A day in the life — foodie friday style

Soooo – if you hadn’t noticed by now, my blogging has slowed down quite a bit lately. Not because I don’t love this blog anymore (quite the opposite, I’m VERY fond of this little ‘home’ of mine…), but because I try to always blog with intention. I don’t like throwing posts up there just because I haven’t posted in xyz days. I try to only blog when I truly have something to say. And well, I guess I’ve just had less to say lately – or I’ve been too busy in my ‘real life’ to jot my thoughts down over here.

ANYWAY. I sent a quick little tweet out yesterday, sort of just thinking out loud (but via tweet, ha):

Jess Sutera ‏@JessFit654
Itching to blog but nothing is grabbing me this week. How is this possible? Big time writer’s block over here #helpme #talkingtomyself

And I promptly got the following response from one of my longest time blog buddies, Naomi:

Naomi ‏@NJnSF
@JessFit654 I want to hear more about what your meals and snacks are like…

Huh. That’s kind of a good point, actually. I haven’t done a ‘Foodie Friday’ post in ages *and* I actually get this question pretty often, mainly from clients at the studio who are looking for healthy food swaps and such.

So here we go – a day in the life of me – foodie style. 😉

A typical weekday might look something like this for me:

5:00 – 5:20am: Wake-up and either head to the studio to teach or head upstairs to my treadmill for a run. (if I head to the studio, I’m always armed with some coffee, usually iced, in a travel mug)

7:00-8:00am: Get ready for work, grab my lunch bag and laptop bag (and gym bag if I’m teaching that night) and off to work I go. (well – *after* I stop at Starbucks for a venti coffee with whole milk, that is!)

 (note I tend to hold off on breakfast until I get to the office. I realize that this is not ideal for some of you, but somehow I’ve ‘trained’ my body to hang on tight until I can get to work to eat a proper breakfast. If I’m teaching a double in the morning, though – I will eat a little something beforehand – usually it’s a Lindsay Cotter Healthy Bite and a bit of coffee!)

 9:00-ish: Heat up my oatmeal in the kitchen at work. My oatmeal bowl is almost always the same during the work week: ½ cup irish oatmeal, 1 cup water and cinnamon sprinkled on top. When I reheat it, I add a splash or two of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then I stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter (mmm) and either sliced banana on top or chopped apple (that I cook the night prior, too) stirred in.

Image (9)

(and yes, my oatmeal is portable — I make it the night prior and reheat it at work, that lower left hand shot is proof! Plus, it reminded me that Love Grown Foods granola on top is an AWESOME way to jazz up your oatmeal, just sayin’)

12:00 – 1:00pm: I try VERY hard to wait until 12:30 to eat my lunch but sometimes I eat earlier than that – or later if I have a meeting – but my mid-week lunch itself is typically some version of a wrap with either fresh fruit on the side or baby carrots/veggies and hummus on the side.

My wraps tend to include: Flatout wrap, a smear of laughing cow cheese (and/or mustard), fresh spinach or mixed greens and deli ham or turkey. Sometimes I’ll make egg or tuna salad (made with Chobani plain greek yogurt in lieu of mayo) if I’m feeling particularly ambitious the night prior.

Image (7)

On the side I’ve been all about fresh fruit sliced up OR if we’re talking about this week? I’ve been obsesssssed with the buffalo-style hummus (ala Spabettie!) I made over the weekend with baby carrots on the side. Note – if you make this (which you MUST!), it gets spicier as the week goes on. Fun, right?

Image (8)

3:00-4:00pm: snack time! This can vary – lately it’s been Chobani banana, mango, pineapple or strawberry-banana greek yogurt (on a big yogurt kick!). Other snack options for me tend to include: an apple paired with string cheese, or cottage cheese and fresh berries, or a Healthy Bite and some fruit (orange, apple, pear, clementine).

Image (10)

6:30-7:30pm-ish: Dinnertime varies from day-to-day depending on if I’m teaching at night or not. But WHAT I tend to eat is actually not all that varied (which is making me think I ought to switch it up more, but I get lazy and tend to revert back to my good ‘ol stand-bys so easily!).

