Ruminations (#1 of…)

So I’m titling this post ‘Ruminations (#1 of…) for a specific reason (you know me, I always do things with intention, right??).
…I’m leaving myself room to expand on this into a series if I so choose.

You see, lately I’ve been struggling to collect my thoughts, to find focus. There are many reasons for that, none of which I care to dive into here. Generally speaking, you all know pretty much why that is. Why I’ve been so focused on simplifying, finding or re-creating a new sense of balance, etc. So while I’m figuring out my flow over here, I didn’t want to just plain stop blogging entirely. I have lots of thoughts going on, none all that cohesive per se, but some that are totally worth sharing here, in rumination format instead of my usual ‘themed’ posts.

(wow was that a long preamble to today’s post! Man.)

Ruminations (#1 of…)

Seeing this girl absolutely CRUSH 50 miles on Saturday was an honor and a privilege.  Other than inspiring the hell outta me, she also restored my faith in running joyfully, because you LOVE it, above all else. This girl absolutely lives and breathes running…and I adore that in her.

#runsherpa duties are no joke. I mean, seriously — it was *such* hard work passing time in between Meaghan’s 12.5 mile loops by basically bar hopping in between loops three and four. <wipes sweat from brow> But seriously, it was SO much fun seeing her pass each loop, giving her whatever she needed in the way of support — healthy bites (fueled by Healthy Bites woo!), gummy bears (so glad I packed those from Scott’s secret stash!), refilling her gatorade, handing her love notes to read along the course and shouting words of encouragement as she jetted off for the next go-round. Jo and I were seriously working hard as can be in this pic, hmm? (note the photo bomb by a certain #teamsutera member…)

It similar running related news — I’m scarily excited to run intervals tomorrow morning. Now that I’ve gone into totally unstructured territory with  my running, and because I have much less time to dedicate to running lately, I gotta make every single one count (#makeitcount!). Plus, I’ve neglected speed work for so long that it’s oddly fun to get to that puketastic/sweatastic point. While I DO miss endurance running, I know I’ll get back to that in a couple weeks once things settle down at the Sutera Manor (more on this later), for now — quick and dirty is the way to go (TWSS). Let’s hope I feel this way post-workout in the am. 😉 (I’ll report back, don’t you worry)

Speaking of endurance…ya’ll have to quit running marathons and writing such inspiring race day recaps. It’s making me want to run another marathon. Wait, I didn’t say that…ohhhh but I did. NO news (yet) buuuut #teamsutera is definitely mulling it over just a teensy bit. Not gonna lie. #arewecrazy #maybebutwhatelseisnew #notcommitting #runsimplyisourmantra

“Me dinner” nights are frickin’ tasty occurrences up in here. Tonight’s dinner was jammed full of veggies, apparently my body was majorly craving them given this ‘kitchen sink’ style stir fry I whipped up. In it you’ll spy: mushrooms, summer squash, yellow beans, tomatoes, chicken sausage (woops, that’s not a veggie) and mashed sweet potato with plain greek yogurt stirred in. I’m pretty sure as soon as I took this pic, my plate was clean. #hungryhorrors up in here.

In other foodie news — pretty sure this will be happening shortly: a red velvet ‘cupcake’ made with red velvet cake mix and a can of pumpkin stirred in. Two ingredients — ridiculously tasty and equally ridiculously low calorie (approx. 150 cals in this sucker…a titch more if you add a tsp of melty nutella on top like mine will have tonight…). 

And because I can’t get enough of barre n9ne — my #b94lyf gush-fest of the night? I am way, way, way too excited to be teaching a heck of a lineup of classes this week due to some subbing I offered up, y’know because I’m such a team player and all. 😉 I’m in the studio every single day this week except for tomorrow. I kinda love it. (and don’t worry, I will not be running a lot this week; nor am I taking any classes this week — teaching a ton means pulling back in other areas so as not to burn myself out…remember: balance is good. I loooove balance.)

