Sometimes (revisited)


…you surprise yourself and crush 7 miles on the treadmill, something you had no intention of doing originally, or even thought you had in you on a sleepy Tuesday morning.

photo (13)

(and sometimes, you have to fight for those miles — it’s that sweat that’s sometimes even more rewarding than the surprising 7…)

…all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of a situation.


…a quick gchat with a friend is all you need to feel ‘understood’ in this world. Sisters in a past life, I swear…

…saying good-bye to a loved one, while sad in and of itself, conjures up deeply rooted sadness over another loved one who is no longer with us. ❤

…seeing pictures of this little girl staring back at me from my cube wall (that I finally decorated) is all it takes to put a smile back on my face during a stressful week.

photo (15)

…the kindess and thoughtfulness of a wonderful friend still surprises me (in a good way!), especially when she thinks to send this treat to Scott and I this week.

photo (14)

…you just have to ‘roll with it’ as best as you can, shoving aside your Type-A-ness for just one week and letting it be, all of it.
(and sometimes, this is VERY much a work-in-progress, indeed). 

Sometimes? Like this week? I have nothing left to give on a Friday but my best smile, a grateful attitude and a joyful heart that a long week is behind me, and a weekend full of promise sits before me. 
…that’s something I can cheers to *all* the time. 


11 thoughts on “Sometimes (revisited)

  1. oh, sweetie, I am sorry for your loss. Sending peace and comfort your way.

    the siding situation? would freak. me. out.

    strawberries chocolate and wine can go a long way to bring smiles – hope you have a goof Friday and weekend. XXO

  2. Love this post sis. So quietly calm after a rough rough week in so many ways. I was sad to be so far during a time of loss and a rough week, because I could have used a hug too (even from you heehee)..but now? We shall embrace the week that it was, for what we each learned, and move on to a weekend you both need and we need too! XOXO sis (end rambly comment)

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