, to take full advantage and to learn so much along the way. AND knowing you guys will be there on race day makes me SO SO SO happy!!

  3. “And remember: you are strong. You are fit. You are ready. And most of all? You are a joyful runner.” I think that says it all my friend. You have found some serious confidence in yourself. You’re not doubting any longer. You’re not over-thinking it to death. And you’re making it an adventure not just a destination.

    • Me? Not overthinking something to death? Are we sure I’m still the same person?? (haha after our ‘flip out’ convo via email today…I’m clearly still very much the same ‘me’ haha)

  4. YAY! You are addicted like I am! So glad you love it. It’s such a fun journey and process isn’t? It makes me smile just thinking of it and I’m so happy it’s giving you such joy!

    P.S. You write beautifully about your new addiction 🙂

    • It is such an interesting process and journey — I had NO idea, clearly, just how intense and amazing it would be. I’m LOVING every minute…and so glad that I am sharing it with Scott. It’s just awesome. 🙂

  5. Love how confident you are becoming in your running. It’s so true – the real task of marathon training is training your mind and your psyche. You have come so far, not only in distance, but just how you are approaching your runs and your training. It’s so awesome to observe. Wish I was a bit more mindful during my marathon training!

    • It is pretty neat looking back at posts from the very start of marathon training…which wasn’t even all that long ago, and to compare it to my ‘voice’ now in these posts, it’s pretty remarkable the change from then to now, huh? I’m completely amazed by how transformative this experience has become, it’s so crazy how much I did NOT expect this nice little side effect to training.

  6. I don’t know what else to say other than I know exactly what you mean. You saw my training…and so many of you thought I was a “robot” because I didn’t have anything bad to say about training. Guess what? I think you know exactly what I felt. Granted, I was only training for a half, but still…when you allow yourself to just run, no crazy restrictions, expectations, whatever…you find joy in it. I miss training so much!

    • Um, none of this “I was ‘only’ training for a half” baloney, a half marathon is a BIG DEAL!! And you ROCKED it, you committed to the process 1000% and you are amazing for doing so. Don’t forget that piece, ok??

      Now that I got that off my chest (hehe), you’re absolutely right — once I got out of my own way and just allowed myself to run, I’m like a new runner, a lighter, freer, happier runner. I LOVE that, so much. And I LOVE training and know I’m going to miss it when we’re done! (and I never thought I’d say that!!)

  7. Incredible, what a great journey you’re on preparing for the marathon. So glad you’re enjoying the process and great to know you use visualisation too, I use it too.

  8. I am so proud of you; you never cease to amaze me! I can’t imagine running 18 miles +. What an accomplishment. Just goes to show that when you set your mind on something, and really work at it, anything is possible 🙂

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