Typical mid-week dinners:

  • A giant salad with grilled chicken that I either toss in buffalo sauce and pair with greek yogurt (spiked with lemon juice, salt and pepper) as my ‘salad dressing’ or I’ll add the grilled chicken with chopped apple and my favorite Trader Joe’s champagne vinegrette or I’ll make it a fajita-style salad with sautéed peppers and onions and salsa as my dressing. These three salads have been in HEAVY rotation lately.
  • Otherwise – our dinners tend to involve grilled chicken breast or boneless pork chops with a steamed or roasted veggie and a salad (sometimes with fresh bread from the grocery bakery) or sometimes we’ll get really crazy and make chicken (or shrimp) curry over rice (or over spinach which I’ve been doing a lot of lately).
  • If we’re feeling extra adventurous we’ll go for something fun like chicken or shrimp lettuce wraps with potstickers (Trader Joe’s makes really good ones!) on the side. Side note: I find that we tend to eat more fish in the summer, I tend to crave lighter proteins in summer when it’s hot out.
  • And if we’re doing a date night style dinner (mid-week or weekend) we are both HUGE fans of grilled filet mignon with roasted asparagus and salad.

SO hmm – the theme here? Some sort of protein + a veggie + salad = the Sutera standby meal. <–HA!
(and funny — I don’t take many dinner pics, weird huh?? Didn’t realize it until I went hunting for pics for this post…)

 8:00-9:00pm: If it’s date night (um hi, winesday anyone?) there will be wine involved. And usually a Dove promise (looove these), too.

Image (11)

Orrrr, if it’s a regular old night, I might go for some banana-strawberry ‘fro-yo’ (frozen banana, frozen strawberries, food processor it up, add some pb or cocoa powder and bam, instant dessert) or edy’s slow-churned vanilla or chocolate single-serve frozen yogurt. OR I might make lowfat ‘cupcakes’ out of any old cake mix that I stir canned pumpkin into and bake into little cupcakes. Warm one of those suckers in the microwave with a teaspoon of peanut butter or nutella and you have a SUPER yummy dessert for around 130-150 calories. The.Best. Yep, I’m one of those that always craves a little something sweet after dinner. And this works for me. Ohhhhh does it work for me. 😉

Holy wow – I guess I had a lot to say on this topic. I hope you stuck with me through all of this!! And now I’m curious to see what your ‘day in the life – foodie style’ looks like!! #nosy #foodlovah #happyfoodiefriday


35 thoughts on “A day in the life — foodie friday style

    • Hmm you make a very good point friend — if I DID look back at my eats a year or two ago, it would look very different for sure. Now it’s a very peaceful, happy and fueling approach to eating. Full of good stuff and lots of nourishment, amen to that!

  1. I’m planning on doing a post about this soon (more to talk about how many weight watchers points I get, but same idea) – I took pictures of everything that I ate yesterday. My eats are similar to yours though I usually have eggs for breakfast and not oatmeal. I’m like the one blogger in the world that doesn’t love oatmeal.

    • Ohh I’d love to see a post like this from you!

      And you know what? I actually do love eggs and sometimes eat that on the weekend with ezekiel toast or I’ll do protein pancakes, those are yummy too!! I still can’t believe you don’t loe oatmeal, how tragic!!

  2. I love learning more about your eats because 1) your IG pics always make me drool, 2) I’m fresh out of ideas and need some inspiration and 3) I love you nourishing all this food it and how you truly do let your body lead you.

  3. Yum! Scarily similar to my daily eats – well, not scarily, since we eat so similarly! As I slowly eat my oatmeal, savoring every bite, I notice you eat more salads at dinner than me! Funny. I usually do a big salad as dinner, but not always as a side dish. Usually just a protein and a buncha random veggies stir fried together. hehe. or butternut, lots of butternut 😉

    • I know, I realized that too as I was writing this post — we eat a TON of giant, protein-filled salads for dinner. sometimes its just easier and faster and well, they are damn tasty. 🙂 mmm butternut!!

  4. Ah, so happy to see this post! My situation has changed and I’m spending more time in the car and away from home so I love all of these portable ideas. Your sister schooled me on Flat Out wraps last week, I’m eager to try those soon.

    • Ohhh good, so glad this helped you too — I’ve had to get a bit more creative now that I’m in the office again most days of the week, but it’s totally doable! I wasn’t about to give up my beloved oatmeal addiction, hehe.

      ps you MUST try flatout!!

