What my head is saying (12 days away)

Ok, seriously — it’s crunch time people. We are 12 DAYS away from the big day.
…race day. Our first 26.2.


It’s *ALL* I can think about.
…which is why it’s all I’ve been blogging about lately (sorry ’bout that!)

So what is my head saying with 12 days to go?
(I’d invite you into my brain but it’s a scary place up there, so a few snippets will have to do!)

OMG we’re really doing this. We’re really gonna run 26.2 miles in 12 days.

Must add this to my list – buy energy bars (for Scott),  peanut butter packets, bagel thins and bananas to pack in our suitcase for our pre-race breakfast (well, maybe not the bananas, they might get mashed, huh?) I best not forget to buy these things, mmk? (um hi, there *will* be grocery stores in Chicago…relax headcase!)

Will this weather pattern hold? Right now it’s looking like 50s at the start of the race, 65-70 by the finish. Utterly perfect. Please, please, pleeeease stay that way.

Um. What if I really have to pee during the marathon? I am NOT stopping to use a porta-potty. I refuse to stop. So my options are what? Pee myself or hold it until we finish. Neither of these sound very enticing. <tucks this one away to ruminate on more later…>

Holy crap, 26.2 miles is going to feel so far especially after all of this tapering we’re doing. Please, please, please mind games go away — taper is good, rest is good, my legs will be SO happy and itchy to run on race day. Right?? (this is where you all shout at me through the computer in agreement — RIGHT!!)

It’s gonna feel *so* weird to run 10 miles on Saturday as our last long run. If I thought 16 miles flew by last week, 10 is going to flyyyyyyy by. That is still so weird to consider – double digit miles flying by? Does that happen on race day or am I in for a rude surprise? (wait, don’t answer that…)

I seriously can’t wait to buy race bling from Erica Sara, her stuff is gorgeous. Oh — and a 26.2 decal for the car. I’ve always seen those on other people’s cars and thought “damn, that’s really far to run.” 

Um, my birthday is the day before. Man I’m really not in the mood to turn 33 (!). Just a number, just a number, just a number…

I really, really, really want to cross the finish line with Scott, hand-in-hand. I wonder if we’ll be able to do that or if it’ll be too crowded at the finish. How awesome would that be to see on camera (sis, are you taking notes?) ?? I’d cherish that pic forever…just as much as I’ll cherish that moment forever, it’s going to be seared into my brain for good… <ok please don’t cry while writing this post, I mean really…>

What am I going to wear? My go-to run-a-marathon tank from Lululemon and my speed shorts also from there? They’ve been with me on every long run from the start, afterall. I suppose I owe it to them to come with me on race day too, huh? Hmm – in that case, this weather pattern really has to hold. I’d rather not freeze my ass off waiting at the starting line.

Man, I’m gonna meet some awesome people while we’re in Chicago. Including Tina (looooong overdue), Amber (runsherpa!) and Heather (also looooong overdue) and I’m sure a slew of other bloggers who will be there running and spectating. So cool.

Um. We’re really doing this.
…in 12 days.

(see? I told you my head was a scary place to be at times…;-))

51 thoughts on “What my head is saying (12 days away)

  1. Celebrating your bday in Chicago will be a whole other treat! I love the city.

    Still with your reg race gear, it hasn’t failed you yet:)

    Just think about passing all those mile signs, leaving them in your dust!

  2. Whoooooooooooooo!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!

    And, p.s., stopping at a port-a-potty to pee for less than a minute will save you HOURS of discomfort on the course. Seriously, don’t even worry about it. I stopped to pee during the Cleveland marathon and it’s my marathon PR race still!! 🙂

  3. Just wait – you will STALK weather.com for the next 12 days. I remember that well. I’ll be cheering you on from Atlanta! Maybe one day I can cheer you on in person!

  4. Yes, we have grocery stores here! And I was going to offer, if there is anything you need I would be happy to bring to you on Saturday. That’s what sherpas are for, right?

    Also, just pee. All of the cool kids do it.

