#everytime I lace up my sneakers…

…I never regret it. 
(even when I’m tired after a long day and have a run on the agenda. Like last night….5 sweaty treadmilled miles, done. #getafterit)
(even when I *think* I’m way too tired to get out the door at dark thirty.)
(even when it’s a lace-up-and-run on the treadmill — those endorphins man, nothing better.)

#everytime I set foot in the studio…(a studio that is expanding again this fall, whee!!)

…I fall even more in love with barre n9ne. 
(with the clients who I adore)
(with the challengers, both new and old, who constantly commit, recommit and take charge of their health.)
(with my fellow instructors who I am constantly learning from, and have so much fun WITH every chance we get for a b9 staff dinner.)

#everytime I think about Chicago…of how far we’ve come…

…my heart bursts with pride and joy. 
(and slight sadness that it is so very quickly coming to an end.)
(this has become so, so, so much more than just another training cycle.)
(… the most incredible 18 weeks I never saw coming.)

#everytime. ❤

36 thoughts on “#everytime

  1. What an inspiring post and a great reminder to take pride and joy in everything we accomplish. I still want to come and take on of your classes. Maybe in October after my 1/2 marathon. Good luck in Chicago!

  2. you two are amazing, and I have been inspired every step of the way! I remember when you were just playing with the idea of signing up for a marathon, then you did, and now it’s almost here! it’s been a joy to read your thoughts and virtually participate in your training (even sherpa-ing some of those morning runs!). consider me one of your biggest cheerleaders! xo

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