I run. #simply

Over the years on this blog, I’ve visited and re-visited the topic of why I run.
My drive as a runner has evolved over the years, naturally – but ultimately, I always go back to the #1 reason why I run: because I can. I’m able.

But today, and really ever since the marathon ‘thing’ happened on October 7, I’ve been thinking a lot about both why I run but also how I run. So in the spirit of looking back or revisiting certain topics this week, today I’m focusing on how I run.

How I run – and not the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other ‘how’ that comes with running — but my approach to it…which I’ve noticed a lot more lately is very different from most runners I am friends with, read about in bloggy land, etc.

I’d say I’m very much in the vast minority as a runner – for one big reason: I run. #simply

No music. Ever.

No garmin. Ever.

No ‘labels’ for my runs (i.e. tempo, shake-out, LSR, etc.).

No schedules (at least not in the traditional sense…training plans are different in my view)

It’s simple. And mine.

I’m focusing more and more on the whole concept of #simple – as you saw from my post the other day, it’s about ‘just being’ me. And that most certainly applies to running.

For example – I am pretty sure almost *all* of my running friends will gasp when I admit this: since the marathon, I have run a total of three miles. That’s one run. (I can almost hear the questions now: “what about a shake-out run??” or “aren’t you afraid you’re endurance will falter?” Or “One run???”)

But yup, just one run, three miles, that’s it. And sure, I miss running a bit but there’s been two main reasons for the lack of miles in my life the past week and a half. One – my right knee is a wee bit tender. I take no chances when it comes to injury. Call me uber-conservative if you like, but I’m protecting that IT band like a mama bear over here. No injuries please. And two – I’ve been teaching a lot at barre n9ne. And I am LOVING being back in full force at the studio now that I have more time on my hands, post-marathon. I’m teaching an average of 6-7 classes per week and am taking 1-2 a week if schedules allow (sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes none ‘taken’ but all taught, depending). And it’s been awesome. Just perfect. I heart b9.

But back to my point – the running simply thing. I’m sensing that this is where my running is heading and I’m actually really excited to embrace that fact. Run far when I want. Run a few quick, fun miles if I want. Kill myself with puketastic intervals if I feel like it.

Just run. Because I love it. Because I can. Because I’m a joyful runner.

I run. #simply


45 thoughts on “I run. #simply

  1. I love this! We are both growing in our running ‘personalities’ and I think that just shows how far we have both come, away from regimen, and ‘should’ or ‘have to’ feelings towards running and running when we can and when we want. period.

    • I love the idea of running personalities! SO true. I love how we’ve both evolved that way, it’s a beautiful thing…running to run, not ‘just’ because it was our planned workout for the day.

  2. Great post–>for the past few months I have been running without music it is a totally new experience. At first I did not understand how anyone could do it, but it is great.

    And it is great to ease yourself back into running post marathon–smarter not harder approach! How does the soreness after your first half marathon compare to the full?

    • Isn’t it great to run with just your thoughts? It makes it much more of a spiritual and emotional thing for me than ‘just’ a workout, you know?

      PS. the soreness probably actually compares — since the first time we ran a half marathon was the most we’d ever strained ourselves that way so the soreness after the full marathon was equal to that in a way since it was the first time we’d strained ourselves that far, and that long, does that make sense?

  3. It’s fun to look back and see the natural (or sometimes not so natural) evolution of things, especially with running. Like seasons in life, there is also seasons to my running. Right now I am with you: running simply. Sans free of music, hardly ever with my gps. It’s my ‘no training’ approach. Running free! Last week that included just one run. That’s okay. This week I am itching to lace up, so that may mean I run three or four times. Whatever works. There is so much joy in training, but the ‘off season’ has perks as well…running free (of commitments to hitting a certain mileage or pace), for me, is the major one.

    • I absolutely agree — I LOVED training for the marathon, LOVED it. Everything about it. Yet now that I’ve stepped back into “running free” mode I’m ready to love and embrace the lack of structure for awhile. It’s a beautiful thing to find a love for both forms of running, huh?

  4. I was thinking about this today as I was running (without music). I’ve really grown from a place where I ran to lose weight or whatever and now I just run because I can, because I enjoy it, because it’s my time. Love it!

