“No Limits” — revisited

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now — but only now am finding the right words, and the right time, to write it.
…remember back at the start of this year — when I proclaimed 2012 to be my year of ‘no limits’?

Let’s revisit that, shall we?

An excerpt from that post…

In looking forward to 2012, rather than listing out 3 or 4 resolutions or goals for 2012, I have made just one promise to myself.

To leap before looking.

Breaking free of any preconceived limitations or boundaries that maybe existed in my mind before.
26.2? Sure, let’s do it. 
…a new job? Lemme at it (a post for another day, promise). 
…seeing just how refined this body can becomebarre n9ne-style — All.Over.It. 
…harnessing my inner sponteneity, letting go of that pre-planned/go-go-go mentality…finding that Type B?I want it.

So this is me – staring down 2012 with a sparkle in my eye: I’m ready to leap without looking. I’m ready to have no limits today...everyday.

And now, it’s mid-October….10 months later — and I’m firmly entrenched in what I can only describe is the year where I crushed boundaries and harnessed that ‘no limits’ mantra in everything I’ve done.

 — 26.2? Done. Trained with all my heart, and ran my butt off with Scott, #teamsutera style all the way. Goal: crushed.

New job? Hi, let’s try two new jobs.

 — Barre n9ne and seeing how much more refinement I could eek out, post-60 day challenge? Refined…sure, but more than that? I’ve proudly transformed into an instructor this year. An instructor who *loves* this job more than ever (hmm…make that three new jobs this year…)

— Embracing sponteneity, tossing aside that Type A mentality a little bit this year? I’ve had no choice but to let go of structure and pre-conceived boundaries this year, like whoa. (Learning to roll with it as best as this Type A-er can ‘roll’ with anything)

On the one hand? I’m damn proud of what this year has evolved into for me.
…yet on the other? I’m damn tired.

Everyone keeps asking me what’s next, what’s next, what’s next for me, for us, for #teamsutera. Are we signing up for another 26.2? Are we tackling some new, as yet undefined challenge next? What are we gonna DO now that this marathon is behind us and this year of ‘no limits’ is quickly drawing to a close.

Honestly? I just want to be.

(“just be…Jess” as Melissa told me in a note last night…boy did she hit the nail on the head or what?)

So what this means I’m not quite sure. I just know that I need to simplify my life. Somehow. Some way. I have no idea what this means yet. But you bet your ass it’s the only thing on my mind right now.


Smarter not harder.

Striving for excellence not perfection. 

These are the phrases rolling around in my head.
…I’m not longer so focused on ‘no limits.’

…honestly, it’s time to just be. In whatever shape or form that takes. 


35 thoughts on ““No Limits” — revisited

    • It is SO hard to just be…to embrace presence, to be ‘in’ the moment. I’m always thinking ten steps ahead. But sometimes, stepping back ten steps is more important, you know?

  1. Amen. Though I miss triathlon, I don’t really miss the stress of needing to train at every given moment. I’m working harder to exercise for the sake of feeling good instead of doing it for a goal…. even though I’m more of a goal person. My body just couldn’t take it. It’s time for me to be present and kind to my body. And myself.

    I like simple. With the start of my new job, I’m still working on the “simplify” part of things as well.

    Love that you met your year with fierce and are ready to adapt to a new year of just being Jess. 🙂

    • EXACTLY how I feel about marathon training. While I LOVED it so much and learned so much, I don’t miss it…yet. I mean, I DO miss it in some ways, but overall, I’m ready to step back from such a regimented approach to running. I just want to BE for awhile, ya know? SO glad you can relate!!

      Let’s work on that simplify concept together, shall we?

  2. This is perfect! I think, after achieving so many goals (especially in the amount of time you have), you need to take a minute and regroup. You need a minute to enjoy all that you have done and just enjoy where you are at this moment! Enjoy it Jess! You’ve earned it!

