20 miles: fought, and won.

20 miles. 

20 MILES. 


…holy crap, we actually hit super-ridiculous double-digits this morning. 

Sorry — I had to repeat that a few times to literally remind myself that we just nailed our (first) 20 miler. 

Not that I need much reminding — my entire body is legit screaming at me right now, it hates me, I’m convinced. Everything. Hurts.
…but guess how much that pain was worth to me today? Every. Single. Mile — WORTH. IT. 

Now that I’ve had time to let the concept of running 20 miles digest a bit (and I’ve eaten my weight in oatmeal, thankyouverymuch), I am completely in awe. Not just of what our bodies are capable of if we trust them enough, but that once again, we did this together.

…and this time we had a TON of beautiful (virtual) sherpas with us. 
Case in point:

(what you can’t see is who commented on Heather’s post in particular – there was lots of love being shared around from fellow blog besties Dorry, Sarena, and my sister.)

I mean really — if that’s not enough to make a girl smile her silliest grin ever as she drifted off to sleep last night, I don’t what is. These ladies are seriously amazing. I sensed every single one of you by our side this morning. And in fact, I know God was working his wonders as usual when I saw not one, not two, not three — but NINE bunnies all in a cluster in one particular neighborhood about five miles into our run. To me it was as clear as day — God was showing me physical proof that my virtual sherpa friends were with us, cheering us on, running ‘beside’ us and giving us the extra strength we needed to push through the pain.

And we REALLY needed that support today. 20 miles hurts. It hurts a LOT. And lucky for me (lol), I totally hit a wall about 10-12 miles in. Not pretty at all. Thank God I had such wonderful virtual sherpa’s pushing us through, and the incredible love and support of Scott beside me pushing me with his words but also just with his sheer presence beside me — so comforting at times, and at other times seeing him struggle and overcome the urge to give up was all that I needed to keep up the good fight. He is so good to me, I just adore him.

So yeah — today, I’m feeling all over the place with my emotions, post-20 miler:

Joy — that we continue to learn so much about ourselves, about eachother, each time we set foot out there for our long run

Pride — that we overcame the dreaded wall today and pushed through all the way to the end. No stopping. No walk breaks. No nothing. The Sutera’s? We don’t give up. Ever.

Confidence — that we *will* make it all 26.2 miles on October 7 (though, to say that those last 6.2 miles is going to take sheer willpower to get through? Um yeah, cannot fathom how much *more* that’ll hurt…)

Gratitude — Scott and I are literally surrounded by virtual sherpas both near and far who love us, who support us, who lift us up just when we need it. I am thankful for each one of you. So much more than I could possibly frame with words properly.

Faith — I never, ever, ever expected to have my faith renewed the way it has through this journey. My faith in God is stronger and more apparent than ever. I see and sense Him so much more strongly today. And our faith in eachother? Again — I have no words. Through this journey, I have fallen deeper in love with Scott, more committed and dedicated to him and our relationship than ever, and more proud of how strong we are as a couple. Adoration, through and through. ❤

So even though we look rather beat up in this picture of us just after we got home after our 20 miler today? I’d call today’s run a fight worth fighting as hard as ever for. Worth it, worth it, worth it. 

66 thoughts on “20 miles: fought, and won.

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  2. Aw friend….love you! This post brings tears to my eyes. You guys are surrounded by so much love and support. It’s beautiful to see and witness. And it goes to show that sometimes the best friends come from the least likely places (like blogging). I’m actually posting about sherpa-ing today 😉 And the bunnies? Yep, absolutely a sign!

    • Lots of tears up in bloggy world today huh? Your post had the exact same effect on me today! I am SO SO SO blessed to have such beautiful, loving and kind friends like you in my life. It has made training SO SO SO much more manageable, and you’ve been a major reason for that. Love you!!

  3. This gave me a huge lump in my throat, sis, same thing happened as I wrote my post too 🙂 I love this for you, for the unexpected bonding it has brought you two, and what it has also brought us, I love supporting, I love seeing the growth, I love it all. And I LOVE that the bunnies showed up in full force for you. Absolutely a sign, because I sent them to you from bunnyville! Only four sightings for us today 😉 XOXO sis, so so proud!

    • I totally cried reading your post today sis — I have never felt such love and support from you as I feel right now…I mean, the LOVE yes, but the support you’re showing me throughout has been incredible, so touching, so loving, so awesome. I really LOVE what this is doing for your own run-mojo…you and M are kicking so major ass and it is just SO awesome to see. I knew you had it in you sis 🙂 xoxo

  4. So proud of you and Scott! You two are kicking butt! Marathon day will be amazing for your both! Enjoy today’s success!

