The simplicity of a workout.

I have to say — I’m really digging the simplicity of a workout.
…particularly when that workout is a ‘me workout.’

You see, my ‘me workout’ time has been so much less structured than it’s ever been. Which is particularly interesting given just a few months ago, I was tied to a pretty regimented marathon training plan intermingled with sessions at the barre.

And not that I didn’t LOVE training or being tied to a schedule of sorts, I actually did. It felt damn good to cross those workouts off the list in my handy-dandy little spreadsheet each day. There were days, however, where I wanted to throw that spreadsheet out the window entirely, too.

And it’s days like that that remind me of how beautiful the simplicity of a workout can be.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

For example — so far this week, I’ve run twice (yes, on the good ‘ol dreadmill) and both times I was utterly shocked at how great the run felt. Even though in both cases I woke up thinking: “there is NO way I’m getting more than a couple of miles in.” Only to step off that ‘mill after 50 minutes, drenched in sweat, with a serious case of runner’s high (yes, runner’s high on the dreadmill!) and clocking in 6 miles in each case.

And even though I’m sitting here sore as all hell from both of these workouts (plus countless sessions at barre n9ne kicking cute bums this week!), I’m so, so content. Content with this simple approach to my ‘me workouts.’ Content with no structure. And particularly content with how my fitness has evolved over time.

I guess I really nailed it when I said I wanted to embrace simplicity for awhile. Just like the Longfellow quote above, supreme excellence really is simplicity. And right now, I’m digging the simplicity of a workout. No frills. No schedules. No goals to crush. No pace or speed or numbers of any sort to speak of. Just simple — yet killer and effective workouts —  preferably with ample sweat and lots of post-workout aches (the good kind of ‘worked’ ache).

And, this time of simplicity has given me a chance to remember why I love working out, why I surround myself with all things fitness as much as I can and why I am who I am: at it’s very basic — I truly am a fit-geek at heart. No doubt about it.


21 thoughts on “The simplicity of a workout.

  1. Did you run some miles for me this week?? don’t forget ;-P Awesome sis, I totally agree! when I get a ME workout, I cherish it so much! I can only imagine what it’ll feel like to hit the mill and be overjoyed at that 😉

    • YES!! That’s the real beauty of a ‘me’ workout I’m realizing — you’ve designed it for YOU which means 1) you’ll love it and 2) you’ll work harder to accomplish it because its yours.

  2. Love this. Love the quote and that you threw the workout schedule of the window. That’s the best, isn’t it? When you can tap back into you, your body, your feelings and what works for you. Love it.

    • It really has been the best shift for me right now, I just feel so centered and strong and relaxed about my workouts in a way that I haven’t felt in awhile. I really REALLY dig this!!

  3. Amen sister. This is how I always work out now. I feel that when I work out just to FEEL good, with no other particular goal in mind, my workouts are just that much better. Tuning in to myself, tuning in to my thoughts, speeding up during a favorite song. No competition with myself or others. There’s just nothing like it.

    • Exactly. That’s the bottom line for me too — when I work out I just feel my best, I feel so strong and energized and fit when I’m in workout mode, MY workout mode, not someone else’s. you know what I mean? I LOVE that you’re in ‘this’ place right now too, so awesome!

  4. Isn’t it awesome to just do what you want and not worry or feel pressured to do a certain number of workouts?! I’m LOVING it too!

    • It feels GREAT. Like I said, I have LOVED being ‘in training’ and learned so much during that process, but right now — I’m really really REALLY loving this unstructured routine of mine so, so much. Just reminds me yet again why I love to workout so much, kind of back to basics that way, you know?

    • Ohh girl, it can be done — it is nowhere near as awesome as running outside but if I had to choose between no running vs. a dreadmill run, I’d rather dreadmill run it! Which I will tell you ALL about if we ever pick a date to finally get together. We must figure this out soon!!

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