Don’t waste a second.

<Warning: this post is dripping with sap, proceed accordingly, hehe>

If I could sum up this weekend, it would be with this phrase in mind: Don’t waste a second.

You see, I used to hear that phrase, and I’d think that it meant living each day cramming as much into each hour, minute and second as I could possibly muster. But after reading this “Striking Truth” in my inbox last week, it’s been sitting in the back of my mind, just urging me to read, re-read and internalize those words. Because now that I’ve let that concept sit for a bit, I see an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘don’t waste a second.

To me that phrase now signifies: making memories wherever and whenever possible.
…which is exactly what this weekend showed me.ย 

I kicked off the weekend celebrating what has been an incredible year for barre n9ne. The entire staff, plus Tanya (barre n9ne studio owner), went out to dinner to celebrate together. It was long overdue, and SUCH a fun night getting to finally catch up with everyone — and in ‘normal’ clothes vs. the workout gear we usually see eachother in! And I must say, we turned quite a few heads as we marched into Capital Grille, all twelve of us with Tanya in the lead. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Saturday was spent catching up with the hubs — which we both really needed after another busy, busy, busy week (a ‘good’ busy though, not chaotic-omg-can’t-breathe busy…).ย 

We got into the holiday spirit with a picnic for two in the living room while we decorated our house for the holidays.



Whipped up some yummy lettuce wraps (shrimp for me; chicken for Scott) for dinner, with ample amounts of wine (no shame)…andย salted caramel chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I nearly died after the first bite. ย Oh yes, I *did* ‘commit to the cookie.‘ Holy yum. <—and yes, I found the recipe on pinterest, go me!ย 



And rounded out the weekend with a chilly but puketastically awesome run on Sunday morning after a lazy morning spent in bed first. No alarm clock the ENTIRE weekend — it’s a beautiful (and rare) thing at the Sutera Manor these days.


So what this weekend taught me? That even the simplest moments, the most unplanned moments, are often the most wonderful reminders of how important it is to make memories whenever possible. I know this is such a sappy thing to say but seriously, life is so so so short — we’re meant to enjoy our days, versus spend them competing with ourself to be as busy and as productive as possible everyday. What does productivity prove anyway? Why prove anything at all?

Don’t waste a second friends, ever.ย 

35 thoughts on “Don’t waste a second.

  1. Making time for each other, friends, family, etc. is something that you will never regret, for a second!

    Your weekend sounds super festive. Tree is gorgeous.

    And a weekend without an alarm clock is the way to go!

  2. It’s so easy to make our busy-ness glamourous, when it fact, we are jsut cramming too much into a day. I’ve learned how amazing being organized can be, making my life simple. My weekend was spent spending a lot of time with my sweet husband, because that’s where my time is best spent!

    • RIGHT — being uber-busy can sound so glamourous and can make you feel ‘important’ but really, what’s the point? Life is TOO precious to just jam-pack your days away like that. In some cases, it can be good, but in many cases, pulling back can work wonders. At least that’s how I feel about it.

  3. I’ve heard you talk a lot about barre n9ne with so much enthusiasm that now I’m very curious. What is it exactly? I apologize if you have already posted an explanation. The place you teach at is somewhat near me and I know a barre place just opened up in Burlington. I’d love to know more about it.

    • No need to apologize! I could talk about barre n9ne for eons!! The studio is in Danvers (also one in Andover) and I teach there and just love it. You can read all about my love affair with barre n9ne here:

      I’d also be happy to exchange emails with you if you’re curious about coming to take a class, would love to ‘meet’ you!! (and yes, Pure Barre opened in Burlington, it’s a franchise – they have them all over the country; it’s somewhat similar to barre n9ne but we have our own slant on the whole barre workout ‘thing’ which I can totally fill you in on in an email if you like — too much to type here!)

  4. Your weekend sounds like a blissful harmony of fun, friends, love, sweat, and good eats. As we kick off month of a Holiday season, that sounds like a perfect weekend to have.
    And thanks for the introduction to “Striking Truth”

  5. could not have said it better and I am learning this more and more, especially with Hannah!! BTW…pinterest is dangerous, definitely don’t look at desserts when you are hungry OR have enough baking ingredients haha

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