  5. Love this sis! I cannot WAIT to cheer you on! I am so so excited, maybe even more than you. I kinda keep forgetting our birthday is also the same weekend, ahhh, effing 33? Seriously? Dude. And um, I feel like WAY too much pressure to capture the perfect shot, but I will do my absolute best!!! XOXOXO

  6. The countdown is on! It will get more intense and exciting as the day draws closer. Cherish it all my dear. Even though I will not be able to make it to Chicago to cheer you on, I WILL be thinking of you and sending you good running prayers from Kalamazoo, MI.

    And the race bling by Erica Sara…beautiful!

    • I now have a cheering squad in Austin, Atlanta and Kalamazoo — Team Sutera cheering squads ROCK!!! 😉

      In all seriousness though, thank you SO much for being such an amazing silent little support system for me…like I said at the very beginning of this thing, you were a HUGE reason I took this plunge, huge. I want you to know that. xo.

  7. YEEEEEEE!! (I feel like I say that EVERY time I come here lately…) 😀

    I am so freakin excited for you guys!! and yes, you must do the hand in hand – you can do it!!

    this is THE PERFECT way to celebrate your birthday!!

  8. I’ve run Chicago since 2009 and this year I’m abstaining to run other races (but goddamn if there aren’t 45,000 reasons to be jealous). Good luck out there — I’ll be cheering for everyone, spectating the race for the first time in a while.

  9. Awesome, awesome awesome! I think it’s best when we’re living in a world in which we’re a little scared of the things we commit to.

    For the record, I’d just pee myself. But I’m a guy and that would be pretty much like any Friday night in my early 20’s, so……

    • LOL ok this is the second best blog comment ever: “For the record, I’d just pee myself. But I’m a guy and that would be pretty much like any Friday night in my early 20s…”

      And THANK you for being such a supporter — love living in a world that’s a little bit scary around the edges, it’s what makes life so crazy cool huh??

  10. There’s like a Walgreens on every corner LOL so yes, you can get that stuff there 😉 And if you gotta go pee – go pee! No UTIs because of this please. And I’m kind of (a lot) jealous that you get to meet Tina and Heather. Talk about going big for your birthday huh????

    • I know, how ridiculous am I?? Of COURSE there are stores everywhere for anything I forget — I need to chill 😉

      I will TRY to stop to pee if I absolutely must but I’m really kinda hoping not to need to until the finish. Man.

      (and yes, going BIG on our birthdays, its kind of our thing hehe)

  11. Trust in your training. That is key. You have done all the hard work and now it is just recreating it on race day.

    As for the potty break, make sure you go before you leave the house and at the start line. I’ve rarely had to stop to use the potty and try not to drink too much before the start on race morning. You body wont be able to absorb it and it will just want to make you pee. LOL. Drink some, but don’t overdue it BEFORE the race, Consume as you normally would during the race as you did during training.

    • I am totally going to chant that during the race – trust my training, trust my training. Anytime someone says that to me, it totally calms me right down. We’ve put in the work, now it’s time to just roll with it, right?

      PS thank you for allaying my pee fears, you made me feel ten times better! LOL

  12. Yipee!! 12 days! What a way to ring in your birthday, huh? You definitely deserve race bring from Erica Sara. Her stuff is gorgeous. As for the porta-potties, not that I think about it, aside from peeing before the start, I don’t think that I’ve ever had to pee during any of the marathons that we ran. Hmmm, interesting…

    • Isn’t her stuff gorgeous?? She is so talented! I can’t wait to browse her site when we get back 😉

      (and thank you for saying so about the peeing thing maybe it’ll be a non-issue for me too, I’m hoping!)

  13. I’m giddy FOR YOU. You’ve totally got this. trust your training, and just enjoy the victory of running your first marathon!!!!!

    & if you plan it accordingly you can meet the husb at the last aid station even if you do get separated. go in with a plan of attack and you can totally cross that finish line hand in hand!! how incredible would THAT be!!

    • Aww cuteness!! Thank youuuuu….giddy is how I’d describe it too, to be honest. It’s so exciting!!

      And I’ll be damned, I’m gonna do my best to cross that finish line hand-in-hand no matter what it takes!!

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