Hills + Speed (er, sprints) = FUN

So I’m titling this post: Hills + Speed (er, sprints) = FUN. 

But really, the title *should* be: The workout where my ass fell off. 

Seriously — if you EVER need to get your ass literally handed to you, just talk to my fit and fab friend Meaghan who happens to be my running idol and one of my dearest friends (reason #3,478 why I love blogging: ‘finding’ friends like Meaghan who I’d NEVER have met if I never started blogging to begin with…)

This was our text exchange midway through my workout this morning:


And this was what I looked like when all was said and done:

photo (3)

What you can’t quite see in that pic is just how sweaty I am — particularly my hair: I. Was. Drenched.
…and exhausted

But deliriously high from the rush of the endorphins this workout gave me. For real, it was KILLER. But I managed to keep my promise to Meaghan — I had FUN with the workout even though it was quickly kicking my ass. And you know what? That, to me, is what working out *should* be about, bottom line: having fun.

Sure, we all have goals for ourselves when it comes to our own physical fitness and those goals come in many shapes, forms and sizes. But honestly? Setting hard and fast goals aside can be such a liberating thing and can be just the reminder you may need to get your ‘mojo’ back. At least that’s what I’ve been LOVING lately — having fun with my workouts, not focusing on any real goals other than staying as fit as I can while having as much FUN as I can. And making as many fitdates as I can fit into my schedule (something I’ve been failing at miserably lately, but I’m determined to fix this in the new year!). 

While I’m not going to share every last detail of what this workout looked like (since it was Meaghan’s creation, I think it’s only fitting that she share it if she so chooses…maybe if you ask nicely, she’ll post about it soon, hehe #peerpressure), I will share what it felt like:

The warm-up was fun, nice easy pace and it shook the cobwebs out (fighting off some weird sniffly thing over here, bah #notsicknotsick)
The first set was all about hills mixed with speed. There were SIX (very intense) rounds with tonnnnns of incline work.
The second set was all about speed, speed, speed. Sprinting FAST, but not so fast that form suffered. My core is now killing me from focusing on my form so much during this set (it also didn’t help that I taught arms & abs last night at the studio, heh)
The final set was a mix of moderate speed mixed with a small hill. I needed this set, like whoa.

In all? I managed to kick out 6 miles of INTENSITY all before 6:30am this morning. If THAT doesn’t make you feel badass, nothing will I’ve decided. 

And on that note — I’m off to find my ass, it fell off somewhere around mile 3 or 4 during that first set… 😉

26 thoughts on “Hills + Speed (er, sprints) = FUN

    • Seriously, I should have KNOWN to expect nothing less than an ass-falling-off workout when it comes from you my dear. KILLER!!! But I really did love it AND I promise I really did have fun 😉
      Love you!!

  1. haha. Love that expression – your ass fell off. That IS badass! And you managed it all before 6:30am. Is it’s wrong that I can’t wait to be able to do more hills and speed work??

    • Isn’t it awesome? That was a Meaghan phrase for sure — I can’t take any credit there, hehe. I will say this is THE most badass I’ve ever felt on a treadmill before in my life LOL

      It’s not wrong at ALL to be excited for the day you can start hill/speedwork again!! Love it!

  2. Since getting pregnant and having a baby, workouts have ALL been about fun and what feels good. Pregnancy really showed me how to slow down and feel every movement and what it was doing for me. Now I make the most of my workouts, HAVE FUN, and really listen to what it is exactly my body is craving. If it’s REST, I take it, if it’s a TOUGH workout I do it, if it’s stretch and yoga…I answer the calling. This is what has made me feel AMAZING as of late! Loving it! Glad you got in a good sweat!

    • Ohh I love your perspective on this my friend — it IS about making yourself feel great, depending on what your body is telling you it needs on a given day. To me, that’s what fitness is all about. Not how hard or fast or how many goals you crush, but how much fun you have and how much you learn to embrace your body and listen to it that makes all the difference. Go you!

  3. I want my a$$ to fall off too!! LOLOL! This workout looks insane, but awesome. I need to work up to it 🙂 nicely done sis! and nicely done Meaghan, well played 😉

  4. That workout sounds brutal, I do not even know if my body would be able to send a text during that workout without the phone falling off the treadmill! Good job!!

    • Haha I had a break in between sets (self-imposed break) and had to text Meaghan to whine about how much her workout was kicking my ass. There was nobody else around to tell and figured only SHE would appreciate it haha 😉

    • Seriously, I wish I grabbed the duct tape this morning – the longer I sit at my desk at work, the more sore I am. My ass has literally fallen off, I swear. 😉

      But seriously, good LUCK on your race this Sunday, the course sounds fairly brutal if you ask me!

    • It’s ADDICTIVE isn’t it??
      Totally agree — why do it if you don’t love it and aren’t having fun, that’s the best once you find that ‘thing’ that gives you the best of both — a killer workout, sweatfest AND a good time all rolled into one <–spoken like a true fitgeek 😉

  5. I did a hilly tempo run last night, and while I was sucking air thru the whole 4 miles, I felt AWESOME when I was done! And you are right….that’s where the love of running comes into play. And why we keep coming back for more 🙂
    Great job lady!

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