What I’m loving lately – the barre n9ne edition

Remember how I talked about the ‘cycles’ my workouts tend to take?
(wow, this post on workout cycles was a long time ago…back when Group Kick was still in my life. That ‘life’ feels like a lifetime ago given where I am today. Interesting note.)

Well – you guessed it, I’m about to enter a new cycle.

Funny how just a few days ago, I was talking about simplifying, not jumping into anything (race-wise) now that the marathon is over, etc., and here I am already seeing the outline of this next cycle taking shape right before my eyes.  So interesting that our paths in life truly are right there if we just learn to settle back and have some faith. Noted.

Anyway – that new ‘cycle’ of mine? It revolves around something I am loving so much right now, more than ever – yup, you  guessed it: barre n9ne.

I mentioned fairly recently that the studio was expanding again. I am PSYCHED about this. We now have two locations – one near my sister and one near me (fitting, right??). In a couple of weeks the studio near me (the original location) is expanding to two separate studio rooms so that location can now hold two classes at (or around) the same time of day or night. This is HUGE from a growth perspective – there are so many clients who want to take classes that simply can’t get into some of the more popular time slots (particularly at night). I am so, so, so excited to see this happen – Tanya (the owner) is incredible. She has worked her butt off to make this dream of hers a reality. It’s seriously amazing just how much growth the studio has seen since my sis and I joined the studio last May. To think that it’ll basically be triple the size as it was then is just awesome. Talk about hard work paying off, huh?

The studio expansion obviously holds a special place in my heart since it’s been such a life-changing ‘home’ for me (and my sis) since we kicked off the 60-day challenge and fell deeply in love with all things barre. We are both so in love with teaching in the style that we adore, it’s ridiculous the amount of gushing we do – to anyone who will listen (and even if they don’t want to listen, we still babble on as you’ve no doubt seen on Facebook, Instagram, twitter…lol). Most of all – teaching and participating in the barre n9ne ‘family’ is all about paying it forward for both of us. It has changed our lives in ways that neither of us ever saw coming back then. ❤

 But back to that ‘cycle’ thing I was talking about.
(sorry, I digress a LOT lately when I write…such a spaz)

Now that the studio is thisclose to expanding, I’ll be teaching even more than I have been already. This excites me so very much. I love, love, love seeing clients ‘embrace the shake’ at the barre, hold on through a difficult arm series and to walk away from class feeling utterly ‘worked.’ Seriously nothing like it. Every single time a new 60-day challenge program kicks off, the energy of the room automatically kicks up a notch or two with both old and new challengers uber-motivated to give it their all. Love. It.

So more classes to teach, more opportunity to pay it forward? All awesome, awesome things in my book.

However, it *does* mean that I’ll need to step back a teeny bit from running. But in a very good way, IMHO. Going back to the run #simply mentality – my running will wind up being a LOT less structured given I’ll have limited windows of time to run now (at most 3 opportunities per week). And I’m surprisingly really, really ok with this cycle shift. I LOVE to run. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m already looking forward to less structure, and more running joyful moments. Where I just get out there to sweat, move, breathe, and feel alive.

And in between that? I’ll be living and breathing the barre n9ne lifestyle in all that I do. As I’ve done faithfully since last May.

So this is me, looking forward to rocking lots of barre n9ne ‘high’s much like the one I rocked yesterday morning after an especially sweaty, energetic 6am class.  #b94lyf


26 thoughts on “What I’m loving lately – the barre n9ne edition

  1. You need to expand it all the way to Atlanta! Seriously though, if I am ever in Boston, I definitely want to take a class with you or your sister. I’m pressuring Jason to go on more city vacations, so it could happen one year.

  2. That is really so great that the studio is expanding. A testament to the gushing words of you and your sister? 🙂 I think that this new cycle is very fitting for you and seriously, I need to get my butt to a barre class sometime. And I NEED (like really need) that amazing lulu top.

    • I’d like to think our gush-fests have helped things a long a wee bit. 😉 BUT truly, it’s just a testament to the beauty of the program and the hard work of ALL of the instructors and of course, the hard work that Tanya puts into that studio every single day. It shows in how happy and fit our clients are and how much of a community we’ve built barre n9ne into over the past year or two. It’s just an awesome phenomenon, truly.

  3. Love this! Every word! And totally agree, more more more, love love love…but that also means prioritizing and keeping it simple. I completely agree with this approach and this workout evolution as the same obviously holds true for me! wheeeee!

    • I know…that’s the only thing, trying not to do more, more, more and screw up that balance ‘thing’ you and I pride ourselves on so very much. I just want to be in the studio each and every day, I love it SO much!!! Wheee #b94lyf 😉

  4. well how perfect to have a location near you and one near Jo! just perfect, really.

    this post simply GIVES ME ENERGY! I love your enthusiasm and “pay it forward” attitude about barre.

  5. I would love to try a barre class sometime. Every time I read about it on your blog it sounds so amazing. Maybe one day I will get to. And congrats on your marathon of course! So amazing 🙂

  6. I LOVE your outlook with all the changes that are going on! I can feel the excitement that you and your sister have with all things barre! I wish I had a studio around here. I would love to start teaching myself. It’s my favorite form of strength training! Makes me feel like a dancer!

  7. Sometimes we need to step back from something. I know this feeling. 😉 I’m ready to embrace strength and just building my foundation. I love that you love teaching barre as much as you do…because that passion will be reflected on your clients. ❤

    PS: LOVE your tank!!! Who's it from?

    • Exactly – stepping back brings SUCH perspective its crazy…and always reminds me that I need to it a LOT more often.

      PS the tank is from Lululemon where else? hehe #addicted (got another one the other day in the same style but BRIGHT PINK, can’t wait to rock that one lol)

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