You know you’re a (die-hard) fitness instructor when…

You know you’re a (die-hard) fitness instructor when…

You literally fall asleep with a constant 8-count scrolling through your brain.
(hold for 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, annnnnd 1…now pulse 8, 7…)

…this is a much more serious problem on Sunday nights when you have a double to teach in the morning.
(and your biggest fear is oversleeping despite multiple alarm clocks being set…pulse it 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…)

On your drive to or from your day job any new song you hear on the radio that sounds even remotely like good playlist material, you immediately shazam for download later.

…and then spend the rest of the car ride trying to figure out where that song would fit into your playlist for your next class.
(hmm could Muse’s “Madness” be a good ab series song? Perhaps for arms & abs tomorrow night??)

You get WAY too excited about new workout gear — particularly of the Lululemon variety — and have to immediately instagram as many selfies as you can before your early-am classes start (hence no audience to see you making funny faces in the mirror at 5:30 in the morning…). Case in point:

Image (6)

On your lunch break, you routinely review your class plan for the night ahead and wonder if you could do anything to make the class more interesting, unique, surprising or more intense…y’know, to keep those clients on their toes (literally, ha!). ;-P

And you totally geek out over all the fun instagram pics you spy as part of the barre n9ne studio #b9poseadaychallenge  contest that we (as in me and my sis Jo, marketing pro’s for the studio!) kicked off earlier in the week. So much so that you just HAVE to get in on the action yourself:

photo (35)

(this shot was taken just prior to me kicking my sister’s cute bum during barre fusion on Sunday night, hehe..but um, wtf is up with my expression here??)

And you get ridiculously giddy at the thought of training to teach a new style of workout at the studio — a training that is coming up FAST in February. A training I cannot WAIT to get through — and a class I cannot WAIT to rock at the studio…quite literally ‘rock’ it too. The workout? It’s called POUND – rockout workout. And OMG it looks like a BLAST. <–much more on this later, I promise! 

You  know you’re a (die-hard) fitness instructor when…you ADORE teaching, no matter how tired you are, no matter how long of a day you’ve had, no matter how early you have to wake up to get to the studio…none of that matters.

All that matters is that you love it, that clients love it…and that maybe, just maybe, you’re making a teeny tiny difference in the world.
…all while doing something that you love. 

37 thoughts on “You know you’re a (die-hard) fitness instructor when…

  1. I totally get that! I spend my life counting, when I see exercises I think “Hmm…I could have so and so do that in her next workout.” When I try new workouts, it’s a constant thought of what client that would fit with. And I’m right there with the music – I’m starting my very own female only group training sessions on Thursday nights and playlists galore are what I’m about right now!

  2. Jess I love this!! Now you know what my life has been like on a daily basis for the past 6+ years. 😀 Very well-put. Do you mind if I share this with my Simply Fit peeps?? Xoxo

  3. I LOVE this! back in college when I led a step class 5 days a week, I was constantly listening for new music, the high beats per minute. every now and then even NOW I will hear a song and try to figure the beats… so funny.

    • Ha isn’t it funny how that stuff sort of never leaves your brain?? PLUS I love that you lead step classes five days a week in college, a little factoid I didn’t know about you before! LOVE!

    • It’s like second nature now, the counting thing — it’s the worst though when I’m trying to drift off to sleep after teaching a class at night, and I can’t stop counting LOL

    • LOLOL I DEFINATELY geek out at a minimum of three times a day, b9-style. It’s usually more like 5 or 6 times though, if I’m being honest (spoken in the voice of Simon Cowell lol)

    • I used to LOVE doing that when I’d run to music (I don’t run with music anymore) — I’d know exactly what song to play to crush the hill on my route or whatever. Music can make or break any workout, I’m totally convinced of that!

  4. As a fitness class junkie I smiled the whole time reading this – loved it! I so wish I could be a student in one of your classes!

  5. Too funny. I used to do that when I’d have to sub a ballet class. And to follow up with what Naomi said – when I was going to spin all the time, when I’d hear that song on my running playlist I would picture exactly what we would be doing on the spin bike at that point. I don’t even teach and I hoard exercise ideas, rotations, circuits, etc.

    • HA. I can still remember Ride or Kick tracks and the right moves to do if a certain song comes on the radio — it’s like whoooosh I’m right back in that moment at my old gym. SO weird how music can have that affect huh??

  6. Love the passion…. And I love that black LuLu shirt, but that’s neither here nor there 😉 Thats what every athlete/fitgeek/etc is looking when they come to a class/track practice/trainer session; a coach/instructor/leader who is PASSIONATE about what they’re teaching. And that’s what you deliver. So proud of you!! You and Jo (as always) look GORGEOUS!

    • Hahaha I heart you 😉 mwah.

      But seriously? To me that’s what this instructor thing is all about — it’s about motivating while having fun, about kicking some ass but in a nice way (hehe) and ultimately about helping to change lives, even in just teeny tiny ways, I’ll take it.

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  8. I can totally relate! I mostly teach yoga, but I do teach an aerobics interval class once week. I’m always thinking about new exercises and yes I too earmark songs to possibly put into my playlists, LOL.

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