Of kindness and sweat

(Kind of a random title for a post but trust me — the two go hand-in-hand I swear.)

So by now you’ve all heard me talk about the #b9poseadaychallenge going on at the studio the past two weeks, right? And you’ve no doubt seen me posting my fare share of poses on instagram in support of the challenge. I’ve had WAY too much fun both sharing some fun #instaposes and seeing what our clients can come up with for creative poses and such.

However. What really did it for me? The ‘twist’ that Tanya put on the challenge for the final four days (it ended yesterday). In the spirit of the #26randomactsofkindess movement going on in support of the school shootings at Sandy Hook a few weeks back, Tanya asked clients to start sharing their #b9actsokindess on instagram in lieu of ‘just’ sharing poses. And if I was blown away by how many were participating in the pose portion of the challenge, the overwhelming participation in the acts of kindess movement has been unreal.

Just take a look at that quick little snapshot I took of the #b9poseadaychallenge hashtag on instagram:

photo (4)

There are 560 pictures in there!! And if you looked at how many are just for the random acts alone? It’s kind of amazing. Our clients are a special breed, I do believe — the kindess they’ve shared with both complete strangers and fellow clients has been so, so cool to see. Talk about paying it forward — everything from buying a stranger behind them a cup of coffee in line at Starbucks, to dropping off clothes at a homeless shelter or dropping home-baked treats at the door of every single neighbor in her apartment building (YES, every single one!).

Kindess, particularly the ‘random’ kind — beautiful. And far too rare in this day and age. This is as much a note to self to me as it is to all of you — let’s be more random with our moments of kindess going forward, shall we?


Now for the SWEAT part of this post — which still relates to the ‘paying it forward’ aspect of the #b9randomactsofkindess story I just shared above. You see, on Saturday, I had the chance to teach my first-ever barre n9ne intensive class — essentially a 75 minute class where I was given the chance to create an even more challenging version of our classes, with fewer breaks, more compound moves and a LOT of sweat.

I won’t lie — I was a wee bit nervous that all the build-up to the intensive from clients who were SO anxious for the big day to arrive would work against me. I wanted it to be PERFECT in every way. I wanted our clients to get the best damn workout of their lives. And I wanted to be the one responsible for it.

…and wouldn’t you know, it turned out far better than I expected. And not because I think I’m some crazy-awesome instructor or something. But truly because each client in that room poured their heart and soul into that workout. Just as I poured all that I had into teaching a killer class, they showed me their gratitude through their hard work.

And when all was said and done, and I had sweat dripping from the tips of my hair all the way down my shoulders and onto my forearms and back — I looked around that room and was overwhelmed with my own sense of gratitude. That yet again, I had been given a chance to pay it forward — the ‘it’ being all that barre n9ne has meant to me this past year-and-a-half since my own personal barre journey began.

Just awesome. It just keeps getting better.

(and if you didn’t believe me on the sweat factor — here’s picture proof!)

photo (37)

29 thoughts on “Of kindness and sweat

  1. LOVE this sis! I loved every minute of that intensive for the very same reason. the game faces everywhere was ridiculous. the sweat poured down. it was AWESOME. And I love this instagram challenge too, my favorite one yet 🙂

    • The sweat, the game faces, the groans — all made the intensive SO FUN!! I want to do it again and SOON!!

      I am still in awe over the instagram challenge, it was so fun to experience and I just love the heart everyone showed throughout, just awesome. We have an awesome family at b9!

  2. It’s been fun following your photos during this challenge. It makes me more and more interested in trying out barre. Now if only there were closer studios to my house here in CLE for regular visiting…

  3. Beautiful! I love the challenge… both of them. And I love how so many felt inspired to give, of themselves, of their hearts, of their bodies. I really think you all have an amazing thing going in the B9 community. At least from what I’ve seen with you and your sis.

    Inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you — you’re absolutely right, it’s a special, amazing thing we have going on at barre n9ne, I LOVE sharing it here — showing off the heart and soul each of our clients have. It’s just awesome. So glad you liked!

  4. Oh contraire – you ARE a super awesome instructor!! That intensive kicked BUTT. I also loved the b9 Pose a Day challenge. I think the twist next time should be assigned poses – you get creative about where you do them! 😉

    • Aww shucks, thank you my dear. I looooooved teaching that intensive and am really glad it kicked your bum, that was kind of the point afterall, right??

      and I LOVE the idea of assigned poses, we must do this again — perhaps in the spring, so we can take pics outside 🙂

    • It is so awesome, I’ve loved every second of this ‘pay it forward’ journey — and this ‘acts of kindess’ / ‘pose a day’ challenge was just such a fun way to show all of you a little peek into what the barre n9ne community really is all about. It’s much MUCH more than just a place to get a good workout. It’s a family. I love it.

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  6. I’ve LOVED seeing all of your posts on Instagram. But the #b9actsokindess? What an amazing idea. I too think that you guys have a pretty special thing going on in the b9 community. Makes me wish I lived a little bit further north 🙂

    • It was an incredible thing to see — and today? Clients are STILL doing acts of kindness here and there — just goes to show just how gorgeous this community is, I am so proud of what its evolved into, you know? PS I think you need to visit Boston soon 😉

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