It’s settling in.

It’s settling in. 

…that we really *did* run 22 miles yesterday. And we didn’t die. In fact, I kind of didn’t hate it.

…that we really are about to achieve something that just a few months ago I never thought would be possible.

…that our bodies truly are able of just about anything if we just let our minds trust our bodies to do the work.

…that blog friends can truly become some of your best friends. I’m still blown away by all of you #runsherpas. Especially after reading this blog post from one of those sherpas. Such a beautiful running soul, isn’t she? 

…that the Chicago Marathon, the event I’ve been thinking about non-stop since the beginning of JUNE, is just weeks away. As confirmed by this email that popped up in my inbox last night:

It’s settling in. 
…that taper starts on Monday. 

With that I say: bring it on, taper.
We are tired.
We are sore.
We are ready.
To pull back. To recover. To get our game faces on.

Because, it’s settling in…
…that we’re thisclose to becoming marathoners. ❤


43 thoughts on “It’s settling in.

    • Aww! Please – take the butterflies FOR me on race day. I am hoping I won’t be SO nervous that my stomach becomes one giant knot, you know? I want to soak it in but not with fear lingering, but with joy and pride, you know? I need to harness any nerves on race day into energy!!

  1. Enjoy these last few weeks until your big day. You will feel every bit of nerves but trust your training and know you can do this. You have a lot of people that will be standing right by your side cheering you on in spirit. Amazing amazing training Jess!

    • I am going to do my damn best to trust my training while we taper and head into race day. I want to go into this race fully knowing that we did EVERYTHING we could to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for race day. I’m pretty sure we’ve done that, I’m DAMN proud of our training. 🙂

  2. I can hardly believe you already hit 22 miles as well-it seems like yesterday I was reading about a double digit milestone or something of the like.


  3. I know that your race will be an amazing experience for you. I can’t wait to see you achieve your goal! I’m 100% sure you will kick this marathon’s ass.

    • All of these comments are starting to make me teary as I re-read all of your loving and kind words of support as we head into taper time. It’s just been a ridiculous journey, I can’t say it enough. I am truly blessed and honored to be surrounded by such loving friends and family. It means the WORLD. love you sis.

  4. Oh, so exciting!! Sounds like you’re exactly where you should be- tired, sore and ready for taper is perfect … you have these weeks to recharge, and you’ll be feeling great for marathon day. Enjoy the taper!

    • That’s what I’m thinking too…we’ve put in ALL the hard work training-wise and our bodies are telling us that its definitely time for taper. Can’t even believe how close race day is!!

  5. I love this! So exciting! You and Scott have this in the bag, friend. In the bag. I can’t believe your taper is already here….(and Sept. is halfway over already!!?!!) I can’t wait to see what you think of this taper and how you plan to spend your time up of Chicago! 😀

    • Ahhh I can’t believe it either, seriously. This training cycle seems to have flown by…at least the past few weeks have in particular, you know? I can’t wait to get to Chicago, even though we aren’t there for very long, man I am excited to see this city!

  6. I have been LOVING your marathon posts. I’m so sad I’m not running Chicago anymore 😦 I can’t wait to hear how you guys do. I thought of you when I did my 20-miler yesterday morning because I noticed you have done yours on weekdays as well. Anyway, you have a fan here! –Ericka @ The Sweet Life (

    • Aww thank you so much Ericka! I’m glad you’ve been following along — AND that you followed my lead on the mid-week long run, kind of genius, right?? I’m a fan of yours too, btw. Even if I don’t comment all that often, I’m always reading. 🙂

    • I know…we’ve been awfully chatty these past few weeks haven’t we? 😉 I love our little convos, all your words of support and encouragement, all of your sherpa runs, it’s been amazing. I love all that you’ve done for me, even if you can’t be there to watch me complete this thing, I know you’ll be there in spirit, as always ❤

  7. Holy cow!! Taper starts MONDAY!! Definitely try to enjoy taper. You may feel antsy and restless but remember that you will appreciate this rest come marathon day. The thing that really struck me too about marathon training was the amazing things that our bodies are able of accomplishing when we put our minds to it. You and Scott are so ready. Can’t wait to cheer for you all the way from NYC!!

    • RIGHT??? My thoughts exactly!!! Can’t even believe it’s taper time (my body believes it tho, haha).

      And you are SO right — I am totally struck by what our bodies are capable of…things I never ever thought possible. Yet here we are. Who the heck knew?!

  8. SO glad I stumbled upon your blog, love it! I’m running my last 20 before Chicago tomorrow…I’m oddly excited for it…last big push before the big day!

  9. Believe in your training, and trust that the legs know what to do. I so so so so wish I could be there, but I’m going to be yelling so hard that you’ll probably hear me IN Chicago!! Shriek!!!

    • I am going to do my best to trust that, my friend — to truly believe in my body and just let it GO. All of it. We’ve done the work. It’s time to let go and just go for it, huh??

      PS I’ll miss your glittery face on race day but I KNOW I’ll be able to hear you all the way in Chicago cheering us on 😉 xo!

  10. trust in your taper… my wish for you – good weather conditions for Chicago…way too hot for me last year… as were Bermuda triangle races in January&Boston in April… so took a break from running&getting back to a schedule now…Boston half in 3 weeks but more for enjoyment to accompany a friend.
    however, cycling&yoga kept me fit for summer

    • loved everything about Chicago marathon&the city! best organization, fans were amazing, party&fun atmosphere on route&after.
      try to do a bike tour with Bobby’s Bike Tours on waterfront -best city tour&great way to flush lactic acid after race day&see city&learn history&interesting stories

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