Why (I) teach.

Remember that awful case of writer’s block I mentioned last week? Well yet another blog/twitter friend to the rescue!This time it was from Daria — she wanted to know why I teach, basically. As in — what drives me as an instructor.
So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Why (I) teach.

I teach because I love to motivate others to work just a little bit harder each and every time they take a class at the studio.

I teach because I believe with all of my heart and soul in this particular style of workout — it has enacted huge change in me. I’ve never felt stronger or more confident than I do now. And I believe — and KNOW — that barre n9ne has had a ton to do with that.

I teach because it makes me feel alive. The energy that the room gives me every time I step up the front of the mats is unreal. My sis and I joke that this ‘alive’ energy happens every time we teach. And no lie, after EVERY class we teach, we literally text eachother the following: “#everytime” –– because to this day, almost a year into our stint as instructors at barre n9ne, we are still blown away by that energy, that ‘high’ that happens after each class.

I teach because I can. And I cherish that ability. Not just the physical ability to teach, but the actual opportunity to teach that Tanya presented to Jo and I almost a year ago. Every time I see my name on the schedule, I smile. I know that sounds corny but its the honest truth — I feel downright lucky to be an instructor at a studio that 1) I adore, 2) has killer classes that WORK and 3) has amazing clients that has transformed barre n9ne into the beautiful community that it is today.

So while I can’t answer the “Why (I) teach” question with just one answer — I can sum it up like this: Teaching has become a part of who I am today, it’s that simple.

(and after this weekend’s sneak peek POUND – Rockout Workout class at the studio, I am even MORE excited to learn how to teach this class so we can bring another (freakin’ awesome and killer) class to barre n9ne. I’m pretty sure my thighs and obliques hate me right now. The. Best.Feeling.)

29 thoughts on “Why (I) teach.

    • Aww you’re right, my feelings are far too hard to hide and I’m glad you like to see it. (because I AM talking about it an awful lot hehe). Thank you friend, so much, as always. xo

  1. Teaching is amazing and wonderful and so fulfilling. Anyone who is grateful for the opportunity to be an instructor is going to be the BEST at what he or she does. I’m sure you’re AMAZING!

  2. It’s really so great to here how much you love every aspect of the Barre program. I know I say this all the time, but i wish we had it here! There is Pure Barre, but it’s not that convenient for me.

  3. awww loooooove this sis! love love!! so so SO true. EVERY single time. EVERY! There isn’t a day that goes by or a class, or anything that I don’t cherish and appreciate and enjoy every monent. This really was our calling, and something we will continue to do for long to come!

  4. Your passion is so evident and that’s what makes a great instructor! And that Pound Workout looks like its so much fun! So when can we expect online classes?! 🙂

  5. Doing something you love makes such a difference in life. It takes a long time to realize that success is not defined by climbing up the corporate ladder; it’s the balance you find in life – the work and the play and finding your own path to make them both attainable and affordable monetarily and emotionally.

    You go Jess!

    PS – I’m sorry I’m late to the blog commenting party. That will change in 2013.

    • Hiiii friend! I’ve missed you!! Can’t wait to hear more from you this year 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And thank you, it’s true — finding that balance between work and play is a delicate one but so so important to leading a life that feels so fulfilling and rewarding, you know?

  6. Teachers allow folks like me to stay focused, on track and motivated. NEVER underestimate a powerful teacher. I wish I had the dedication to follow through with training, you are such an inspiration. It’s got to be incredible to see everyone moving to your words and strength.

  7. You can bet your ass I’d take classes taught by you two!

    I think you embody what everyone looks for in an instructor: passion. Without it, people won’t feel the need to work harder or be their better, stronger selves, you know? If you’ve got a boring instructor, it reflects on the class. So proud of you two for all that you’ve accomplished with this. ❤

    • I’d LOVE to see your cute bum in class someday friend – LOVE IT. Please PLEEEEASE come visit us!! 🙂

      And thank you, I love to teach and hope that because of that, it shows in how my classes flow and how clients feel both during and after class. The afterburn, so to speak 😉

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