Training for 26.2 — through the eyes of the hubs

Hi everyone!!  It’s Scott. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for joining Jess and I on our marathon journey. I have really appreciated the words of encouragement that you have given us! It has meant the world to us!  I would like to thank all of the virtual run sherpas out there who joined us on many of our runs.  We could feel your presence and your prayers as we trained for this amazing accomplishment. I wrote Jess this open letter to let her know not only how I felt about this journey but how I feel about her.

Hey baby….

For someone who knows me better than anyone, you know that writing my thoughts down is not my strong suit. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, my actions speak much louder than my words. I would rather show you than tell you. With that being said, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for not only encouraging me to go after my dreams but for joining me on this journey.

Our latest journey, marathon training, has cemented my belief that we can accomplish anything together.  When the two of us set a goal there in no goal we can’t reach together. God gave us a tremendous gift — each other — and I am so proud that we have taken that gift and made it blossom. We have challenged each other, pushed each other, supported each other throughout our relationship and by doing so have made each other better. You make me a better husband, son, brother, and friend. You make me a better person.

I have enjoyed our early morning runs so much. They have given me time to reflect, time to think, time to be with you virtually uninterrupted.  We may not speak for miles, our eyes may not meet for hours but our breath and our footsteps are in sync. To take a moment and listen (which I spent the majority of our runs doing) I was astonished at how connected we truly are. We have a CONNECTION that no one could possibly understand and I find  that very hard to put into words. When I’m with you I feel no pain — even while running 20+ miles — no anxiety on what the next mile brings, no pressure to be someone I’m not, and no sadness for dreams that have not yet come true. Instead I feel unconditional LOVE and with that comes the truest form of HAPPINESS!

You have been OUR motivator. You have been OUR nutritionist! You have been OUR alarm clock. You have been OUR strength.  Without you WE could not or would not have been able to accomplish this. YOU are OUR Sherpa!  WE are going to Chicago! WE are going to complete 26.2 miles! WE are going to kiss at the finish line!

We did it! And we did it our way, the Sutera way!! We trained for a marathon and enjoyed EVERY minute of it. We did it with a smile, we did it with laughter, we did it TOGETHER.  That is the Sutera way!!

(editor’s note: this series of pics epitomizes our relationship — love, laughter, friendship, trust, adoration…<3)

<< Editor’s note #2: To say that this guest post left me with tears in my eyes is an understatement. As Scott said in his own words — he has a hard time putting in writing how he feels sometimes…which has always struck me since he is SO open with his emotions otherwise. So to see his emotions in words — versus written all over his face — well, it touched me in a very different way. Add this to reason #4, 567 why marathon training has been a true blessing, a gift, an experience I will not soon forget. ❤ >>

36 thoughts on “Training for 26.2 — through the eyes of the hubs

  1. Brought tears to my eyes too. I loved reading this, it made me smile and my heart smile too. You two are my inspiration, and always have been, for love that goes the distance (no pun intended…) and continues to grow and expand with each passing day. I love this literal journey for you too and have felt so connected to you both during it, as a run sherpa and as your sister and sister in law 😉 Love you both. so much!

    • Aww sis, don’t make ME cry (again) today!! You are so cute and so sweet and SUCH an awesome sister and supporter, thank you for all that you’ve done for us both during training — and all that you’ll do for us this weekend. It means the WORLD to me, I hope you know that. xoxo

  2. This post made me teary as well! Running a marathon is a challenge not everyone can accomplish. The training can sometimes but a strain in even the best of relationships AND I live that the two of you attacked the goal together!! Your happiness together radiates in those pictures as well as in your words. I wish you a whole world of happiness as you continue your journey through the adventure called life!!!

    • It really is an emotional thing that we’re doing together here — it’s SUCH a mental thing so much more than physical at this point. Training has been hard but it’s been SO SO SO rewarding, I am so grateful for this time we’ve gotten tos hare together. #teamsutera all the way!!

  3. It was so touching to read Scott’s point of view on this incredible journey that you two are on. I am so proud and happy for the both of you. Seriously, my heart is growing with love over here just reading this! What a blessing you two are for each other and how blessed we are as readers we are to share in it.

    • Aww I’m so glad this post filled your heart with love — you know your words have often left the same impact on me, my friend. You are a beautiful soul and I can’t wait to do you proud on Sunday!!

  4. That was so sweet! I wish I could be there to cheer you on in Chicago (it’s only a few hours away) but I’m not going to get there. Know that I’m rooting you on here in Michigan & we all want to see pics of that finish line kiss 🙂 Good luck on Sunday – I know the two of you will ROCK this!

  5. Oh my gosh and now I’m crying! This is beyond inspirational and I love how incredible this journey has been for you two! I will be cheering you on here in Atlanta on race day! I know you two will do great! Thank you so much for sharing this journey!

  6. Annddd that made my cry. So sweet, so kind and so filled with love. You are a very lucky woman and Scott is a very lucky man! So excited for you and this weekend ahead!

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