Three years…and full circle

Funny thing. I forgot today was the three year anniversary of this little blog of mine.
(until I read Alicia’s post last night and it jogged my memory…I’ve been following her blog since day 1!)

You see — I’ve been a little bit too busy ‘living’ and have found far less time for blogging lately.
…so when I read my very first post again last night, it dawned on me — I’ve kind of come full circle in the three years since EatDrinkBreatheSweat came to life. 

It was this portion of that post that reminded me of that fact:

So, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I bring you: EatDrinkBreatheSweat. The reason for the name? Well – before I launched this blog, being the Type-A person that I am, I did some research. What I found was a bunch of weight-loss related blogs and hard-core certified personal trainer-type blogs but no blog for the fitness fanatics that simply love to workout but also know how to enjoy life. So while I truly do love, love, love working out – from running to spinning to stepping to kickboxing and weight-lifting – I also love to eat, drink, and live (aka “breathe”) life to the fullest. Recent events in my life have really taught me how short and fragile life truly is. So why would I want to spend it as a “tortured soul” (more on this in a future post, I promise), never allowing myself to indulge in some of my favorites (wine, chocolate, cheese, pizza, and the list goes on)? Well, I wouldn’t and don’t intend to.

It’s funny that in re-reading my words from three years ago, I claimed to live a very balanced, very un-‘tortured’ soul life. Yet, in secret, I was very ‘tortured.’ I loved working out. Loved, loved, loved it. But I hated that I never saw the results I wanted…unless I cut out all of the foods that I loved (wine included). I claimed to eat well and very balanced back then but in theory, I often blew it out of the water on the weekends, only to ‘be good’ during the week and I wondered why I wasn’t a chiseled specimen (lol) given all the hours I spent at the gym back then. (NOT that working out is all about physical appearance, trust me it is WAY more than that to me today…)

But now? I truly *am* the person I claimed I was three years ago.

I am at peace with food. It doesn’t hold power over me like it used to. It doesn’t control me. It fuels me. And yes, it *does* make me happy. But not in a gorge-myself-until-I-want-to-die kind of ‘happy.’ But in an at-peace, intuitive and mindful kind of happy.

I embrace the smarter, not harder mentality in my workouts. I don’t spend HOURS in the gym everyday only to come home frustrated and let down. I run. #simply. I teach barre classes...a style I utterly adore to pieces, something I talk about all.the.time. on this blog. barre n9ne is what works for me, it’s my ‘secret sauce’  — the style of workout that just does it for me, both physically but definitely mentally as well. I’ve never felt more in tune and connected to my own body as I do today. Or more strong

I am ‘breathing‘ far more than I was back then — truly (albeit slowly) getting back to living presently. I’m seeking faith and embracing faith so much more than I was three years ago. And I’m enjoying every last bit of my days, even those days that are so jam packed with STUFF, I seek out those #littlethings to be thankful for.

Which is what I’m doing right now — giving thanks.
…for the past three years — I am so very thankful for a journey that has awakened new beginnings in me and around me at every bend in my path.
…I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful friends I’ve ‘met’ over the years through blogging.
…And I’m finally happy just (be)ing…just Jess. 


41 thoughts on “Three years…and full circle

  1. I love that we started blogging at the same time – and that we’ve been following each other since the beginning! You were beautiful then, but it’s exciting to see how strong you’ve become – in so many ways. Congrats to you on three happy blogging years and here’s to many more to come.

    • I LOVE that too. You are such a beautiful spirit and I LOVE that we’ve gotten to meet on more than one occasion…I do believe we are overdue for another meet-up soon though. Can you work on Hans and another trip up this way please? hehe #spoiled 😉
      love you!!

