No limits, new molds

By now you all have probably sensed that change is underfoot for me here. Or maybe you haven’t necessarily sensed it but it sure has been on my mind these past few weeks. (y’know, aside from marathon training…the only other thing that seems to be on my mind all.the.time lately haha)

Lately, I’ve been:
…drawing on my faith while making some difficult decisions, and facing some uncertain new territory.
breaking the mold, or trying to.
…and fully embracing the mantra I set out for myself at the start of the year: 

Have No Limits Today.”

Without going into too much detail, here’s what’s been going on up in the Sutera household:

  • The hubs — who I adore more than life itself — is unemployed again. After finally chasing his own dream, returning to his teaching roots last year and having the most amazing and fun time of it, too (all while the proudest wifey  watched him with such glee as he’d come home from work everyday with a sparkle in his eye…oh how I love that sparkle…). Long story short — times are tough in the teaching profession…hell, in most any profession these days. It’s ridiculously sad that unemployment rates seem to never change…truly sad.  So faithoh FAITH — is coming into play in a huge huge way over here. It’s so hard not to question the ‘why’ behind the path he and I are on right now, and to blindly trust that there is a reason for this temporary setback — but here we are: trusting, believing, dreaming, supporting. It’s what we do.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

  • Meanwhile, I’m facing quite the opposite scenario as the hubs. I’ve been handed a pretty incredible (and totally out of the blue) job opportunity. Yes, *another* new job. Yes, I do realize it’s only been nine months since I started the last ‘new’ job. But you see, sometimes you have to live by your own rules, break the mold, and  yes, put yourself first chasing a job and a dream that fits you so, so well. So this new job? Yeah it starts on Monday, and I am thrilled about it. I’m following the path that He set forth for me…a path that I never saw coming. Ever, ever. But I’m embracing it, I’m letting my path fall before my very eyes…blindly trusting. Something fairly new for the Suteras to embrace, but we’re learning to do it better and better with time.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

  • And this week, the height of marathon training for Scott and I — well, it’s quickly becoming a series of moments worth remembering, honoring, tucking away into the back of my mind. Scott and I have never been closer. I think it’s a combination of this crazy idea we had to run a marathon together coupled with the current circumstances we’re both facing — circumstances that test our faith; in eachother, in ourselves, in our paths. Something tells me we needed to be tested this way, to be reminded that faith is never something to let fall to the wayside but always something to continually work on. So this year of no limits, no boundaries and lots of ‘new’ for both of us is turning into the year where our faith was tested and strengthened in a special, beautiful, memorable way. Honestly, I’m honored that we’ve faced these tests — even if it’s scary to not know what’s around the bend for either of us — I’m learning to blindly trust and to truly harness my faith, our faith, together.

43 thoughts on “No limits, new molds

  1. Damn! So sad to hear about Scott’s job. But I’m pretty sure he’ll soon get another chance. And with his humour and your love and support nothing can harm you two. I keep my fingers so, so crossed! AND I’m super excited to hear about YOUR new job. Something to do with fitness? I hope you don’t have to start commuting again. This seemed to be a pain in the ass (it is! oh, how I miss my ride to work with my bike…). I wish you both all the best and can’t wait to hear more. You’re such a strong and impressive couple. I’m pretty sure you’ll get out of this stronger than before. *hugs*

    • You are absolutely right — we’re getting through this trial together with strength, faith and most of all, lots of laughter. Life is too short to live it any other way but our way, right??

      I just messaged you with more details of the new gig, you’ll appreciate the back story I’m sure 🙂

  2. Man oh man!!! You guys, team Sutera, ROCK!!! I can imagine those kids loved Scott
    as much as he enjoyed teaching them…I hope he is keeping his chin up and that awesome smile of his, broad. Congratulations to you on your new job!!!!!

    • Haha aww,thank you Jen!! I’m pretty proud of Team Sutera too – we are having so much fun together, despite this little setback, together we’ll come back stronger than EVER. I’m sure of it. And you know Scott, he’s always smiling, no matter what. I love that about him. SO MUCH.

  3. Sending good thoughts to Scott on the job search. But congrats to you! Life has a funny way of working out sometimes. Isn’t it crazy how marathon training brings you together? I love those memories that Michael and I have. The best ones are yet to come as you head to Chicago and share the experience together!!

    • It is interesting how life works out, huh? I know it’ll all come together in the end for Scott (and for us) but for right now, we have eachother, we have TEAM SUTERA, and we have Chicago on the horizon to bring us together even stronger than before.

  4. 😦 I am so sorry about Scott’s job. I am, however, not worried about it…because he’s got you to support him and lift him up…and you say it yourself. There’s a path you two are meant to be taking. There’s something bigger out there for him. Bigger plans, bigger picture. You, my friend…I’m so happy for you and your new job. It kind of reminds me of how H and I always seem to work. I had the big job before my lay-off. I was making more, and I had kept moving up from my previous jobs to that one. H was sort of stuck. Now? I’m laid off, and he’s making huge strides in his. Two raises in a year, more business flowing in for him, and I’m so proud of him. I do feel bad that I’m not really contributing anything at all financially…it’s tough. The most important thing, though, is making sure that even though your personal paths are different…they’re together. They move together, sacrificing, compromising, supporting. You two have that NAILED…and it’s something SO many people envy. Love you, friend, and I love everything you stand for…

    • Wow, we really have sort of experienced this thing in parallels huh? So interesting — but not surprising, I still think we were sisters in a previous life. 😉

      I love what you say about us continuing to follow our personal paths but also our combined paths and how that has made us stronger together but also as individuals…so so so important in marriage, don’t you think?