    • I really cannot even believe how close we are getting to d-day…it’s only a few long runs away and today’s run totally proved that we’re gonna get there, even if painfully so. haha. 😉

  5. WOW!! Obviously I’ve been MIA for a bit, changing my life and all. Lol….but, I’m glad I didn’t miss the enthusiasm of this post 🙂
    You must feel SO amazing about this, and as always I love your reflections on your journey with running and life!

    • heh, that’s ok friend — you are making HUGE changes in your life over there, I couldn’t possibly expect you to keep up with blogging on top of all of that!! You inspire me so much to continue to embrace change, I love watching your own journey. And THANK you for stopping by with words of love and support, you’re the greatest!

    • Aww you are so sweet to say that!! I honestly had NO IDEA how we’d do with marathon training so to see us killing these miles now is just incredible, such a surprise, but a welcome one 🙂

  6. Incredible, well done to you and Scott. Wow what a distance to run!!! So glad you’re really enjoying the experience and journey too.

  7. This actually gave me chills. I am so loving you sharing this journey that you and Scott are on. No, it’s not easy, but I know in the end it will be so worth it for both of you. I know I’ve said it before to you and I’ll say it again, but you two are truly an inspiration. I love reading your thoughts and hearing your true spirit come out when you talk about this journey. I have to admit that my run this morning felt completely different for me. I could actually feel all of you there with me. It was the first time that I ran with no question as to being able to make my distance and never once wanted it to be over. It felt amazing! Thank you and I hope you two are still on your high, but resting up a bit too!!! xoxo

    • awww I’m so glad you loved reading about our run from this morning. I truly felt every single one of you beautiful ladies by our side this morning. It was the most calming, yet most uplifting feeling ever. Thank you SO MUCH for being such an incredible virtual sherpa today!! xoxo

  8. I got teary-eyed reading this! Such a beautiful post, and I am honored that I was out there running “with” you and Scott! So proud of what y’all have accomplished, and it inspires me so much! I think I need to share this post with B – maybe it will light a fire under us to train together again. 🙂 xoxo

    • Aww I hope you DO share this post with B — I’d love to see you two bond over training together for a race of some sort. I can tell you two would make a killer training team!! 🙂

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  10. I’m so sorry I’m so late to the party!! I’m so proud of you guys – you totally killed it! And the fact that you didn’t quit when you hit that wall so early? Baller.
    I hope you have a rest week planned for next week. You have earned it!

    • That’s OK!!! That thing called ‘life’ happens, does it not?? haha I love the ‘baller’ comment…not gonna lie, it felt DAMN badass to run that far. Even if it hurt LOL.
      Next week IS indeed a backoff week!

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  12. Once you conquer the 20, the rest is “easy” (all relative here, of course)!! 😉 So fun to experience this process through your perspective – new & fresh & excited!

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  14. I love this! I love that you guys are doing this together and in the process strengthening your relationship. I am beyond proud. I can’t wait to toe the line in Chicago with you guys. XOXO

    • I seriously feel so lucky to be in this with Scott…I could NEVER do it without him by my side for all those miles, I am sure of it. It’s been both a bonding experience and a time of self-reflection and learning. Love it so much!! Can’t wait for CHI TOWN!!!

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  16. woo HOOOOOO! I am obviously catching up while on vacation… but I was there in the virtual group run also! I didn’t see this fb thread, but was on the smaller instagram one, where I said I’d run in San Fran the next morning! 🙂

    I am so proud of and inspired by you! XXO

    • You were totally one of those bunny sherpas out there with us that day, I counted you in that group of nine for sure. I LOVED seeing your support on instagram, you are the sweetest ever. xoxo

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  19. This post has me BEAMING with happiness for you:-)
    20 miles! Your marathon is in the bag now! You built your endurance, strength, and muscles. All you have to do now is keep running smart and bring it on home….EKKKKK! Pure joy for your journey friend!

    • Aww friend, that means the world coming from you, truly. You are TRULY one of the main inspirations behind me finally committing to 26.2 this year. I’ve been trying like hell to run with joy and to embrace every mile JUST like you did during your own training journey. You continue to inspire the life outta me girlfriend, seriously.

      I can’t believe we’re ‘bringing it home’ as you say, so so fast that day is approaching!!

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