We let the run come to us.

“Let the run come to you.” 

The best piece of running advice I’ve ever received.
(smooches, Meaghan!)

And actually pretty awesome words that can apply to a lot more than just running — insert whatever word you like in that phrase and you might surprise yourself with how profound it actually comes out. (could be a pretty awesome game of madlibs, if I do say so myself…) <—a post for another day, perhaps. 

So after a crazy, chaotic, FULL week this past week, both Scott and I really needed one of those ‘releasing’ runs. The kind of run where you just kind of go, leaving it all out on the road as the miles tick by.

Releasing stress.
Releasing anxiety.
Releasing thoughts.

Saturday’s run gave us exactly what we were both looking for. It was a brisk 30 degrees, bright sunshine and crisp blue skies. A perfect fall morning. We bundled up for the first time this season in our winter running gear and I actually looked forward to that. I kinda dig my running tights more this year for some reason.

So off we went — #teamsutera — bundled up, well-rested and ready to surrender to the run. About halfway through I realized we had barely spoken a word to one another — other than the occasional “good morning” to walkers and runners we passed along the way. And I was totally ok with the silence. Hearing our feet shuffle through the leaves, the wind rushing past our faces. It was so invigorating. So connecting. And yet somehow also very emotional. I don’t know why, but ever since marathon training, running has such an emotional undertone to it for me. Releasing…but also very cleansing.

And when all was said and done, we rounded that familiar bend towards home and I felt a surge of emotion — a joyful calmness. On Saturday, we let the run come to us. And it was a beautiful thing. 


24 thoughts on “We let the run come to us.

  1. Beautiful post.. Running has a way about it, that can just make everything right in the world. I’m so happy you were able to have such an amazing run; by just clearing your head, being in the moment, and feeling thankful for the ability to be out there. Love you.

    • It absolutely DOES have that affect on things doesn’t it? Even the ‘bad’ runs still somehow put a positive slant on the world…perhaps that’s a bit of run-amnesia thrown in, but still — running for me is such a spiritual and mental thing for me way more so than physical now. I love the cleansing, centering effect it has on me…and this run was one of the top tens in the ‘cleansing’ category of runs, I must say! Love YOU!

  2. I LOVE this post! So, I’m toying with the idea of training for a half. My biggest fear is not so much that I can’t do it, but will I still love running if I push myself. Then I decided that pushing wasn’t the answer for me. I just get out there and start running. I have fallen deeply in love with running and I figure if I just “let it come to me”, as you said, and take it at my own pace/time, I will continue to love it. Not to say I don’t push myself a little bit, but I am definitely being smart about it too.

    I really love the perspective you put on things. You always seem to inspire me with your words. Thank you!

    • I am SO SO SOOOOO with you on this approach to training for a race of any distance — I would hate to see you steal the joy right out of running by placing too many rules, numbers, restrictions, etc., on your miles. Just run, slowly build up your endurance each week and be proud of each and every milestone along the way. You can totally train for this thing without having an UBER structured approach and I think you’d do just fine on a race day — because you would be in the right headspace mentally which to me is WAY more important than physical ‘space’ if that makes sense. Hang on to this approach my friend, it’ll serve you well I promise!!! I LOVE how much you are loving running!!!

  3. Right now, I’m not training for anything… and I’m LOVING that! It’s just me and trail, and it doesn’t matter what my time looks like, my milage, it just matter how good it feels! I’m glad you could just enjoy your run this weekend 🙂

  4. Love this sis!! That advice is still my favorite too 🙂 We ran in silence most of our run on Saturday too and I wasn’t realizing it for awhile either. It was such a pretty day, even though it was so cold! Love that you are embracing each and every run even more intently than before. Good shift of focus, value each and every run and workout!

  5. Love this and totally get the emotional undertone and releasing effect of running. I feel like it’s been similar for me since I’ve started running again. It’s been more about just movement and energy and freedom and cleansing for me which I love love love.

    • I am SO glad you’ve gotten back to your running ways, post-injury! I’ve been meaning to tell you that for what feels like forever now…am SO behind on your blog!! The cleansing, freeing feeling that comes with running? A beautiful gift, isn’t it?

    • Aww thank you friend! I totally agree – running IS at its most beautiful when its silent present and peaceful (to steal your words). No need to track mileage, distance, speed, or anything else. Just run. And enjoy the ride.

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