12 miles in the rain. #badass

12 miles in the rain. #badass
(or totally stubborn. You decide.)

(do we look #badass here or just plain gross and sweaty and water-logged?? haha)

I have to be honest, this rain felt sort of ‘off’ from the start. Not sure why. But my head was all over the place for the first half. I made sure to whisper a few words of prayer from the start — you know we’re relying heavily on faith a lot these days in the Sutera household and all — which calmed me a bit but it somehow didn’t last as long as I’d hoped.

I think I was just tired. Yup, this drop-back week was definitely needed. 

The rain at first bugged me. I wasn’t prepared for it. Nor was I prepared for the sticky, muggy air that surrounded us.
…which could explain why I immediately felt ‘off’ about this run.

But we plowed along, even when it started to turn from a slight sprinkle to an all-out downpour.
…we kept going even when Scott suggested we cut this run short, running our 12 miles another day.

Nope. We’re out here already. We’re drenched. We’re sweating. Let’s just do this. 
…so we did. 

And even just committing to the rest of the run like that, being stubborn about cutting things short, and a light seemed to flip on for me. I was back in the game. The second half of our run went by MUCH better, much less ‘up in my head,’ much more joyfully (or as joyfully as one can run when giant drops of rain are pelting you in the face). 

We made these miles count today, in a big way. No junk miles. Just honest, real, hard working miles. Earned miles. Fought-for miles. 

All told? I’d give this run a solid B. Not a B+ or an A-. A solid “B” performance. 
…just 6 weeks (aka 6 long runs!) until Chicago and I’m running solid “B performances? I’ll take it at this point. (and I’m pretty sure Scott would agree…)

PS. I love, love, love my virtual run sherpas. SO much. They were out in full force this morning…on Facebook, on instagram, and on twitter. I felt surrounded by love, support and smiling crazy runner faces wherever I looked. It was awesome. Thank you Heather, Dorry, Jo, Spabettie, Sareena, Amber, Melissa, Lindsay (how could I forget our queen sherpa??) and Whitney

30 thoughts on “12 miles in the rain. #badass

  1. Ah, love running in the rain – even though I’m wearing glasses, but a cap helps. However, you two are astonishing and so inspiring! I definitely have to post a “virtual sherpa” statement on facebook when I start my run in the morning – that’s about midnight your time – so I’ll be first!! 😉

      • Blind as a mole, that’s my problem. But I’m wearing a Nike basecap, so I’m shielded from rain. And I LOVE splashing through the pits. It’s great and makes me feel like being a real runner 😀 PS: Love that #badass phrase!!

      • I’m blind too but wear contacts all the time except for at night. I couldn’t run in glasses, I’d get dizzy I think. Weird, huh?
        I would normally wear a hat in the rain too but would you believe we forgot them?? Mainly because we didn’t know it was gonna rain to begin with. DUMB! haha

        PS. I love splashing in puddles, makes me feel like I’m five years old again 😉

  2. I was with you my friend! It’s weird, I felt out of rhythm today to start, but finished on a high! I knew I wasn’t alone virtually and then Tony jumped into the run with me, which totally made me smile from ear to ear! I’m proud of you two…you are both total badasses! I love it, you did it rain or shine! Nothing stops the Suteras!

    • I felt you guys with me the whole time — and honestly that was a HUGE reason I didn’t give up on all 12 miles. I knew you were rooting me on, running ‘with’ me and I didn’t want to let you all down! Talk about accountability, huh?

      I’m SO GLAD Tony jumped in on your run so you could shake off the ‘off’ feeling you started out with! YAY!!

  3. Love your post sis! And your determination to get ’em done. Mine were going to be junk miles, and for this particular distance, I wanted it to be a good run. so I’ll make it count on Thursday (or Friday) instead! But I was out there anyway, in the rain, which you know I hate. I did it just for you 😉

    • Exactly — no junk miles are worth it in my book. I KNOW you had a goal in mind for today but like I said before, I’d much rather you focus on getting to that goal on a more ideal running day than today proved to be. I was thinking of you the WHOLE time today, I hope you sensed that 😉

    • Ahhhh! How did I leave you off my sherpa list?? I am SO sorry my queen sherpa, you are absolutely part of the running sherpa clan…I mean you are the inspiration behind the whole thing! Plus, those healthy bites are my GO-TO fuel, as you know. I have you to thank in SO many ways for helping me through training. xoxo

    • Ha. I know, kinda crazy of us, huh? We were at the halfway point so it would’ve been EASY to go right on home but I just didn’t want to reschedule the 12 miler to another day. I’m such a stubborn ass LOL

  4. Woohoo look at you go! I love running in the rain, but not necessarily a full downpour. And it’s funny how you can sweat in the rain and you know the difference LOL. I may be running my long run in the rain on Friday. And yay for virtual sherpas too. Thank you for running with me 😉

    • haha doncha just love it? 😉 Running in the rain today was not nearly as bad as I thought it would end up being, it was actually kind of cooling given the unexpected mugginess in the air and all. Sweat and rain taste totally different — so it’s easy to tell what’s one vs. the other haha 😉

      I LOVED running ‘with’ you today!!

    • Determined is one way to look at it, hehe. Much kinder than my word for it – stubborn ass. 😉

      VERY GOOD POINT about race day — it’s a total unknown (kind of crazy scary huh?) so may as well run in whatever conditions I can get myself into to make sure I don’t freak out on race day. (but please God, let it be sunny and about 65 degrees that day please!!)

    • I actually FORGOT it. Only because I truly had NO idea that it was going to rain (or be so muggy) so Scott and I were running hat-less which meant lots of rain splashing us in the face haha. Fail!!

  5. I love that you were determined to get through the 12 miles in the rain! amazing. I thought of y’all while I was out on my run Tuesday morning, although it wasn’t raining her, it was muggy and windy which made for a tough run…but those make us stronger! I love our run chat/sherpa/support, and know that one day we’ll go on a run together in real life!

    • Exactly — its the tough runs, both physically and mentally that make us both stronger AND they remind us to appreciate those top ten running days all the more, right?

      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you one day soon and to get a run, sherpa-style in, how amazing would that be? We have to make it happen!!

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