      THANK you for your constant support and kind words, I heart you SO MUCH!!

  5. This is such a beautiful, faith-filled, trusting post, sis. I am SO proud of YOU for going out on a limb and going for this gig. At first, I was unsure if it was the right thing to do, as you know, but now? it was all laid out for a reason, and you followed. You blindly trusted. I can take a page out of your book on that. As for Scott? HE WILL find the opportunity that is best suited to him, and it will all make so much sense after. You two? Never stronger? I can see it, in everything you do. I love it. It is inspiring to me, to see such growth, even so long into your marriage. Love you both!

    • I know you were skeptical sis – hell, I was too, but I knew deep down that I had to see this thing through, I had to blindly trust the path. There was a REASON this opportunity landed in my lap when it did…even if timing was awful for my current job. I’m so glad I took that blind leap of faith…I’ve never leaped so blindly in my life! But I have faith that it’ll wind up being the best leap of my life. Thank you so much for being such an awesome support system for me sis, it means the world…especially while we deal with Scott’s temporary setback, you’ve been my rock. Love you.

  6. Great post you will enjoy looking back and reading one day!

    I think training and running this marathon for the two of you could not come at a better time–learning how to set new limits!

    Best to you the both of you!

  7. WOW – I had no idea. I’m sitting at the Toyota dealer almost in tears reading this beautiful post. 🙂 I have a feeling He has something great in store for you and I love that you are listening/following instead of trying to control what you can’t control. Can’t wait to hear about your new job. Hopefully Scott will find something soon. XO

    • Awww no tears my friend, not allowed!! 😉
      But thank you…I have that very same feeling — this is going to be a great change in my path, and in OUR path. Even if I don’t know what OUR path looks like yet, I’m blindly trusting in faith, in the process, all of it. There’s no other way to live, right? xoxo!

  8. This past year has been all about us closing our eyes and leaping…taking chances and accepting change. Life is never really what you expect it to be. I remember being 6 months pregnant and Tony was laid off, then again after 9/11 with a 3 year old and 9 month old he was laid off again (the glories of being chin deep in the dot com boom) and now, we are here…owning our own businesses and taking one day at a time. I’m really sorry Scot lost his job, but I know you two will make it work. That’s what teamwork is all about. Congratulations to you for the opportunity! I know this new journey you two are on will be good for you guys. Many hugs to you two!

    • YES!! I love your story of leaping without looking and the power of blind faith — just LOOK where it’s lead the two of you. Towards a dream you probably never thought would be possible. And you’re living it, I LOVE that!! Gives me such hope and faith that this too will pass, and we’ll soon see what’s around the bend in our path. I firmly believe it. Even if it’s scary, believing is a powerful thing. Lots of hugs to you!

  9. sorry to hear about Scott’s job – things are tough right now, everywhere. I will throw out the cliche I truly believe in, that things happen for a reason. sometimes the reason takes a while to appear, but it will.

    and you! I’m excited for you, also taking an opportunity that is there for a reason!

    and the marathon training? you two have been so inspiring to me – I don’t know if you really know that! this cool sherpa thing we do? has motivated many a run that I may not have done, or pushed me to go longer when “my normal three” was complete.

    big warm fuzzy hugs.

    • I don’t mind the cliche — it’s totally true, you know? Even if we can’t see the reason, there always is one…and we’ll soon see that reason, even if we don’t know when, we’ll see it soon enough (this is the part Scott struggles with most…the reason, the ‘why’ behind things).

      I LOVE that I’ve somehow inspired you my friend, I never ever think of myself as inspiring so anytime someone says I’ve inspired them somehow, it boggles my mind, truly! I LOVE that you push longer and harder because of me, in some small way. You are awesome!

  10. So sorry about Scott’s job loss. This economy blows for everyone but it’s especially hard when someone loses a job that have an absolute passion for. Although I sometimes hate saying this but everything does happen for a reason. I’m excited for your team! You’ve got each other, stronger than ever and that’s what matters most.

    • Exactly — the economy is just awful and it’s SO sad to see so many without jobs…still. And especially sad when someone loses a job that they utterly LOVE with all of their being…like Scott does. But we’re lifting eachother up during this time and trusting that it’ll work out in the end, as frustrating as it might be not to know WHEN or HOW it’ll work out, just knowing that it WILL, is comforting. Thank you my friend, so much.

  11. Holy lots of changes! I can’t imagine. You are so strong and have the absolutely best mentality and faith. You have to have faith. I can’t imagine the decisions you are going to have to make, and you know you can’t do it alone. It’s the times that definitely bring you closer together and just imagine in a year from now where you might be – wow!

    • Thank you my friend — a LOT of changes going on is right, but I’m doing my best to take it all in stride, staying as faithful and sturdy as I can. With lots of hugs given and received between Scott and I these days. 🙂 xoxo!

  12. great post. Sometimes its hard to keep faith when everything bad happens but I’m glad you are showing strength through all of this. Keep your head up and enjoy your new journey at your job! Good luck with training! It’s nice that you guys can do it together! (:

    • Thank you so much — you’re right, it can be so easy to get bogged down in the details when things aren’t quite going as planned. But with a little faith and a lot of love shared between the two of us, we’re getting through it the only way we know how!

  13. Poor Scott! Super sorry to hear that. On the flip-side super excited for you! I hope your last few weeks are pleasant! One of my favorite quotes seems fitting for you:
    “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass!”
    Maya Angelou

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