Guess what? 
…even I need a kick in the ass sometimes to get my workout in. 

Shocking, I know. 😉

But seriously, this brings up a very valid point — accountability can be a huge motivator. HUGE. So today, I’m here to tell you how to find that accountability, harness it, and get that workout in. In three very easy steps. 

Step 1: b*tch and moan vent to your fit friend and sis about how much you really don’t want to get your run in after work. (while sitting in traffic on the way home, NOT texting while driving, I swear). Call your husband and do the very same thing. Only to hear: “I’ll motivate you, and you’ll motivate me, we’ll get it done.” (remember this, you’ll need to reference it in a sec). 

Step 2: Read the following text from the same fit friend and sis while filling up your gas tank (it’s really quite awesome to see your gas light come on while in traffic after a long day…am I the only one who hates filling their gas tank and always waits until the most inopportune time to fill it??)

photo (3)

Step 3: Call your husband back. Tell him you’re almost home and to get ready to work. His response: “I’m tired, maybe we should skip it.” <–what happened to motivating eachother?? My response: “Nope, we’re doing it. My run won’t take as long as your weight workout so get upstairs and get moving, I’ll be home soon.”

The result: 

photo (31)

Four sweaty miles, done. That’s all I really wanted — I didn’t care about how far I went, I just wanted to get a good sweat, feel that rush of endorphins and get my heart rate up. Something I desperately needed after WAY too much sitting at work all day.

And that my friends, is all it takes to stay accountable to your fitness goals. Three easy steps* is all it takes.

*Note: it also works well to post your workout intentions on Facebook or Twitter, then it’s out there for the world to see, and do you really want the ‘world’ to know you skipped out on that workout? 😉

23 thoughts on “Accountability.

  1. Accountability is huge!! Even when you just say it out loud or have your head set on it, you know you NEVER REGRET a workout when it’s done. You usually regret NOT doing it instead 😉 asslap sis (hate getting gas!! usually try to wait till I’m in the car and have M do it – princess…!)

    • That’s my favorite workout mantra: you will NEVER regret a workout (unless you’re silly and try to workout when injured, that’s a different story, hehe). Seriously, I would’ve felt such guilt if I skipped it just because I was tired. It actually had the opposite effect – woke me right up! Just what I needed to do.

    • Isn’t it the most annoying chore ever?? Speaking of, I better go get some tonight so I’m not stuck in this same situation en route to work tomorrow 😉

      And YES, it is a good thing we have eachother, we are eachother’s biggest support system!

  2. GO girl go! I’ve totally hit a slump and haven’t run in a few weeks now….BUT I did get into the NIke Women’s half marathon in April so training will begin again in January so can’t be unmotivated too much longer!

  3. It’s SO easy now that I’m a mom to say…I’m too tired (bc you really are…sleep is always lacking) and skip a workout. BUT if I tell myself just 15-20 minutes, I”ll usually end up doing an 40-60 minute workout. I just have to get myself started and then I typically get back in the swing of things! Great tips! WIll be using this later when I want to head to the gym after my hubs gets home!

    • I give you TONS of credit — of all of us, you have about five million more reasons NOT to workout and you’re still out there busting ass and that’s such an inspiration! I love it.

  4. Having accountability is the best. Unfortunately I am the one usually asking my friends to go on runs with me; I need someone who holds me more accountable!! And I am ALWAYS waiting to the very last minutes to fill up my gas tank… I drove with the gas light on for a day and a half last time… one day I’m sure I will pay for that and get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    • Having a running buddy can be a great way to stay accountable too — because you don’t want to let that person down by saying ‘just kidding, I don’t feel like running today’ — great tip!

      And um, HOW did you drive around for a day and a half with the gas light on?? I would’ve broken out in hives LOL

  5. I need gas in my car right now! I hate getting gas and since I drive most of the time, I’m normally the one filling it up. Also, I’m cheap and it’s so expensive to fill up the car. That means money down the drain in my book!

    I’m the motivation queen around here. I could workout any day at any time. It doesn’t matter what it is, I would be happy to do it. I love that Tony works out with me now! Workout buddies are the best! I’m glad you found your mojo!

    • Ha, sounds like you need someone to DE-motivate you sometimes so you don’t wind up working out too much just because you love it. I sometimes have that problem too — but can you guess who’s my rest-day accountability guru? Yup, the hubs. He’s great for that 🙂

    • it totally does — and then you’ve put it out there so who wants to say ‘hey everyone, great advice but I didn’t end up working out afterall’ ya know? seems silly but it totally works!

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