A fit slant on gratitude

Here’s the scene:

Alarm clock blares at 5:09am.
I roll over and smash the ‘snooze’ button as fast as I can. 
I lay there and think: “man, I am *so* exhausted.”
Scott snuggled up and got a little too cozy for my liking…making me want to drift right back to sleep.
But then I thought about just how close my little gym is to me: it’s literally a staircase away. 
I promptly got up, threw on my shorts, sports bra, tank and sneakers and was ready to go. 


But what this morning’s workout *really* taught me?

To be grateful for the sheer fact that I literally have my workouts right at my fingertips. 
…not only do I have no excuse to skip that workout, but I am downright lucky to have such a luxury: a home gym complete with weights and a pull-up bar for Scott and a treadmill and TV for me. I fully realize that this is a luxury not to be taken for granted but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, in the height of a chaotic and busy but awesome week, I forget.

But not today. Today I am grateful. For a little thing like a treadmill and an episode of “Burn Notice” on-demand to keep me company for 5 (wicked sweaty) miles.

photo (2)

Now that I no longer work from home and have a commute to face most days, I have to work much harder to strike the right balance. Between teaching a lot more, a new work schedule that requires I manage my time better to get into the office when I need to and leave when I need to (most often to teach);  my ‘me’ workouts are fewer and farther between, something I’ve mentioned before. My run-time is sacred to me (as is the time I get to actually take a barre n9ne class here and there), albeit shorter, and now on the treadmill most days (‘cept for the weekends) — but I wouldn’t even have the luxury of run-time if I didn’t have that treadmill at home. I’m not a fan of running alone in the dark in the wee hours of the morning so running on the treadmill is where it’s at during the week. So I’ve learned to not only befriend the treadmill but to look forward to that me-time, that me-workout, and the luxury of doing it in my own home? A total blessing. 

So today I’m taking a moment to put a fit slant on gratitude.

It might sound like a miniscule thing to be grateful for but for someone who works hard to stay fit and LOVES working out, it means the world to me. (and trust me, there are loads more that I’m grateful for every single day beyond working out, I can promise you that!). Plus, I have so many loved ones in my life who simply do not have the luxury of a workout at their fingertips or the ability to fit one in whenever they want to, so I try very hard never to take for granted my schedule, my workouts, my time. It’s an invaluable thing — time — and I try to cherish it as much as I can.

And now I ask you: What are *you* grateful for today?

27 thoughts on “A fit slant on gratitude

  1. All I want for Christmas is a treadmill! I know that I have a better chance of getting struck by lightening;-)
    Love hearing of your gratitude. It inspires me to find my own. That even though I do not have the treadmill of my dreams, I DO have winter running gear and a safe neighborhood to run in. And I am ABLE (healthy) to get out on the pavement. Not to be taken for granted.

    • Ohhh I hope Santa brings you one!!!

      I LOVE your grateful heart too my friend, you are always writing and sharing with passion and joy, despite the recent hard few months you’ve had. I adore that quality in you. So much.

  2. This really resonated with me and I don’t think it’s a miniscule thing at all. And I think you are selling yourself short if you give credit to the treadmill you have in your house. I have a feeling you’d find a way to get it done no matter what – you are just that kind of person. Love it!

    • Aw friend, thank you — I guess maybe I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes?? Thank you for that reminder. BUT I’m not perfect and I’m pretty sure, as I mentioned to Christine, that I’d have skipped this particular run had the treadmill not been upstairs with my name on it 😉

  3. I agree with Amber – I think that you would have gotten it done no matter what. But I know what you mean about being grateful for the gym just down a flight of stairs. It is a blessing.

    • aww you guys are cute, thank you for saying so!! I guess maybe I would still get it done but getting it done when it’s freezing out and my husband is curled up next to me would be MUCH less appealing if I had to actually leave the house. I’m pretty sure some of my runs wouldn’t happen if I didn’t have the luxury of the treadmill upstairs, seriously.

  4. I’m *thiclose* to buying a treadmill for that exact reason. Although, knowing you, I’m sure you would have gotten the workout done regardless. I love love love how much gratitude and love is spewing from your posts lately; it’s incredibly inspiring. love you!

    • Ohhh friend, it’s TOTALLY worth it!!!

      And thank you friend, I’ve just been feeling very grateful and at peace with life right about now and it’s something I find easy to jot down because I want to share that joy with others, you know? (as cheesy as that sounds!!)

  5. Being grateful for a treadmill is a great thing! There is no better feeling than finishing an grueling workout, an hour of ME time… before the rest of the world wakes up! Massive props for finding time to fit it in, and making it a priority 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to have a house so I can have an in-home treadmill too!! It really does make a difference sometimes between a run…and not. Glad you are grateful for it sis 🙂

  7. You know what’s funny? I’m working from home 100% now and I thought I’d have so much extra time to fit in my workouts but I am finding that I have less time because I work longer hours. I don’t have a home gym per say but I am grateful to have my bike trainer and TRX that I still jump on in between meetings or if I even have a little down time.

    • Ohh girl, you must fix this. Carve out time at home for YOU. Just because you now work from home doesn’t mean you should be working from the moment you wake-up to the moment you fall asleep at night. Make time for YOU!!

  8. Ah, that moment of “do I go back to sleep, or snuggle w/ the man and the dog.” But how absolutely amazing you feel after a morning workout makes you get your warm buns out of bed.

    Seriously, the post-workout pics, and you look GOOD! I look like such a pink hot mess:(

    I love finding a good show on the treadmill – definitely helps. I am sucker for crappy reality shows – don’t judge:)

    • That moment is BRUTAL is it not?? But once I’m up, I’m golden — it’s just the peeling myself out of the nice warm cozy cocoon that’s the hard part. 😉

      Ha, I really don’t FEEL like I look good after I workout, but I DO like to show some sweaty pics to prove just how good sweat can feel, I LOVE sweat, hehe

      PS no judging here 😉

    • Isn’t gratitude a beautiful thing? especially when it’s gratitude related to the sheer ability to MOVE and to stay active. I love how much energy you have and the passion you show for ABLENESS (not a word, but I kinda like it).

    • Aww I love that you describe my heart as thankful…I try so hard to not be one of those that run through life taking blessings for granted. And yes, I count the ability to own a treadmill a blessing because it signifies ability, something I am also very grateful for, in every shape and form it takes.

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  10. I need to be more grateful for the workout room I have now that we’re in a bigger house. I have plenty of tools I need to get what I need to get done…done. I have to admit, though, that most days, I’ve been giving in to the cuddle…bed is so much more comfortable. Haha. I am, however, going to start taking advantage of my tools and do some barre…hehe.

    Love this. 🙂

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