When the “Universe” speaks.

I find it really ironic that my last post talked about my inability to embrace downtime. Since I wrote that post, I’ve had legit zero downtime. Just a crazy, crazy week on all fronts – work, barre n9ne, social time at night. All very WORTH IT activities in my days, but just entirely jammed into my week this week for some reason. Sort of like world’s colliding or something.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized something:

The “Universe” spoke to me.
(and by “Universe” I really mean “God”)

Man, He has quite the sense of humor, I must say.

I do believe He’s using this crazy busy week to force me to stay ‘in’ the moment AND to remind me just how valuable (and rare) downtime is.

So that’s what I’m doing over here.  I’m staying ‘in’ the moment.

#everytime I teach a barre n9ne class – I’m staying ‘in’ that moment, making sure my clients get the best workout possible.

Every moment spent with the cutest niece ever and my two sisters during ‘sister dinner’ last night – I sat back and tried to relish those moments vs. rushing through them or allowing myself to get distracted, worrying that I ‘should’ be using the hours after work more ‘wisely.’ (i.e. doing chores and things around the house that have been neglected the past few days.) 

(side note: This was probably the most memorable sister dinner yet, Isabel is the most loving, cuddly, kind and fun little girl ever. I adore her, everything about her…but especially how she says “hi aunTIE” (with a cute lilt to her voice) when she sees me.)

Every ‘me’ workout I can (safely) fit in this week, I’m making it count. Intervals one day, a 6 miler on the treadmill the next day (where I pushed it for that last mile, knowing I had it in me to go just a wee bit farther — and stepped off that treadmill proud, and very sweaty). Embracing the miles versus dreading them or forcing them. #makeitcount

The spare minutes I’ve had with Scott this week – and remembering to hug him just a little bit tighter this week, since our ‘us’ time has been extremely minimal (which all changes tonight during our midweek ‘date night’ – I’m sensing an epic ‘rummy wars’ battle on the agenda…along with ample amounts of wine).

Disconnecting – and not worrying that I’m ‘missing out’ on something. I have barely read a single blog post this week.
…and I’m not apologizing for that.

Because guess what? When the “Universe” speaks…it’s time to listen.


30 thoughts on “When the “Universe” speaks.

    • Right, it’s a difference between filling my days/nights with things that I don’t love vs. filling them with things that I adore…and not filling them without intent, if that makes sense.

  1. with social media and technology being FAR too available, it’s incredibly difficult to stay in the moment. You (the general you) have that tendency to always be looking at your phone, checking texts, emails, FB, Twitter, etc. And in reality, what you’re really missing out on is the important moments happening around you. Case in point at sister dinner last night. You will have FAR more awesome memories of that night, bc you stayed in the moment, rather than being only half present. It’s so so so important to disconnect, and focus on the present; I’m proud of you for doing just that. Love you.

    • Absolutely right my friend — it is WAY WAY WAY too easy to let everything and anything steal your focus which then steals the joy right out of little moments like sister / niece dinner the other night. It was truly an incredibly perfect night and not for any other reason than it was filled with memories and moments. Not scattered or disconnected because I was way too connected to social media. It’s NOT easy to break that habit but the more I do it, the more I’m seeing how much more fulfilling my days are, you know? love you TOO!!

  2. Universe has a snarky sense of humor, no? I feel the same way this week, obviously, zero M time, zero time for much at night with a lot that just happened to be scheduled. But I am SO GLAD we did not move our sister dinner. It was one of my favorite nights ever together as sisters. I particularly loved her running-into-our-arms hugs and when she kissed Scott’s nose 😉 so cuuuuuuute!!

    • VERY snarky sense of humor, you’re right! Buuuut it was a lesson I needed to both see and hear and take to heart. So I’m glad He spoke to me in the way that he did. Needed.
      PS I LOVED when Isabel kissed Scott on the nose, cutest moment ever ❤

  3. Yup, you just gotta go with the universe when she gives you a big hint 🙂
    I’m all about that… it takes practice to be in the moment, but it’s sure worth it. I love reading other people’s (your) reminders about stuff like this, because it’s just reinforcement.
    And really, if sister dinner is not at the top of the to do and enjoy list, what the heck could be?

    • Right?? Huge ass hint right in front of my nose, seriously!

      It is about reinforcement and just plain ‘ol practice. And the more I’ve done this, the happier it’s made me. Because you know what? Sister dinner IS on the top of that list, and always should be, it’s about moments and memories with loved ones, more and more I’m embracing this as the ‘right’ to-do list for me.

  4. Love this! Yes! #makeitcount! (where I pushed it for that last mile, knowing I had it in me to go just a wee bit farther — and stepped off that treadmill proud, and very sweaty). Embracing the miles versus dreading them or forcing them. #makeitcount

  5. LOVE that you got to spend time with your sisters and your little lady! (They get to be so much fun around her age especially. They’re in the not-a-big-kid-yet-but-now-I-can-really-show-my-affection-and-personality-and-know-what-I’m-doing stage. Haha. They’re still cute, cuddly, and squishy…but they interact so much more. It’s perfect.)

    Miss you, friend!

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