  2. I love this.. You can tell in reading that first post, and then reading your post today, just how far you’ve truly come in this journey. You should be so incredibly proud of the person you have become, and the person you continue to be. I think we’re all evolving to a point, and we never stop learning about ourselves. I love how you continue to grow in a healthy, loving way. Love this post! xoxoxo

    • It totally struck me the second I read my words from three years ago…and then to think about where I am today, my words just ring truer (to me) today than they did then. Probably because I knew that deep down I wasn’t as happy or as at peace with ‘me’ as I am today. It feel SO good to be here my friend, being me and only me.

      I LOVE that I’ve made an amazing connection in you as a friend through blogging, it’s truly the best part of this whole thing, you know? xoxo!

  3. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come in three years. I don’t remember exactly when I started reading your blog, but I’m glad that I’ve gotten to go on this journey with you and see you evolve into who you are now.

    • I know…you’re one of my oldest blog friends too — and I don’t quite remember how I ‘found’ your blog but have been a faithful reader ever since. I love that your writing voice is your ‘real you’ voice, that’s the best, your blog is just real. I dig that.

  4. I remembered it was your anniversary 😉 Can you believe we’ve known each other 3 yrs now? And at the time, you were living as balanced as you could. Ya know? You tried and that says volumes. You are just smarter now is all. You live and learn over the years. I mean, there was a time I thought eating half a sandwich so I could have more baked cheetos was being healthy!

    • I had a feeling you wouldn’t forget it. I still find it SO weird that our bloggy birthdays are SO close together. Totally fate 🙂

      I love your perspective on the ‘full circle’ thing — you’re right, I am smarter and have learned a lot through the years so I guess that’s really what this is all about then huh? Evolving and appreciation the process of evolving along the way. (lol re: baked cheetos!! my vice used to be reduced fat cheeze-its!!)

  5. Happy Blogiversary!!!!! I love the idea behind your blog because that is truly who you are. I love that you have been the same throughout the three years as you are really someone to look up to on just living and loving life.

    • Yes, this is a very true statement, huh? It IS true that if you embody who you WANT to be, eventually you’ll become that person if you fully commit to it. So fun, huh?
      So happy to know YOU too. (and um, can’t wait for you to cook for me one of these days hehe)

  6. Did i know you three years ago? I feel as if i did, maybe? Oh how we both have grown. ANd i have seen you grow into even stronger wife, woman, friend, sister, etc. You inspire me each day. And i thank God for putting you in my life. Happy 3 years!

    • I think so?? We met shortly after I started blogging right?? I’ll have to look back at old posts to figure it out (our meet-up seems like ancient history now doesn’t it?? Imagine if we got to hang out now after all this time and so much more bonding between us? we’d NEVER stop talking!! must make this happen soooooon!!)

    • It is such a great way to have a living document of your life, isn’t it? I do LOVE that aspect of blogging very much…along with finding friends like you along the way, who I relate to SO much !

    • It doesn’t take much to see change, even in a few months time, huh? I look back at the beginning of marathon training and feel that very same way. MY how things change…and so quickly without us even realizing it!

  7. Ahhh I love flashbacks like that! It’s so interesting to read – – all those things you said are really what you ARE today. You are living what you had wanted to be 3 years ago. Self fulfilling prophecy much? You rock, lady!

  8. Cheers to your Bloggiversary!
    So happy to have discovered your corner of the internet. You have helped me see things in a new, refreshing light and it has been oh-so-fun to follow along with your journey 🙂
    Blessed to have you as my blogging buddy!

  9. I love this and your reflection on where you started from (with this blog at least) and how far you’ve come. Maybe it was meant to be? By putting it out there in your first post, it helped make that a reality in your life even if you weren’t quite there three years ago? Happy belated blogoversary!!

  10. Wow, how crazy. the then and now, huh? You’ve come so far, we’ve come so far, and we continue to grow, with each passing day, in so many ways. congrats sis 🙂 XO

    • Isn’t it sorta eery how my words three years ago totally describe me today but don’t quite hit the mark as to who I was then? Either way, so so proud of this journey and that we’ve done so much of it together sis. As it should be 🙂

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