  5. Great post. I have mostly been a #simply runner myself though lately I’ve been trying to time track some of my miles in order to figure out how to get faster. but for the most part, I prefer simple…just increases my enjoyment! — Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)

  6. I love Love LOVE this! I am probably the only other one like you – no garmin, no timing, no music… just me and the run, and my rhythm and my breathing. and my thoughts. 🙂

    and it is perfectly FINE you’ve only run once since the marathon – probably normal, actually! and soon you’ll be out there running again, just because…

    • And I love, love, LOVE your comments (so glad I rescued you from spam!!). You are so sweet, seriously. AND I love that my fellow #runsherpa runs #simply like me, that makes me happy 🙂

  7. You never use a garmin? I never knew that! I love that you run simply…I like running sans ipod as well…most times. Sometimes I like getting lost in the music, though. Depends on how I feel.

    And this break? Well deserved, friend. Well deserved…and again…I don’t go there. Your plans are your plans…I try not to question. lol I didn’t run for two months. Pah!

    PS: I’ll say it again…I wish I could take a B9 class. Barre WILL be something I’m incorporating, by the way. 😉

    • Nope, never! How did you not know this?? Haha. Yup, I’m a no nonsense kinda runner I suppose 😉

      PS. can you puhleeeeze come visit sooooooon, not just to take a barre class with us either 😉

  8. I’ve totally gotten away from music unless I have to get on a treadmill. But I do like my Garmin. Sometimes it’s for accountability (like making sure I stop sooner than later) and it’s also a good training tool as well. I don’t use the HR monitor very often unless I’m starting to see a pattern of perceived exertion being way higher than it should be (like this summer). But I do see the value of running without it. But man there are days that if I did, I know I’d be likely to run faster than I should and sometimes farther than I should too. So see…gadgets can be good for crazies like me 😉 (not that I’m trying to convince you!)

    • I love that distinction you make — that it IS an individual sport even if we do run as a community oftentimes. So important to always remember that its yours, nobody else’s, and to respect it as such. Yeah?

  9. love this! I’m with you – no music, no garmin. I really do run because I can and because it’s my me-time. I haven’t been running as much lately (2 days a week maybe instead or 4-5) and I miss it, but I’m listening to my body and fitting in other types of workouts. And now, when I DO go out for a run, it’s even that much more special. I’m heading out in the morning for 4 or 5. 🙂

    • YES. Running is such a beautiful experience for me as a me-time thing…and quite often as a bonding thing for Scott and I as you very well know by now. It’s just such a special thing to share with someone else…and to truly make your own, running by your own rules (or lack thereof!).

  10. I respect and admire you SO much for being able to keep running so simple. No music? I would die or fall asleep from boredom. No Garmin? I’d convince myself I only ran 2 miles at a 46 minute pace… Seriously. haha

    Such a beautiful thing!!!! Never let anything change that about you.

    • Aww thank you my friend! I just adore running and never want to confuse things by adding too much “stuff” to it, you know? It just works for me. LOL re: dying of boredom!! It helps that I have a running partner 99% of the time 😉
      xoxo my friend, such a beautiful comment!

    • YES. Run #simply really does apply to any workout though, not just running — ___ #simply. Whether it be running, kickboxing, spinning, barre-ing (ha), etc. Just finding something that you absolutely love and not muddling it with too many ‘extras’, know what I mean?

  11. I haven’t run much since the marathon either. Sometimes our mind needs a break, just like our body does. And I think you’re smart for taking care of that knee!!!!! It’s so not worth it to risk injury. Great post!

  12. Great post! I am very similar in my approach to running with no stress on what I do. I do listen to music though. My race this past weekend was the first time I didn’t listen to music and I actually did like it, but I feel really inspired and moved by music. So, I like feeling the internal push from the beat of the music. Take care of your knee. I’m so incredibly cautious with injuries!

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  14. This was so great! I too hate running with music (although I am obsessed with my Garmin…) but I totally appreciate the running #simply motto. It shouldn’t be for Runner’s World that you run. It should be for you.

    For me, I run to give me purpose. And sometimes that does mean having the structured hill runs, or tempo runs, or whatever. But that sense of PURPOSE is my #simply. And that’s what’s so great about running…everyone has their own #simple.

    • YES — it shouldn’t be for Runner’s World, it should be for YOU above all else. I love that.

      I love the idea of running to give you purpose, what a cool way to look at running! AND the fact that we all have our version of running #simply — dead on. Amen sista!!

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