Hmm. Apparently I had more to say than I thought. This may not be the most organized or theme-driven posts of all but it still follows my blogging personality quite nicely — goofy, honest, real and still with intention, per the usual. 😉

(here’s to #1 of___ to come?)

25 thoughts on “Ruminations (#1 of…)

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love this post!

    (1) You guys were INSTRUMENTAL in my success Saturday. You have NO idea how much you helped; knowing you were going to be there motivated me through every loop. Honestly.

    (2) Oh yes, you’re doing another marathon. I now have your husband on my side. Muah ha ha.

    (3) You look SO FIT. Honestly, you look so awesome!!! I’m jeaaaaaaaaaallooouuusss!

    (4) You want to come over and cook for me? Okaygood.

    Love you!

    • 1) you nailed that 50 miler all on your own my dear. we #runsherpas were just along for the ride…clearly based on our extracurricular activities while you were running your ass off LOL

      2) ummmm the hubs is on your side?? how did I miss this little factoid. Uh ohhhh 😉

      3) YOU look so fit my dear — hell, your body just allowed you to run 50 frickin’ MILES. And you didn’t die! And you just came back from injury barely six months ago. I’m jealous of YOUR strength my friend, seriously. #glitterandperfume

      4) I’d love to cook for you. Come on ovah anytime 😉

  2. hee hee. I love the random thoughts posts. #runsherpa duties are no joke! But sounds like you guys did a fantastic job. Another marathon, eh? That’s why I have to stop reading the race recaps because next thing I know, I’ll be signing up for one too!

    • Even I was surprised at the randomness of this post, hehe. The way my mind works… 😉

      As for the marathon, who knows what or where we’ll wind up next but we’re both sort of mulling it over for now. Nothing at all has been decided, that much I can divulge!

    • Meaghan ran a killer race and we were just happy to be there to experience a teeny portion of it with her. SO so proud 🙂
      and ps these cupcakes are super yummy…but couldn’t possibly be as tasty as the cupcakes and other yummy ‘things’ you post on your blog, that much I can guarantee!!

  3. I am SO WITH YOU on reading race recaps and immediately wanting to sign up for another marathon! The inspiration and running envy I get is insane! But, I know that when the time is right, I will be back to training. For now, I am focusing on other areas and my half in Feb.

    Oh and that cupcake picture whispered sweet nothings in my ear 🙂

    • Right?? SO darn inspiring, every single time!!
      I agree with you though — when the time is right, IF the time is right, we’ll commit to 26.2 again. For now, I’m happy running simply, you know?
      (that cupcake is so so surprisingly yummy I promise!)

  4. Love the snippets of your brain, sis! I rocked those intervals this morning, and it was the only way to make peace with that damn mill, I just gotta say. But I’m glad I did it, and you’re right, it makes you feel bad ass! Sherpa’ing IS no joke, even though we had plenty of fun and er, drinks, between laps hehe. #twistmyarm. Marathon ruminations? You didn’t consult your sherpa, helloooo, loop me in ;-P #selfishlymissrunningwithyoubutimnotrunningamarathondontmakeme



    • Yes I know, I DO need to always consult my personal runsherpa before making any running related decisions, HOW could I forget this #runsherpa rule?? 😉
      In all seriousness sis, don’t worry — IF we were to take the plunge again, you’d be the first to know….and that’s a very big IF at this point!

  5. I absolutely love that you got to be there for Meaghan! It’s so wonderful when you see someone with such a passion like hers. And you’ll get back to the long runs when you’re really ready. I think it’s probably good to change it up a little bit right now. So much going on for you guys

    • It was SO awesome to be there for her — you would’ve loved it!!

      And you’re right…a lot going on for both of us right now so its actually really good that we are keeping our running simple for now. Focus is good. (and my body thanks me, injury-free and hoping to stay that way!)

  6. Such a thoughtful way to cheer on your friend by handing her notes to read!!

    As a reader I definitely can feel a second marathon coming your way—and glad you are thinking about it already (not even a month post marathon–aren’t you still sore?!). Is Scott into marathon/running as much as you are?

    Have a nice day 🙂

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