Just #makeitcount.

I think I’ve mentioned that my schedule has taken some time to adjust to now that I’m in a new job (which I LOVE) that has me in the office most days of the week.  A very big shift from my last job where I was only in the office once per week (trade-off: I traveled pretty often). The other shift happening right now? Teaching a *lot* more at barre n9ne. Which I LOVE to death. Adore so, so, so much.

But combine a ‘day job’ that has me commuting daily, pair that with teaching at barre n9ne anywhere from 5-7 classes per week (with more to come when the new room in the studio nearest my house opens in a week or two! woo!) and my “me time” workouts are fewer and farther between. Right now, I can *only* take 1-2 classes per week realistically (I used to take 5+ a week before I really started teaching a lot more). I just can’t fit much more than that into my week, plus teaching does takes it’s toll…even if I’m not actively ‘doing’ the entire class…I’m doing enough of it that it adds up over time (plus being ‘on’ for the whole hour is exhausting too…in a *good* way though, suuuuch a rush!).

And then there’s running. Which has most definitely taken a backseat of late. Mainly because I only have two mornings during the work week for ‘me workouts’ and it’s SO dark out now that running on the treadmill has become the norm mid-week (sad face). And then weekends are my  only real time to get outside (unless I feel like running in the dark at night during the week…again: sad face).

So where does that leave me? Why am I telling you suuuuch a long tale leading into the whole point of this post?
(there’s a reason, promise)

It’s forcing me to truly make my ‘me workouts’ count. #makeitcount.
…every. single. time.

As in — never regret a workout for one; but also never take for granted the sheer ability TO workout (physical ability plus literal ability to fit it into the schedule, as it were). #makeitcount

So last night when I got home from work and knew that workout I’d blown off that morning (extra snuggles with the hubs took precadence…priorities!) was looming: I had two choices. Blow it off. orrrr #makeitcount.

I did exactly what I’d tell any one of you to do: I made it count. Every sweatastic mile. Even though it was on the dreadmill. Even though I was tired. Even though I was hungry. Even though, even though, even though (I could come up with a million excuses).

After 45 minutes of sweatastic intervals (I did a variation of this version — third one down), I was riding SUCH a high. So sweaty. So fun. So badass.

Yup, it was awesome. Just what I needed. I enjoyed the sh*t out of those speedy intervals. And for one reason: it was MY turn to workout. I have never appreciated that fact more than I do right now. With time a lot more precious than before. I embrace that #makeitcount mantra.

So again I urge you: anytime you consider blowing off that workout for a million reasons, think twice. #makeitcount.
…embrace the ‘me time.’
…remember that not everyone is able.
…not everyone has the opportunity.
…not everyone can #makeitcount.


Source: wanelo.com via Jess on Pinterest

32 thoughts on “Just #makeitcount.

  1. I am amazed that you teach as much as you do while holding down a full time job. I currently am just teaching one Saturday yoga morning class. While I’d LOVE to have a weeknight Basics class to teach, I’m still working to fit all the puzzle pieces together. Good for you for making it count in every moment. If teaching Barre is anything like teaching some more vigorous yoga classes, then it’s still a workout in its own!

    • It’s been an interesting ramp-up for sure. I didn’t start out teaching this much, it was just a sort of natural progression of my practice from becoming an instructor, a very new instructor to slowly becoming more seasoned, more comfortable, more in LOVE with teaching. And the class schedule has expanded more lately given the studio expansion, and opportunities continue to open for me there so I’ve taken them on as much as I can without going TOO crazy, you know? I Just love what I do so much so that I find a way to make it work while striking a semblance of balance as best that I can. 🙂

      I am DYING to take a yoga class from you btw…must visit you!!!

  2. That is SUCH a good point. No ‘throwaway’ workouts allowed. Not that we ever did, but just more focus on really doing every workout with purpose and intention, just like everything in b9! I am harnessing this very thing too, thanks for making me see it too 🙂 XO

    • Right. I just find that I’m fully embracing any chance that I get to call a workout my own so much more now. I’m appreciating the ability to do my ‘own’ workout more than ever. It just reminds me what a gift just being ABLE truly is. And also what a blessing it is to be doing something that I love — my day job AND my ‘side job’ so very much. It’s such a happy place to be, huh?

  3. It absolutely amazes me how you always seem to “fit it all in”. And I think it’s critical that when life is so busy, and you ARE doing so much, that you get in those workouts that are for you. Those workouts so often remind us exactly where we should fit in our hierarchy; we so often tend to put everyone else’s needs above our own, where in reality, we’re useless to everyone if we’re not taking care of ourselves. I love this message, THANK YOU. xoxoxo

    • It’s so funny how many people have commented to that effect…it’s just who I am by nature. I like to be DOING, even if it’s a LOT of doing sometimes. It’s hard to explain but it’s honestly how I’ve always been. Scott calls me the energizer bunny, hehe.

