#Runsherpas: the #teamsutera way

By far one of the best aspects of marathon training for Scott and I (aka #teamsutera) was the amazing outpouring of love and support from loved ones — not just family but ‘IRL’ friends and bloggy friends alike. It was nothing short of incredible.

Between that and all that Scott and I learned during our 18-week marathon training journey together and we’re both *still* feeling very grateful for the entire experience.

One of the coolest phenomenon’s ever was the forming of the #runsherpa support group that sort of started small and snowballed before we knew it. In case you aren’t sure how this all came together, refer to this post please. 🙂

So when #teamsutera (and fellow #runsherpas, my sis and M!) had the opportunity to pay it forward by becoming #runsherpas ourselves, we jumped at the chance. And who better to #runsherpa for than for Meaghan — who is staring down her first ULTRA marathon tomorrow: the Stone Cat 50 miler. For those of you who do not know Meaghan — you are sorely missing out. Not only is she freakin’ hysterical and an awesome, awesome, AWESOME friend ‘IRL’, but she is ridiculously inspiring.

Just SIX MONTHS ago this girl was recovering from compartment syndrome surgery. A surgery that had her basically starting from scratch. From ground zero. From the very beginning all over again. No matter how long Meaghan had been running, none of it mattered post-surgery. She was starting fresh. As in one foot in front of the other, slowly but surely.

And today? She’s prepping for an incredible challenge — 50 miles. And oh yeah, it’s a trail race too.
(see?? I told you she was pretty amazing, did I not?)

To this day, I count Meaghan as THE most passionate runner I have ever met. She absolutely glows anytime we talk about running. Her words are dotted with joy whenever she’d share training advice and tips (something she does very sensitively I might add — she is *not* a know-it-all kind of runner AT ALL…and she’d have every right to be one given how experienced she is). It was her words that stuck with me on that epic 22 mile training run that Scott and I absolutely crushed this summer. (and it was her post that made me bawl like a little baby when she wrote about seeing my marathon journey from the outside looking in…)

Her words? So simple yet incredibly powerful: Let the run come to you.

That phrase still gives me goosebumps.

ANYWAY. Now that I’ve gushed for this entire post about the awesomeness that is Meaghan, it’s clear that I seriously cannot wait to #runsherpa for her tomorrow. Scott is getting in on the action too, naturally. He’s taking his post-race pizza making duties *very* seriously. And I can guarantee that he’ll be the loudest #runsherpa of all time…and probably the loudest spectator at the race tomorrow overall. Just a hunch. 😉

So tomorrow? I am honored, proud and SO excited to #runsherpa the hell outta Stone Cat while Meaghan crushes her first ultra. No matter what, she’s going to cross that finish line with pride. She may be hurting. She may be utterly exhausted. And she’ll definitely be emotional. But what I hope she never forgets is where she was just six months ago — and a smile of joy and gratitude crosses her face as she finishes all 50 miles.

Run proud, run happy, run strong Meaghan. You GOT this.
#runsherpa Jess (and Scott ala #teamsutera fame)


22 thoughts on “#Runsherpas: the #teamsutera way

  1. awwww! I love this post!! Every word is so so true. Meaghan bleeds running. She’s passionate, determined and going to kill these 50 miles…even if we have to run 30 of them with her (not). 😉 I feel blessed to have her in my life! AND YOU sis! Can’t wait to run sherpa the sh*3t out of the race tomorrow!

  2. I’m not going to reply with every feeling I have on this post.. I think you know exactly how I felt when I read this. Thank you for being incredible, amazing you. Love you.

    • I am SO glad friend. SO SO glad. This is exactly why I didn’t tell you I was writing this post. I wanted you to have a nice little surprise in your inbox today. Plus, all that I wanted to tell you would NOT fit on a little post-it note to hand to you on race day. A blog would only suffice…and even that didn’t seem to fully accomplish everything I have on my mind related to you and this ultra of yours tomorrow. Already SO ridiculously proud of you friend! Can’t wait to #runsherpa for you tomorrow!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  3. I am so so so excited for Meaghan tomorrow. She is an AMAZING inspiring woman. Someone I am so thankful to have met this past year. Kill those 50 miles tomorrow Meaghan, I will be rooting you on and thinking of you the whole day.

  4. Love the enthusiasm in this post!

    It is so great to see your friends accomplish their goals especially knowing their journey through reading their blog!

    I swear watching your friends accomplish and finish something so great, almost gives you a runners high/chills yourself. Believe me I was jumping and screaming after watching Team Sutera run Chicago, and I only know you through your blog.

    Have fun Sherpa’ing and good luck to your friend!!

    • You are SO right. It does provide such a fun high seeing your friends — even those you’ve never met before — accomplish their dreams. To be there in the flesh to see it? All the better. I can’t WAIT to see Meaghan crush this ultra tomorrow!!!

      PS I loved your energy on the sidelines in Chicago!! Still remember it vividly!!

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