…annnnd the blooper reel (26.2-style)

Oh look — *another* marathon-inspired blog post over here. I know, I know — you’re all shocked by this, hmm? 😉
(and this one is kinda long, sorry – lots of blooper stories to share!)

But seriously — enough with the tears up in here. While I’ve LOVED sharing our very emotional, very amazing marathon journey with you guys here, today it’s time for a few giggles. It’s about time, right?

With that, I bring you….the BLOOPER REEL, 26.2-style. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Remember how I told you all that Friday was a day filled with anxiety and emotion as we prepped for Chicago and made our way to the airport that afternoon?  Well, for any of you Type A-ers out there, you KNOW how stressful and anxious packing can be. I mean I had a TYPED-UP list of things to bring with me on this trip — broken down into nice neat little categories: race morning, post-race, Friday night outfit, Saturday night outfit, etc. etc. etc., you get the idea.

I even had a separate category just for snacks and fuel.
(can you see where this is heading folks?)

…I forgot to pack our Healthy Bites.

The ONE item I so painstakingly planned ahead for, packing up nice and neatly in teeny tiny little ziploc bags in the freezer – three for me, three for Scott. Yet, they never made it out of the freezer and into my carry-on bag with our giant bag of snacks and other race day goodies (bandaids and body glide, anyone?). As soon as I realized it in the airport, my heart dropped, and I immediately felt like crying…and throwing up. Those Healthy Bites were made with such love and care by the ever fabulous, ever beautiful #runsherpa queen Lindsay. She made them ESPECIALLY for our race and they meant the world to me. The world.

Yet I forgot them. I was SO sad.
…and MAD at myself for forgetting the most important thing aside from our sneakers on race day!

Immediately, I started to panic. My sis tried to help keep me calm. Scott just looked at me, unsure of what to say really. And I was just a mess. I emailed Lindsay to get some ideas on what else to pack once we arrived in Chi town (cut-up larabars? lunabars? something ‘real’ was what I wanted, not just our honey stingers and gummy bears). Lindsay responded almost immediately (because she’s awesome) and one of the first things she said after giving me some backup options, was this: “what hotel are you staying at?” I knew what her intent was. She was going to spend an arm and a leg to overnight replacement Healthy Bites to our hotel. I did NOT want to put her out that way, particularly because this was entirely my fault. And yes, I was being stubborn.

Little did I know that she wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. Behind the scenes, fellow #runsherpas Heather and my sis were scheming. I was even texting with Heather about it and she played dumb to what was really going on behind the scenes (so sneaky!!). As it turns out, my sis was SO worried about how I’d reacted to my forgotten Healthy Bites that she HAD to fix it. With Lindsay’s help at Healthy Bites headquarters (hehe) in Austin, Jo and Heather (and Lindsay) split the cost of shipping the bites up to Chicago in time for the race.

I have NO idea what this cost them but I’m sure it was a small fortune.
…and that gesture by the three of them? Meant the absolute world to me. 

What started as a GIANT blooper on my part turned into the most beautiful act of kindness I’ve ever seen.
…love you ladies!!#gratitude

(editor’s note: check out the awesome “Fueled by Healthy Bites” badge on the right side of this blog post — how awesome is that?? Healthy Bites FTW!)

And in other blooper reel moments? Let’s discuss:

  • In my haste to bring my stuff downstairs to load into the in-laws car for the ride to the airport, I slipped and fell down 3-4 stairs. Like, really? I NEVER fall down the stairs (I do fall *up* them from time to time, though…). I was so annoyed I started to cry. Um hi, anxious much?
  • Again in a haste, we left to grab some lunch before our ride arrived to bring us to the airport. We stupidly decided to try a new place neither of us had ever been to before. And because we thought we ‘knew where it was,’ we didn’t bother with GPS. Annnnnnd we promptly got lost. In the freakin’ city we LIVE in. Who does that?? Cue more tears (I was hangry, I have an excuse…kinda).
  • At the airport, we get through security with relative ease. Line wasn’t very long, leaving us with plenty of time to grab a drink at the airport bar with Jo and M who were already at the airport. We hastily grabbed our shoes, our carry-on bags and our toiletries…or we tried to grab our toiletries but the security guard grabbed them and started inspecting them. Shaking the bag at me, she chided me for using a *gallon* sized ziploc instead of the approved *quart* sized bag. How many times have I used those damn gallon sized bags and never once been stopped? But THAT DAY, of all days? And I’m being harassed by the security agent. I had to choose my battles — tossing some of my products so they’d fit into the smaller quart sized bag instead. (or she offered that I could “check” these items instead…um hi, who would ever do that for TWO items??). I was *so* annoyed in fact that she left me speechless. Scott must’ve breathed a sigh of relief at that one…he’s seen me throw a tantrum in public before, it’s not pretty. LOL
  • During the race, Scott and I had our eyes peeled for friends and family we knew would be cheering us on. I guess our eyes were a little bit TOO excited to see our name on one of the signs as we passed by one spectator in particular. Scott *swore* it said “Sutera” on it somewhere and yelled “babe, that’s for us!” thinking it was a blog reader or someone who was holding the sign. No, no — it was for another runner with the last name “Suter.” The lady looked at us when Scott got all excited and said something to the effect of “this isn’t for you.” LOL gee thanks 😉
  • Annnd last but not least: I booked our hotel room in Chicago SO long ago (Um, I booked them in FEBRUARY) that I forgot that our room had a king-sized bed. It wouldn’t have mattered if Jo and M hadn’t decided later on to join us in Chicago and I offered to share our room with them to save some money. Buuut I forgot that tiny detail until a week before the race. A wee bit late for making room change requests. Soooo king bed for #teamsutera and tiny rollaway TWIN bed for Jo and M. Fail, fail, FAIL. (good thing they have a sense of humor…)

