Trust His Timing.

In the words of Joel Osteen:

Trust His Timing. 

#teamsutera has been waiting patiently. Hoping and praying for a peek around the corner in our path together — but lately, we’ve been particularly focused on the bend in the road on Scott’s path. As so many of you know, Scott found himself unemployed for a second time, and this time it stung a lot more — being pulled away from a job that he is so passionate about has been nothing short of heartbreaking for him…and for me, the wifey, the one who has tried to put on the strong, supportive face when really, all this wifey wanted to do was curl up in a ball, cry and yell out “it’s not fair!”

But instead, we both took a step back…remembering that thing called faith. The need to blindly trust that our paths would become clear for both of us. And in the meantime, we were blessed with a new job for me, one that inspires me and brings new life to my ‘day job’ while I still have the freedom to continue to pursue my ‘other job’ as a barre n9ne instructor.


And just as we were both settling into the notion of Scott being unemployed for the long haul — His timing became clear to us. Just like that. And this week? Scott stepped back through the front door of the school he taught at last year. He’s back doing what he loves — teaching munchkins the skills and tools they’ll need to grow up to be smart, intuitive, and eager young adults. And when I say ‘munchkins’ I mean it — this year he’ll be teaching first and soon enough, third grade. I have to giggle at the thought — every time I think of Scott in front of the first (or third) grade classroom, all I can think about is Kindergarten Cop, hehe. 😉

But back to my point here — Trust His Timing. Never doubt. And most of all, do not fear the unknowns in life. It’s become very clear to me lately that it’s the unknowns in our days, weeks, months and years that wind up being the most rewarding, worth-the-wait, twists and turns in our paths.

And now…because I can’t help myself: is he *not* the cutest elementary school teacher you’ve ever seen?? ❤

47 thoughts on “Trust His Timing.

  1. YAY SCOTT! What an encouraging read. What a great reminder of timing and knowing that God is always in control and he has paved a path for us. Puts a smile on my face 🙂
    CONGRATS #teamsutera!

    • He is always in control. Always. Easy to forget, far too easy. But these past few weeks proved to me, yet again, that He is in control even when I don’t fully ‘see’ it, He’s always working behind the scenes. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • It’s AWESOME seeing him off to work every day, a smile on his face and his lunch bag packed with yummy treats made by the wifey 🙂

      I wish you all the best in the situation you’re going through — keep the faith strong!

  2. You guys are awesome. I love the unconditional support and love you have for each other…clearly through thick & thin. That is what love is all about! Wish all the best to your cute teacher hubby 🙂

    • Aww! Thank you! We work very hard to always support eachother, to be one team, #teamsutera, always — and to just love the heck out of eachother as much as we can. I’m so glad that you can see that in how I write about our relationship. I’m very proud of it, if you haven’t noticed 🙂

  3. Yay!! I am so so so glad faith once again, held strong, and brought forth such an amazing opportunity for Scott. The wait was worth it in spades!! He is an awesome, gifted teacher, and he will teach those first and third graders better than ever, his passion shines through! So so proud. And when I got this news in Mexico, I think that made the week even better, though it made me wish SO MUCH that you two were with us and we could celebrate! (but also good timing that you were NOT there, so you could get the good news!!). XO!

    • It meant the world that you called all the way from Mexico to hear the story — I totally didn’t expect you to interrupt your vacation for us, hehe. But thank you — for everything these past few months while we waited and waited and worried and worried. You (and M) were always right there when we needed the support, the encouragement, the distraction most of all. You guys are the best. Thank you for that, all of it. xo.

  4. Congrats to Scott, so very happy for you both! I do not even know Scott, but I am sure those kiddos are very very lucky to have him as a teacher!

    • Aww thank you friend — so much, especially for all of your countless words of support and encouragement these past few months. You have no idea how helpful your words have been…and how watching your ‘wifey’ skills grow and flourish has only made me aspire to be the phenomenal and loving wifey that you are to my own husband. You are amazing. That is all.

  5. First, CONGRATS on the gig. Amazing.

    Second, I really needed to hear his words today, thank you for being so open and sharing.

    I am in a period where having patience for his plan is harder than I thought. I am praying for the strength to release my own timeline and believe in his.

    Thank you again for this!

    • Ohhhh so, so glad the “Trust His Timing” message came to you when you were needing it most. I hope whatever it is that you’re waiting on comes to fruition sooner versus later — I know all too well how hard not being able to see around the bend in that path can be. Stay strong friend, xo as always!

  6. Trusting your path and not getting overwhelmed by the unknown is definitely a lesson well learned in our house. There is no straight line for us, so really just learning patients and willingness to go with the flow have been big lessons learned in our household. I’m so happy for Scott! Congratulations to your family!

    • You are absolutely right — there is no straight line in life, right? The curvier the path, the better — always leads to something pretty amazing, I must say.

      Thank you friend, we are overjoyed!

  7. I meant to comment the other day, friend. I’m so sorry I’m so behind. A huge congratulations to Scott! (Totally wrote Scoot. lol Which could fit…he is an elementary school teacher now. ;)) So glad things are working out for him…everything happens for a reason. I totally believe there’s always a reason.

    • hahah ‘scoot’

      you are so cute — I am still so darn proud of him, had so much fun packing his lunch for tomorrow. He’s the cutest elementary school teacher, I can’t stand it!

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