(almost) Wordless Wednesday — remembering every (long) mile.

Today, just days away from the Chicago Marathon and I’m sitting here remembering every single mile of our long runs. Runs I made sure to capture in pictures to help me firmly sear those moments, those miles, into my memory for good.

13, 14, 15, 10

16, 18, 20, 12

20, 22, 16, 10…

176 miles worth of long, long, (LONG) runs.

176 miles worth of proud moments.

176 miles, together — Team Sutera 4lyf ❤

49 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday — remembering every (long) mile.

    • I know you do friend! But you are fueling us with Healthy Bites AND cheering us on virtually – you’ve done more than your fair share of #runsherpa duties my dear. LOVE YOU!

  1. ahhhh I love this! And agree, you need to frame this 🙂 Or I will do it for you!! So proud of you guys, seriously. Love. Can’t wait for Chicago!

  2. Love this way of recapping your training! You’re so ready- you did the work. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. OMG Love this so much!! Love seeing all those pictures of you guys. Seeing all of those there together really shows how much you guys have accomplished. I agree with Lindsay – you have to make a real-life collage of this!

  4. 176 miles wow wow wow–do not forget about those small miles too! Getting out and running some low mileage after a longgg run can be equally as hard :-).

    Congrats again on the big day–I am living in Chicago and believe me the whole city will be out there cheering for you. I also made my TEAM SUTERA poster this weekend, I will let you know what mile I go to and tweet (nszam is my handle) you a picture of the poster closer to the marathon 🙂

  5. I love this soooo much! Every single photo – y’all are best friends and partners in life. It’s a beautiful thing! I know the countdown is ON, and I’m thinking about you two and only wish I could cheer you on in person, my friend! xo

    • He is my bestest friend and soul mate, I just love him SO MUCH. I have cherished this time together so ridiculously much. I’m kind of sad that its drawing to a close but I know the best is YET to come!

  6. You’re SO CLOSE!!!! This collage needs to be framed as a reminder that you guys can accomplish anything together. I CANNOT wait to follow you on Sunday – SHRIEK!

  7. I love this…and I love you guys. You are seriously the cutest couple ever. So excited for you this weekend!! Will be cheering you on virtually from Staten Island =)

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