If all else fails…

…intervals FTW. 

Seriously. I was a sweaty, smelly, exhausted mess after this, but I NEEDED this workout. Like, whoa. 

I was grumpy (needlessly)
I was annoyed (again, for no real reason).
I was snippy (I hate when I get that way, especially for no real reason). 

I was energized.
I was renewed.
I felt like me again. 

…just a sweatier, smellier, more exhausted version. 😉 

So my advice to you — if you’re ever whacked by the grumpy stick out of the blue like I was last night: run intervals. Preferably like the ones I did last night (a throwback from last winter’s stash of interval runs). 

I say it again: Intervals: FTW! 
(that’s all I got today, nothing more profound than that lol)


22 thoughts on “If all else fails…

    • Exactly. Scott literally had to ‘tough love’ me off my butt to get on the treadmill. He knew it would make me feel better even though all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and stay there for awhile. haha. I love sweat!!

  1. Wacked by the grumpy stick, lol. The first few min of a workout when you are not in the mood blow, but I couldn’t agree more that it’s the best way to get back in the groove. Intervals are the best kind of pain:)

    • Seriously, grumpy stick whacks hurt!! LOL.
      You’re right, the first few minutes of my run the other night were not fun but once I started to sweat, I got really into the workout and felt about a million times better!

  2. Ok, I will 🙂
    Seriously though, I know exactly what you mean—I did a spinning class that was all intervals and I felt euphoric after. My grouchiness went right out the window!

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