      I LOVE your point about making sure to fit in those ‘me’ workouts…you’re so right that if you inadvertently put everyone and everything else first before your own needs, you’ll wind up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled at the end of the day. Which is why I’m trying hard to simplify, streamline and make every single ‘me’ workout count as best that I can (again, without overdoing it). Thank YOU for pointing that out, you so smaht! Xoxo

  4. You know, I always wondered how you and Jo manage to work full-time, teach a gazillion classes, take some classes yourself, run AND have a seemingly normal and balanced life at home. I figured clones or something at least. But you are absolutely right about making it count. Not only no throwaway workouts but no throwaway anything.

    • We actually have drones that help us do our jobs so we can get it all done. LOL.

      No seriously, that’s hilarious that you mention that…I guess I just love what I do (all of what I do) so much that I naturally fit the things in that I love. It’s just been interesting trying to figure out the right balance that still makes me happy and feeling fulfilled without feeling overtaxed or like I’m doing too much. You know? So that’s what I’ve been working on these past few weeks in a big way.

  5. I agree…to a point. I definitely think that people have too many excuses when it comes to exercise but in your particular situation, where you are already teaching so many classes per week…you ARE getting tons of exercise! If you are tired…maybe it’s because your body is telling you something?

    • Ohh yes. I absolutely agree — if I am feeling tired from lots of teaching for example, I’ve been pairing back how many (IF any) classes I actually take and/or how much running I do that particular week. Striking that balance changes week-to-week for me, just depends on how much teaching I’m doing, how my ‘day job’ work week goes and all that jazz. It’s been quite a dance, but a fun one at that! 🙂

  6. Isn’t it funny how teaching workouts is not considered “your” workouts? I feel the same way! I’m glad things are settling down! I soooo wish I lived closer to your studios. I want to take and teach barre classes so badly, but we don’t have any close to here. Some day…it’s definitely one of those things I really want to do.

    • YES! I mean, you DO get a workout when teaching, but not the same as if you were SOLELY focused on your own workout and nobody else. Now that I rarely get to TAKE a class, whenever I do get that chance, I am so focused it’s like I’m the only one in that room. A bomb could go off and I probably wouldn’t notice LOL

      PS you would LOVE teaching barre!!!

  7. Same here! i can totally relate but isn’t it kind of nice skipping workouts to teach and because you love your job?! I find it kind of awesome…weird, maybe. But a few good workouts a week and happiness in every area of my life makes it so worth it!

  8. I find myself in a similar situation right now! And being someone who trains people for a living, I should really know and appreciate making it count! I’ve found myself coming up with multiple variations of workouts lately to make them short and sweet, but to also make them count!

    • It’s an interesting shift for sure but I’m finally figuring out the right cadence which is helping…at first I felt ALL over the place with my life but things are starting to settle in nicely and it’s helping me to think of the #makeitcount mantra anytime I start to get anxious about lack of ‘me’ time. I’m glad you’re figuring it out too!!

  9. Can’t say it enough, but you look awesome after your workout. I don’t have the brass ones to post post-workout pics, lol.

    Making every workout count is always a good thing to keep in mind regardless, especially with the darker, cold evenings approaching. It’s hard to keep your mood up.

    SO glad you’re loving your new jobby job!

  10. I love this Jess! I find that when my schedule is busiest, I use my “free time” much more wisely, and like you said “make it count” more. It definitely takes some adjustment but I have no doubt you’ll get back into a rhythm in no time. So exciting with the new job and lots of barre classes each week – you are on a roll, lady!

    • That’s exactly right — my free time is spent as wisely as possible these days. Which is where the whole idea of #makeitcount came from. Now I fully appreciate those moments that are truly mine since they ARE so few and far between lately. You know?

  11. Sheesh girl – I’m tired just reading about your day LOL. I sure hope you’re not piling on too much (concerned friend alert). I know how much you love teaching and taking those classes though. Just don’t let it cross that crazy fine line you know? Said with love of course. I will say that I love the reminder to make those workouts count always though. Not just when rushed for time, but really take the time to appreciate them. Otherwise it’s kind of a waste.

    • LOL don’t be — it’s tons of fun, I swear. 😉

      Don’t worry, I’m being very careful — my running has taken a backseat on days or weeks where I’m teaching more. And vice versa for weeks I’m teaching less…I may run an extra day (four days vs. three, for ex.) or I may sneak in a class that I can actually TAKE vs. teach. Playing it very smart over here, as always. I promise.

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