Foodie Friday – the fuelin’ edition

Iiiiiiiit’s Foodie FRIDAY — the fuelin’ edition up in here!!!

(pardon the excitement here — apparently anytime I start talking about all things marathon training related, I get wicked excited…who have I become?! But I digress…this is a post for another day, hehe)

But seriously, it IS another edition of Foodie Friday and well, what’s not to get excited about? Plus, it’s Friday – the week (a rather un-fun one at that) is nearly behind us and the weekend is thisclose. Oh – and I have the pleasure of teaching two barre n9ne classes today (one first thing this morning and another tonight!). Oh happy day. 🙂

(again a digression, sorry — I’m a bit of a spaz these days)

Back to Foodie Friday — the fuelin’ edition…

Today I’m here to talk about how Scott and I have been fueling up for these epically long runs of ours. At first, we started with your standard chomps and things. For me — honey stingers. I love that they are made with all natural ingredients and aren’t pumped full of fake crap. No bueno. For Scott – gummi bears. He loves it. So cute.

An example:

BUT — what we’ve learned the longer our runs get is that we need more ‘real food’ when we’re out there for hours at a time. And I never ever thought I’d get to that point where I can fuel *almost* like a regular runner. By now you all know that I have a hard time running with much in my tummy. It’s never happy running ‘heavy.’

However, I’ve discovered the perfect, PERFECT solution to the real food ‘need’ on long runs coupled with the can’t-have-much-in-the-tummy-when-running issue.


…or as I like to think of them: tasty little bites of heaven. Made with lots of extra love from the most fabulous and totally genius creations ala Lindsay Cotter.  <–if you don’t know Lindsay yet, you MUST get to know her. She is incredible, with such a huge and loving heart, a kind soul, and SUCH creativity when it comes to cooking up these little bites of heaven. I heart her so. ❤

So these healthy bites — they are nothing short of amazing. I used to eat them as a fun little snack in the afternoons with an iced coffee (perfect combo, if you ask me!).

But now? They are incredible bites of fuel, mid-run. They give me SUCH a burst of energy, and man are they tasty. Even my super-duper-picky husband loves them (he’s a fan of the muddy buddy bites!) and will eat them mid-run. And if you know Scott, you KNOW this was no small feat to get him to even try them to begin with!!

So yeah — marathon training or not, these bites are awesome!! As I said, before training kicked in, I was eating these as little afternoon snack/pick-me-ups, a perfect little pre-dinner treat if you’re looking for a snack that’s bite sized and not too much of a caloric investment (most of them are about 50 cals each).

In short — I LOVE healthy bites. Love, love, love. And I think you should too. Just sayin.’

Anyway, that’s that – I love healthy bites, I’ve found a fueling strategy that works for me (and the hubs) and that makes me a VERY happy marathoning camper!

Happy (foodie) Friday friends!!


24 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – the fuelin’ edition

  1. I LOVE healthy bites and that they are made by the fabulous Lindsay!! They are the best little treat and also are surprisingly filling, even one little bite of goodness!

    • I was actually SERIOUSLY thinking that if we made race day tshirts/tanks that we’d put your healthy bites logo on our gear “fueled by healthy bites” has a nice ring to it, no??

      • PLEASE buy yourself a batch for your birthday!! BEST investment ever — and I betcha Lindsay will make you a special birthday cake flavor just for the occasion 😉

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  3. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through it.
    I just finished my first half-IM and one of my greatest challenges throughout training was fuel. I ended up living on Cliff bars because they seemed more “real” than some of the other products out there. When (if) I train for my next big event, I want to start dabbling in home-made options. These look great, so I may make some this week!

  4. Those bites look wonderful. I’m experimenting with different ways of eating now and trying to eat only wholesome non processed foods. I’m trying to eat a more plant based diet too and have a green juice and a shot of wheatgrass all day. Though I’m not strict when I’m out and then I tuck into chicken, pizza, wine and all the usual goodies. So exciting your big run isn’t too far off, it will be October before we know it.

    • Oh I’m totally with you — the occasional treat is totally cool in my book too, just so long as MOST Of my eats are healthy real and WHOLE foods as much as possible. Yummy yum.

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