Of peaks and tapers

As I said the other day, it’s settling in
…this marathon thing. It’s *so* close. 

And my body is more than telling me that these days. Last week marked our peak week of training — topping out at 40 miles for the week.
…for me, that’s a big number. For some runners, notsomuch. But for me – huge. I’m proud. 

I’m proud, sure, but I’m also starting to really feel the effects of training. I am utterly worn out. All of my joints are talking to me lately — don’t worry, not in the ‘hi, I’m injured’ kind of way but in the what-the-heck-are-you-putting-me-through kind of way. I’ve never taken so many naps in my life! Out of sheer necessity too.

What is really interesting though, at least to me, is that my hunger levels haven’t really been all that impacted by training. Not even during our peak week of training last week — a week that I always gazed at on our training schedule as *the* week when I’d be battling hungry horrors, like whoa. But nope, we were totally fine this past week.  As I’ve said before, I crave protein after a particularly rough, pounding of  a week. Which is why on Friday night we wound up with a giant salad and filet mignon for date night in. Totally hit the spot. Other than that, and our go-to homemade pizza pre-long run meal (which has saved us on more than one occasion lemme tell ya), our eating hasn’t really changed a heck of a lot. I’m still eating the same amount of calories I was eating before. Just different types of food, depending on what my body tells me it wants (side note: isn’t it crazy how your body really *will* tell you what it needs?? the protein craving was a sure sign of my muscles doing some serious recovery work, for example. SO interesting. Anyway…).

Another kind of neat side effect of training? How your perspective on distance changes. I never thought I’d say, ok yup, we can totally bang out that ten miler on Saturday, no big deal. Yet six months ago, ten miles was a helluva lot more daunting than it was this past Saturday. Even WITH windswept rain for half of that run, we got through all ten miles relatively easily (the last mile hurt, I’ll say that, my glutes were on fire…I blame that on the extra glute work I taught in class twice on Friday though…woops.). Who knew?!

So anyway, as we’re now into our  three-week taper, I’m starting to take a step back. Looking at how far we’ve come, all that we’ve learned, how much we’ve bonded together in the past few months. It’s been such a crazy, wild, amazing, incredible ride. Yet again, a ride I never saw coming. At least not in the form it’s taken. I’m totally struck by how much we’ve both loved the process (but side note: don’t get any wild ideas…I still contend that Chicago is our ‘one and done’ marathon experience!).

…so I’ll say it again: 26.2, we’re coming for you. Brace yourself for Team Sutera. 😉

(side note: today is my first day at the new gig — send me lots of good vibes please! I’m the ‘new kid’ on the block yet again…but I’m ready for it, I promise you that!)

27 thoughts on “Of peaks and tapers

  1. Congrats on being so close! I love how those ten mile runs turn into no big deal. I’m jealous of the hunger thing- mine goes through the roof when I train for a marathon… and not for protein… it wants carbs and sugar! Something I’m going to work on next time around. 🙂

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how close it is, truly.

      Re: hunger — I’m quite honestly shocked that I haven’t been plagued by hungry horrors during training, quite honestly. But I’m not gonna question it LOL

  2. Awesome work sis! you are so close, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much this training was truly yours to make and you went with it every step of the way. XOXO

    • Thank you sis — you’re right, I really did try to make this training MINE and I’m so glad I can walk away from this thing knowing that I accomplished that goal, it was SO important to me! Can’t wait to see you on the sidelines on race day sis!!

  3. Good luck today! I’m so happy for you! As for the eating, UGH, the hurry horrors have totally gotten me! I think it’s more due to the change in getting up so early now. Seriously, if I’m up at 4:45, then I would be hungrier earlier. So, I’m trying to even things out throughout the day since my schedule has changed. I can’t believe it’s almost time for you two! I’m so excited!!!

    • Thank you!! Today went really really well, SO happy with my decision!!

      The hungry horrors used to get me ALL the time, especially if I did speedwork/intervals. I don’t know WHAT it is but lately, I am not plauged by them and I am totally stumped. Um hi, who runs 40 miles in a week and isn’t dying of hunger the whole time?? This is so abnormal, it really is, haha.

      BUT I’m really glad that you’re learning what works/doesn’t work for you and are adjusting your food habits as you run more and more. SO proud of you!!

  4. I’ve loved reading your journey to 26.2. What I love is that what you’re feeling isn’t a “strictly marathoner” experience. It’s an experience that people get when they put their all into something…when they embrace everything about a journey – the good, the bad, the ugly (I said this before, I know) – and they TRULY embrace it. You’re the epitome of someone who has embraced the journey. Of course the distance is a HUGE part of the experience, because it’s nothing to shake a stick at. It’s a daunting, scary distance…it’s not easy. In fact, it’s crazy hard. You’ve embraced everything about the experience, not just the distance, and I think you’re going to ROCK this race because of that. (Is this making ANY sense??) I’m so proud of you, friend. SO proud.

    PS: Good luck today…I’m hoping it’s going phenomenally. ❤

    • Wow. I never thought of it that way…that this is an example of what happens when you truly embrace the journey. You are so damn insightful friend, I love that about you, SO much!! Thank you for being such a fabulous, beautiful, wonderful cheerleader this entire time friend, I can’t say it enough – it’s been incredible to have you guys ‘with’ me throughout.

      PS. today went SO WELL!! Yay!!

  5. I also thought I’d be way hungrier during marathon training than I’ve actually been! I’m sure I’m eating more, but I honestly thought I’d be craving something all.the.time. and that’s not really happening. Maybe it’ll start during taper, ha.

    Congrats on the 40 miles and hooray for taper time!

  6. You are doing an amazing job and I love reading about your journey. Funny how perspective changes, huh? And I can’t believe you don’t have the hunger horrors! When I was training all I wanted to do was eat all the time. haha. Love that quote – yes, believe in the run.

    • Seriously — I am as surprised as you by the hungry horrors thing. Maybe I’ve just gotten really good at choosing the right SUPER fueling foods and it’s somehow doing the trick?!?!

  7. it really is amazing to think what your body has accomplished! the longest distance I’ve ever run is 13.1 and I remember my joints aching after a couple of long training runs – and the naps. if I run more than 6 miles these days, I need a nap – haha! it’s true! so proud of Team Sutera! I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon, and I know y’all are going to have an awesome experience in Chicago!

    • Honestly when we started this whole thing I couldn’t even fathom that our bodies would ever get to this point in training. I always looked at the weeks leading into taper as weeks I’d NEVER get to. And now that we’re here? I’m still just as stunned as I was the first time we hit a PDR. Our bodies are beautiful creations, huh?

  8. Ah, the end of your training, what a reflection. I bet you look at a 10 miler now and are like, no problem! 40 miles is amazing, it’s so cool to think about that kind of accomplishment. Damn proud of you!

    Keep that healthy outlook! The race is so close!!

  9. Ummmm, can you please send some of those NON hungry horrors this way? OMG, I’m eating non-stop! I know I’ve said it at nauseam, but I’m just so damn proud of you and Scott. FORTY MILES is freakin’ incredible!! I mean, step back and think about that, and how FAR you’ve come. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! So excited for you!! Love you!

    • Right?? I seriously have no effing clue how I’m not utterly ravenous all the time. It’s so weird!!

      THANK you for shouting from the rooftops how excited and proud of me/us you are, it’s meant the world to me, you have no idea. xoxo

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