2013: both big and small

Why hello, 2013 — it’s nice to see you. It’s sort of a nice to think of you as a fresh slate, new beginnings, with lots of wondering what will be around the next bend in our paths. But on the other hand, I’m also looking forward to a little bit less…change.

This past year was a pretty big year of ‘no limits’ — of letting go of preconceived boundaries and just going for it. And ‘going for it’ we (‘we’ as in #teamsutera) did, huh? Two job changes, lots of ups and downs for the hubs on the job front too, the introduction of one of my favorite jobs – as instructor at barre n9ne — all while spending a giant portion of our year training for our first marathon. All of this change has been GOOD and NEEDED and WELCOMED change — but with change comes lots of upheaval, lots of embracing un-routine, and lots of thinking, wondering, waiting — all of  which has required patience and endless faith.

Like I said, 2012 was a pretty awesome year in many ways — but it was also an exhausting year. Let me be honest, #teamsutera is tired. It almost feels like 2012 was one giant marathon (both literal – ha, and figurative) and we’re coming down from that looooong training high.

Over dinner the other night, Scott and I got to talking about 2013 and we both agreed — while we’re both huge fans of goals, we’re looking at 2013 a little differently. While we’re both in that ‘think big’ mindset which runs through all that we do — it’s who we are, really — we’re both ready to embrace the little things this year, little moments, little victories. Being more present, even more intention-driven and yes, a little bit less hard-and-fast goal driven.

It might sound like an oxymoron to you, but it makes perfect sense to me — for 2013, we’re both thinking big *and* small.  Now don’t let me fool you, the ‘big’ and ‘small’ will take many forms, this much I can guarantee — it’s how we roll, am I right?? 😉 But 2013: Can you get on board with this mission of ours please? We’d both greatly appreciate it. 😉

Cheers friends, make 2013 your own, mmk?


28 thoughts on “2013: both big and small

  1. LOVE this approach heading into 2013. It ALL matters. big, small, everything in between. it’s easy to lose sight of that when trying to come up with some grandiose focus for the year, and instead, you’ve chosen to focus on it all, but in pieces, so you can really appreciate and enjoy it all. Not a moment to be passed by. Love!

  2. Happy new year. Great post, it’s the small things that can make life be wonderful. I’ve decided to make some big changes today. I was chatting with friends and I’m going to move jobs. I can’t do the night work and long hours anymore. I’m done, it’s not worth the extra money. I’m doing up my cv tomorrow and sending it out. Will keep you posted. I’m hoping with my new job I’ll have more balance in my life with nights and weekends off.

    • I am SO happy you are going into the new year with the goal of finding a job that will give you better balance. You SO deserve that my friend. Sending you lots of good energy and good vibes heading into 2013!

  3. *sigh* I love this. I have been appreciating the little things this last year, as a distraction from the big (ugly) things. I learned to slow down, just breathe, and take some me time when I could.

    I am hopeful for a positive year this year, and I will be embracing and celebrating big and small! cheers!

    • I know you’ve had such a rough year my friend — I am glad that despite that, you DID find the time to slow down and to enjoy and embrace the little joys along the way in between the big and ugly things. I am hopeful for your year too my friend, sending you lots of love!

  4. Sometimes it’s easier to get caught up in accomplishing the *big* goals, that we forget about the little moments. I’m glad you and your husband are going to take some time from the exhausting year of 2012 🙂

    • This is very true, and last year was definitely one of those ‘big goal’ years for me so I’m more than ready for some smaller, more focused intentions for 2013, that’s for sure 🙂

  5. I love this! We were somewhat on the same page (yet again). I need to slow down and take the time to learn and live a little more. Goals are great, but sometimes you need to schedule in a goal that lets you chill the heck out. We can’t go balls to the wall all the time!!

    • I’m shocked by this, really 😉
      You are absolutely right — there is no need to go balls to the wall all the time, even if we WANT to, there’s really no need. Time to chill out a bit and just enjoy this life we’ve built for ourselves, right?

  6. I too had a chat with J last night about intentions for 2013, and what we want for ourselves, and our relationship. It feels so good to lay it on the table and talk about it in a realistic way with your loved ones. We’re dropping resolutions this year, and setting intentions/affirmations instead. Feels more positive and inspiring to me! Great post, lady! And a happy happy New Year : )

    • Isn’t it awesome to have that chat with your man and to totally be on the same page with it? I love that for you guys!!
      I love the focus on intentions and affirmations vs. goals and rules and things. GREAT spin on the usual resolutions!

  7. Happy New Year, friend. I love your thoughts on 2013 and embracing the big and small. I’m going to have to focus on the small for a little while – I’m far to weak to be focusing on anything too big right now. Haha. H had already taken on one big feat – he hasn’t bought cigarettes since Christmas! 🙂 This makes me so incredibly happy. Love you friend. And miss you.

    • Focusing on the ‘small’ is just as good and important as focusing on the ‘big’ if you ask me. I think that’s an awesome goal for you right now — and YAY for H on the smoking thing, that’s so awesome!! Love and miss you TONS!!

  8. I’m right there with you…still chasing down those big goals but being a little less over scheduled, over planned and over tired. Learning to enjoy this journey we call life a little bit more. We were talking about this in teaching training a few weeks ago and our instructor looked at me and said, I think you know this is the ONLY choice. And it doesn’t mean you won’t accomplish your goals or make your hopes and dreams a reality, it just means you might do it a little bit slower and it definitely means you’ll enjoy your life a LOT more. I loved that, it’s so true!! Love this approach for 2013!

    • Gah, sometimes I swear we share a brain my fellow recovering Type-A-er! We MUST rekindle our plans to get together now that the crazy holiday season is behind us. Maybe after you wrap up teacher training and your first class we can find a date on the calendar?

  9. Happy New Year Jess! Seems to be the trend around the blog…finding time to be more present. I completely agree! I also want this for the rest of my family. Get away from cell phones, computers, and the like and just be present! You only live once…SLOW DOWN and take it all in!

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