Lunchtime love-fest

Soooo — I’ve been working from home the past couple of days (our office is moving to a new location next week) which has given me the chance to try some new lunch combos since I have my kitchen at my disposal.

Before I divulge my lastest lunchtime love-fest with you all, I have one very serious message to send you all today:

I am such a firm believer in healthy, whole, real foods whenever possible. This wasn’t always the case (perhaps a post for another day — my food journey?) of course, but for the past couple of years especially my approach to eating has been simple. No diets. No quick fixes. Just hard work and really, REALLY yummy food — that just so happens to be very healthy, whole and real. So that’s my wise words of wisdom for you today:

Skip the diet. Just eat Healthy.
(can I get an ‘amen’ to that please??)

ANYWAY. The point of this post — the lunch I’ve been obsessed with this week. It’s been a total lunchtime love-fest. Have devoured it the past two days and I do believe I’ll be making it a three-peat today. It is just TOO GOOD.

Annnnnd voila:

This is the most delicious savory and sweet combo I’ve tried to date. What I did:
– Toasted two pieces of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread (I love the chewy, nutty texture of this bread, and the nutritionals are amazing, packed with protein and fiber!)
– Spread the toasted bread with one laughing cow wedge (trust me on this)
– Fried up one whole egg
– Added fresh spinach and sliced tomato
– Plus a side of juicy honeydew melon and blackberries

And there you have it — the most ridiculous lunch I’ve made in awhile. I was literally sad when I took the last bite. Which is why I made it again the next day. 😉

So my two tidbits for you today: A killer (and so easy) lunchtime recipe *and* some words of wisdom — no diets, just healthy, real, whole foods. Get after it, friends! Own your health!! 


28 thoughts on “Lunchtime love-fest

  1. I fully support your use of laughing cow cheese on that sandwich! When I was still eating gluten, I’d make turkey sandwiches with raisin bread. So good. Love the savory/sweet combo!

    • Laughing cow cheese FTW! This was the best sandwich ever — and wow, I have NEVER thought to throw turkey in there, that’s an excellent idea! I may be using this next week for lunch, thanks to you!

    • I kind of thought you might like this lunch — we have very similar taste buds I’ve noticed!!

      And thank you SO much for the encouraging words about Scott’s job — you are so right, God’s timing is SO SO good. We are feeling very blessed right now.

  2. Serious yum! I’ve been digging the savory sweet thing lately too….egg sammy made with slightly sweetened pancakes is my current fave 🙂

    Love that food philosophy and I really share it with you. I know that as Americans we have it pounded into our brains to count calories and eat “diet” food….but I’ve been the most healthy, fit, and balanced since I just stopped trying so hard and started eating real food!

    Cheers—have a fab Friday my friends 🙂

    • I’ve been digging that combo too — and TONS of eggs. I don’t know why but I’ve totally been gravitating towards them! OMG pancakes as the bread in a sammy?? You are a genius!!

      Cheers to you too my fab and fit friend — virtual cheers in a few hours, mmk? 😉

  3. so what you’re saying is you want to be my personal chef? Oh phew, because it would be sad times if that WASNT what this post was trying to say.

    Love this message! And love YOU!

  4. I live really close to my work, so I am lucky enough to come home everyday and make lunch. Eggs are my go to. This pic is made me drool when you posted it on instagram! That’s my kinda meal!
    One of my favorite combos is a fried egg with pesto and tomatoes. YUM! 🙂

  5. I love that we both have a crazy sandwich habit going on – this one looks GOOD. and another coincidence – before we went out last night Jason was hungry so I made him an egg wrap – microwaved the egg, spread a laughing cow wedge on a wrap, then topped it with egg and spinach. he loved it (and was surprised by the microwaving egg…) 😉

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