The anatomy of an early-morning run

Yesterday was one of those mornings where I found myself truly grateful to be able to run. And to be able to run early in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up. It was one of those serene, calming, centering and joyful runs. Runs where you remember just why you get your butt out of bed at ungodly hours of the day to log some miles. Yup, *that* kind of run.

So today — I bring you: the anatomy of an early-morning run:

Alarm blares at 5:00 (an ‘even’ time, I usually set it for 5:02 or 5:05 or something…odd that I didn’t this time)
I take one look at the clock and promptly hit ‘snooze’ (another oddity, I never hit snooze, ever ever ever)
Of course, the one time I hit ‘snooze’ and I drift into a deep sleep for 8 minutes only to be rudely awoken again by the second alarm (this is why I never hit snooze…who wants to wake up *twice* by the sound of that thing??)
I roll out of bed, quite certain I’ll be rolling back into bed in about 3 minutes. I didn’t think I wanted to run yesterday. I was tired. Or so I thought. (I got plenty of sleep the night before so this was totally an instance of my mind tricking me into thinking my body was overtired…nope, just the ‘devil’ on my shoulder trying to lure me back to sleep, damn that creeper!)
I threw on my running shorts, sports bra, tank, knee straps and sneakers. And then look at Scott longingly — “are you suuuuure you don’t want to go back to bed?” To which his response was all I needed to hear: “nope, I’m ready to run, let’s go.”

Off we went. Still dark out. But the second I set foot out the door I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. By Scott’s side, in the quiet, cool, peaceful air. Crickets chirping, the sky slowly brightening around us.
The first few miles are pretty dark and quiet – not much chatter between Scott and I. Instead, I found myself simply soaking in the moment.
We were together, enjoying the miles, enjoying the quiet time before the crazy day ahead, enjoying what I know I’ll be missing in a few months when I’m relegated to the treadmill (wah) or to running in the dark, cold, dreary winter mornings/nights.
Instead, I’m running in my favorite tank and shorts, it’s a gorgeous late-summer morning and we’re running. Strong, able, solid.
Love. ❤

And then I see it: the most glorious, fiery red sunrise as we head across our favorite bridge over the ocean. The sky was incredible. So bright, so warm, so welcoming, so amazing. I wish I had a camera…or a photographic memory. It was so beautiful.
Up and over the bridge, over that rolling hill that nearly killed me a few days ago (during that lovely fartlek-crazed 10-miler). But this time, I didn’t mind the hill. It was so so so quiet in that neighborhood — a very different scene just a couple of days back.
On the turnaround we were greeted with another beautiful sight — a faint, but very present, rainbow. Rainbows mean promises. Of good things to come. Even if those ‘good things’ take their time coming…they are coming, around the bend. I’m trusting my path.

It was that rainbow, that moment where the run really took shape for me. We were only about 3 miles from home but I seriously could’ve run forever. I felt so centered, calm, focused, strong, free.
Even when the rain started to fall on the last two turns of our run — I didn’t whine over it, I welcomed it. So cleansing. Refreshing. Cooling.
Our final turn towards home and that goofy, runners high-inducing grin was plastered all over my face.

We just ran the best 9 miles of our lives.
Together. Strong and able. Welcoming the day with a fresh perspective. 

The anatomy of an early-morning run.
….and a reminder to never take for granted the ability to run, and the ability to run during such a magical time of day. Noted.


32 thoughts on “The anatomy of an early-morning run

    • It truly was a magical moment — and I didn’t truly realize it until I had a chance to catch my breath and think back through the miles, you know? I so hope you can have those moments again soon too, hang in there!

  1. It’s funny how we sometimes try to convince ourselves that our bodies are saying we want to still sleep and are still tired when we’re not really. That happens to me too. Aren’t you glad you didn’t listen?!

  2. you really nailed it for me, too.
    I joke about how much I loathe running (I do but I joke about it too) but in my CORE I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL I **CAN** RUN.

  3. That sounds like a pretty perfect and magical run. I used to love the quiet of my early morning runs – the peace and solitude. Even though returning to bed is so tempting, I always feel better afterwards. PS I can never set my alarm on an even number like 5:00. Have to throw in extra minute or two. Why is that??

    • It was totally magical and peaceful and just perfect. I need those moments in my life!!

      And PS – YES why is that?? I normally never can do that either, how funny that in this case, I actually set it for smack dab at 5am. I never ever do it.

  4. LOVE this sis! LOVE LOVE! SO true, this is why we run on days that we think we may not want to. It’s usually then we have these magical runs. And the bonding time you speak of? I SO get that now. Thus why I am excited to do our sherpa run on Saturday, on our anniversary. XO!

    • I am totally going to be harnessing those moments when we strike out on our run tomorrow when I’m pretty sure I’ll be tired from the week and not entirely enthusiastic to run. BUT once I’m up and out there I almost 100% of the time LOVE it. Must remember that tomorrow! AND Saturday during that 20-miler (that yay you’ll be sherpa running with me!!)

  5. I love this post! You just captured (so beautifully might I add!) the reason why sunrise runs are my absolute favorite. I never feel closer to God, stronger, or more appreciate of life and my body as I do when I run before the world wakes up.

    • Exactly. I felt extremely close to God especially when I saw that rainbow…like a faint little reminder that He’s always watching, always hovering, always near. So very comforting indeed.

    • I had another run just like this one this morning and it was even better — the sunrise even more fiery red, the air even more cool and calm, the company even better than before. All of it, just awesome. I LOVE runs like that!!

  6. I’m glad you are so passionate about running. I really wish I Could get back in to it but for me personally, running is triggering (from back in my ED days). Today I’ll jog a bit here and there but I find similar content going for a hike in the park!

    • SO smart that you steer clear of the activities that can be triggering for you, so so so smart. Honestly — what I wrote about the other day can apply to ANY type of workout that you love. That’s the bottom line – find what you love and make it your own!

  7. love this! beautiful. and I have to admit – it makes me wish B would run with me! I love early morning runs. love, love, love. I rarely run in the afternoon or evening – like once every couple of months…maybe. ha. I just love how it sets the tone for my day. even a crappy run still leaves me appreciative and centered for the workday ahead…

    • Aw I wish B would run with you too, you two would get a kick out of it I am SURE!! But even without him by your side, I love that your morning runs are such a special time for you too, truly magical isn’t it? I wouldn’t miss those moments for the world!

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