  5. Ok, you and Jolene make me miss yogurt soooo bad!! I gave up dairy a while back (due to skin problems) and occasionally will cheat (zits be damned!). I miss Chobani so badly. It was my favorite snack after years of hating yogurt. I’m also not supposed to have wheat so I really have to look for wraps/bread that are gluten free. My body doesn’t agree with many things and my checkbook doesn’t always agree with the specialty foods I have to eat! I definitely eat healthier than ever in my life now. I love your cupcake idea. My kids would really dig that. Will have to try it.

    Thanks for the food for thought. 😉

    • Aw man, I would be so sad without dairy in my diet (or wheat) — I always feel for friends who either have food allergies or intolerances, especially when its foods that make it hard to eat ‘normal’ without wracking up a ton at the grocery store week-to-week. It sounds like you’ve figured out how to make it work even if it’s not nearly as fun or as affordable, food-wise. Boo!

      I’m glad this gave you food for thought though, I love food!


    Holy cow, your strawberry-banana fro-yo is right up my alley and my mind is already churning with topping ideas!

    I’ve been avoiding Laughing Cow and Chobani because of the dairy-issue but this post really makes me want to give it another try. Perhaps in very little doses…

    How do you cook your apples for your oatmeal? And what were the foods that you used to fuel your long run?

    Please make this a regular weekly staple – it’s given me so many great ideas to “freshen up” my meals. Love it!

    • HA! I am SO glad you loved the post, I did write it just for you afterall 😉

      Let’s see — the apples I sautee on the stove with some cinnamon but I know you can also do it in the microwave and it works pretty well. If I make it this way the night before for work the next day, once I reheat it in the microwave, the apples soften even more, making the oatmeal taste almost apple pie-like. so yum!

      Hmm foods for long runs…I feel like I blocked that out already haha. I always had our homemade pizza the night prior and on the day of a long run I’d always opt for oatmeal post-run, and healthy bites mid-run (or honey stingers) and that did the trick. Man that feels so long ago now!! (even though it so wasn’t!)

  7. Happy Friday! HOPE you get inspired to write A LOT MORE! I mean common, just stare at something for about 5 minutes, that will help get your mind thinking about something that you will want to blog about. For instance, right now, I am looking at this stuffed chicken on my desk (a mini beanie baby, LOL!)… The yellow color is reminding me of the SUN – and the SUN reminds me of SUN BURNS… So my next blog post will be about Vitamin D and risking getting sun burnt. LOL!!!!

    • I love reading about other people’s eats too – always gives me a fresh idea, you know? Because I tend to revert back to habit and eat the same kinds of things all the time. Always good to switch it up now and then, right?? And YES, you must try flatout wraps, they are awesome!

  8. This is actually a great diary to chronicle. I am always curious. I make it until 1, or try. It’s the Euro way of doing things and I kind of like it.

    You have the right balance of protein and veg. I cannot eat enough fresh fruit. Always my go to!

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  10. Hey Jess.. I would LOVE to know your curry recipe!! I’ve been looking for something like that to throw in to my rotation!

    • Oh our version is SUPER easy! We found it online and just adapted it to our taste. It’s basically this — saute 1/2 an onion, chopped plus a garlic glove, chopped. Then add 2-3 TB of curry powder, 1 tsp of cinnamon, a dash or two (depending on your taste) of cayenne pepper, a dash of salt, fresh grated ginger and I think that’s it. Cook the spices a bit before you add: 2 TBs of tomato paste, 1 cup greek yogurt (use more or less depending on how thick you want the sauce to be, you can always add more if you need vs. less) and 1/2 can of lowfat coconut milk. stir that all up and then add your chicken or shrimp and cook until done in the center. At the very end, add juice from half of a lemon and serve. I tend to like mine served over fresh spinach (it wilts down nicely!) or sometimes over rice or spaghetti squash! Oh – and always another sprinkle of salt to bring the flavor out more. Does the trick! Let me know if you try it 😉

      • This is so great!! Thank you for the recipe! I will definitely be trying this one out soon!!! I’ve been dying to try and make a curry but I always worry about how healthy it would be!

        Since you are sharing :)… for those delicious sounding cupcakes.. is it just the mix and the pumpkin??

      • Ohhh def let me know how the curry turns out. SO GOOD!

        and yes, just the mix and the canned pumpkin! Calories depend on the box mix you use and how many cupcakes you make 🙂

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