  3. First off, LOVE that quote! Never heard it before and it is so perfectly true.

    I’m with you that sometimes its nice to just be and not have some big thing planned. Enjoy life and baskin in all the accomplishments you have made for awhile. You definitely deserve it.

  4. I am SO happy that you were able to reach all your goals for 2012! Rock it girl! But I’m glad that with only a few months left, you are just going to focus on being present. Life goes by too fast, time to slow it down and take all your accomplishments in!! Well done my friend!

    • Presence is such a gift…and one we so rarely give to our loved ones these days, you know? It’s time to pull back and focus on just being in the moment, no matter how big or small that moment may be, yeah?

  5. Love love love. We’ve talked a lot about this, and I think it’s so damn smart to bring everything back to simplify. I’m so so so proud of EVERYTHING you’ve accomplished in these short 10 months!! LOVE !

  6. Like I said to you – it’s now the reverse : LIMITS. We are both feeling the very same thing in many ways, too much, of everything. stepping back and simplifying is really the only way to actually continue to grow and learn, by doing fewer things BETTER than a lot of things just ok. We are overachievers by nature, and it’s hard to say no and not do everything, especially when we love so much of what we do. I am glad you are stepping back and not necessarily focusing on another physical goal right now, in this time will come clarity, and who knows, maybe a new challenge down the road, but for now? BE. LOVE this.

    • YES – ‘limits’ but not in a bad way, in a good, needed, smart and balanced way. I’ve enjoyed living the sh*t out of 2012 so far but now I’m ready to simplify a bit…while continuing to live the sh*t out of it but in a little bit of a more focused, slightly pulled back way. It’s needed, you know? Ready to just be…me for awhile!

  7. I have been so impressed by your year – not your accomplishments per se (although they are pretty incredible) but the way that you have jumped into this year of no limits and embraced it and recognizing when you need to pull back. But I don’t necessarily think that what you are saying is about imposing limits on yourself but really just an extension of what you have been doing all year – living fully and living presently in everything that you do. So far that may have manifested itself in physical and tangible things but it’s shifting now to the more intangible. You’re still committed to no limits in spirit. I think that makes sense? Long way to say that I love this post 🙂

    • Thank you for noticing that friend…I’ve tried hard to embrace ‘no limits’ but not to the detriment of the things that I LOVE about the balanced part of my life. Because honestly that is still so very important to me — balance and living life as happily as I can for the majority of the time anyway. Life is just too short. But yes, I am now really ready to embrace a few limits here and there in the form of simplification, if that makes sense 😉

  8. LOVE it!!!!! Your words are always such an inspiration!!!! Can’t wait to hear what 2013 brings to you and what you bring to it!!!!!! ❤

    • It truly didn’t really even hit me quite how packed this year has been until very recently…y’know meltdowns were happening and I was just so darn tired. And this is why. No limits nearly did me in. hehe. But I’m proud of what this year has meant to me, SO proud! (and I’m LOVING job #2 btw!)

  9. Oh we so need to meet up soon!!! I have been having the exact same thoughts!! And was just talking with Michael last night about how I’m becoming a recovered Type A. It feels awesome doesn’t it?! I love how in sync we are!

  10. You have worked hard, not only on your goals, but also on your character. I strive to be like you in this regard! Bringing life back to the basics, simplifying….it helps balance one. It helps bring life into focus, on what’s important and where to invest. Where to grow, when to leap. To ‘Just Be’….love that! Can I put it on a t-shirt 🙂

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  12. Tee hee hee…our little conversation the other night did the same thing for me as for you…hitting the nail on the head. (Explains today’s post.) We’re both aiming to just be…maybe with a little structure? lol I try not to ask others the “what’s next?” question, because I know how I get when I get asked that…what’s next? Um. Um. Um. Oh God, there needs to be a next. Shoot. What do I do? Where do I go? It’s tough! I think Chicago happened at the perfect time for you guys…just in time for the holidays. Just in time to enjoy them without all the hectic “what’s next?”

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