The moral of this story? While there were plenty of tears this weekend — tears of joy and tears of utter exhaustion and pride — there were also plenty of laughs to go around. Because that’s how #teamsutera rolls 😉

35 thoughts on “…annnnd the blooper reel (26.2-style)

  1. LOL! How could that lady say “it’s not for you”? That’s ridiculous? Punch in da face, man! But funny story. I wish I could see Scott’s puzzled look after a big smile – unbelievable! And, hey, the Healthy Bits story nearly made me cry. How cool is that?!

  2. oh i love this! Operation sherpa was a success, totally worth it! Love all the bloopers too. That always happens. It’s like you are in a delirious state all the way through. haha.

    love you!

  3. That’s so sweet that they sent you the healthy bites. And whoops on the bed! I was sort of expecting you to say that all four of you shared it. Lol.

  4. Ha!! You had a little on your mind I guess – marathon training tends to take up all the space when you’re in the middle of it. 🙂
    And how sweet that they sent you the healthy bites!!! Amazing friends!

  5. I knew something was up with the emergency healthy bites – that is so very cool. you are loved.

    …and the rest? you had to get all of that out of the way for a seamless and successful race!

  6. LOL – OMG <—lots of acronyms this morning 😉 Too funny on the sign. Couldn't she have at least cheered for you guys ??? And the bed situation. That's something I might end up doing. I fall up stairs too. It's been ages since I've tumbled down though. So glad you didn't hurt yourself. I was emailing and texting and texting and emailing all at once and ready to figure out how to fly to Austin then fly to Chicago! And it's funny that you weren't about to give me your address but you forgot the small detail that I do text Jo 😉

    • You were SO SNEAKY during Operation Sherpa, seriously!! I totally didn’t even put two and two together until we were on the plane and Jo started filling me in. You are awesome, seriously.

  7. haha. Love this but OMG the healthy bites incident would have done me in. But you have a pretty amazing team around you. And the lady with the sign couldn’t have just cheered you on??

  8. Love love love these, sis. So funny, in hindsight, most of them, anyway 😉 I bet you were so pissed off falling down the stairs. Like, the last straw, really?? And you just about got me crying again with th healthy bites story 🙂 I am so so glad we were able to pull off operation sherpa!! It was so worth it to quell your mind just a little bit. And I hope they tasted as glorious as ever 🙂 (and surprisingly, that twin bed was pretty comfy. or we were just wicked tired!).

    • Seriously…it’s a good thing you have a sense of humor AND that you get me sis…and just sensed how truly upset I was about those healthy bites. I was being stubborn but deep down I really NEEDED those healthy bites, more for my own mental state than anything. You are the best for kicking off Operation Sherpa like that. AND for being a trooper with that damn twin bed! Love you!

  9. I’m kind of wondering if we are related right about now! Seriously, you totally get how my brain works. I’m glad that you can laugh at all the stress now though. I’m trying to learn that very thing with all the stress that has been thrown at me lately. Breathe and understand what really matters and not sweat the small stuff. I’m learning…

  10. Lindsay is pretty amazing. She is so incredibly supportive…we are lucky to have her in our lives =)
    LOVED the blooper reel – although I’m sure it’s a lot more fun to laugh about all these things now! HAHA

  11. LOVE this! Not funny at the time but hysterical now! So funny how that happens! I had a meltdown in Chicago last year as my Garmin FROZE and none of the buttons would work. I panicked, yelled and collapsed on the floor…Michael googled it and reset it. No big deal haha!

  12. I see you were mentally exhausted as well, but everything happens for a reason!!

    You got it all sorted in the end, but what a few hiccups.

    Lindsay is just amazeballs, you can’t say enough kind things!

  13. Hahahahaha, catching up here…um…do you remember my incidents on my way to Chicago?? Rental car with bad brakes…added an hour to the drive. Had to go back home so Herrick could fix a work problem. Another 30 minutes. Got 2 hours into the trip, suddenly got the feeling I left something…MY ENTIRE RACE BAG complete with running shoes, fuel, everything. EVERYTHING I needed. Turned around, got the stuff, got caught in a hail storm, got back on the road and got caught in EVERY severe thunderstorm in a long line of bad weather all the way up. A-12 hour drive turned into an almost 19-hour drive. lol Good stuff we overanxious, overthinking crazy ladies go through…and yes, I cried, too. 😉

    • Um wow, you definitely win on the ‘bloopers’ side of things. I guess I blocked that part out of memory until you just reminded me!! How did you hold it all together after that?? I was already a GIANT hot mess and my bloopers seem like nothing in comparison to yours!!

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