She believed she could.

I’ve seen this mantra floating around pinterest countless times, but for some reason, it popped into mind today:

After reading your comments on my post from Sunday night (I owe you all responses, promise I’ll get to them today!), I got to thinking about belief. And believing in myself more. But not in the traditional way you might think of ‘believing in yourself’ but more in the way of seeing yourself the way that others see you. I guess that’s what struck me about how you’ve all responded to my post, the one where I admit that I sometimes do a pretty sh*tty job of maintaining balance, and yes – cutting myself some slack now and then.

One of my best friends on the planet sent me some incredible words of encouragement over text last night. And one thing she said really stood out to me — the concept of not ‘allowing’ myself to let go. She’s right. I often don’t allow it. And it’s not because I don’t think I deserve to chill out, but I guess I hold a very high expectation of myself and never back down from that.

So in that regard, I guess it’s time to believe in me a little bit more. From the perspective of believing that my little corner of the world will not result in catastrophe if I let go…of patterns, of control, of habits. And believing that some change is good change — a concept I’ve always shared openly here: that change is scary but being a little ‘scared’ every day isn’t so bad. So I guess it’s time to step out of my little corner and allow myself to be afraid, but believe that ‘scary change’ like letting go, is actually a good thing, and not so scary afterall.


Another way to consider belief? Believing that you might have an extra mile in you, an extra rep to lift, an extra set of abs to eek out. I haven’t been talking about my workouts lately but this morning? Well it was ‘me workout’ time — a rare treat these days (NOT that I mind, I looove teaching, remember? hehe…) and it was another one of those runs that seemed to go by a lot faster than I anticipated. And when my time was up, I figured ok – 6 miles is great. However. My legs weren’t altogether tired. I felt pretty darn good, actually. And I had the time since I was up so early today. So, I bumped up the pace again and got in another solid mile to round out my run at 7 miles (before 7am!) this morning. Talk about a needed sweatfest….and a good example of believing in your body, and not giving into habit, pattern or practice.

So there you have it, believe that you can. That’s my tidbit for ya’ll today. Apply it however you see fit. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “She believed she could.

  1. I love that quote, I have it as a work computer screen saver πŸ™‚ I also love that it is in the Bewitched font… πŸ˜€

    this resonates with me in several ways right now – I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, and I am slowly getting back to running (consistent walking is all I have been doing!). I had this (very short!) inner argument yesterday, I was VERY down and said to myself “GEEZ I wish I could run, if only this stupid ankle…” yeah, I have been through this enough to know I don’t want to reinjure, but… well I ran and I think it helped? ran the kinks out if you will? I KNOW it helped my stress.

    it also works in another area right now – I have always gone for it in life, always! and my rate of success is pretty good too πŸ˜‰ when it comes to my photography, I am weird, I don’t get it and each time I have sold a photo or am commissioned to take photos, it just blows me away. there is an opportunity for me to bid on a “job”, THREE friends brought it to my attention and I’m just sitting on it. totally going against what my confidence usually tells me to do… *sigh* I will only know if I try, right?

    sorry for the novel πŸ˜‰ XXO

    • BELIEVE (you) she could. Believe, believe, believe my friend. You have every right to believe in yourself and all that you are and all that you promise to be if you allow yourself to be just that. You are an incredible inspiration to me in so many ways, your soul just speaks volumes to me, especially when you post comments like you did here. I am PROUD of you for learning to listen to your confident side more, even if it’s hard to do sometimes, it always pays off. GO FOR IT friend, just do it. xoxo

  2. I am glad you are believing sis, and believing also that letting go is not a bad thing, that it can, in fact be a very GOOD thing. I believe a certain sister said this very same thing to you over tough love texting furiously Saturday night, but I am glad you got some reaffirmations from a bestie too πŸ™‚ The bestest!

  3. You are pretty amazing and I’m always in awe of how you are able to maintain all that you do (esp on the teaching front!). And I love this: “believe that you can” – it’s something I really need to work on.

    • I read your comment the other day and it caused me to pause and think…I guess you are right, I DO balance a lot and usually I do it pretty well and it doesn’t even phase me. Right now, I need to let it ‘phase me’ (if that makes sense) so I actually DO veer more towards ‘chill’ balance vs. ‘juggling’ balance which is something I sometimes struggle with lately. I’m working on it!

  4. I love this post, and the last one too. I feel like this comes at a perfect time for you. A huge snowstorm which is literally bring life to a halt. Seems like the world listening to you and is giving you an opportunity to let go and just be….

    • Isn’t it crazy ironic that this storm is hitting RIGHT when I’m in such dire need of disconnecting, focusing on chill time and just being?? I am amazed at how this sort of fell together at just the right time. Sure, two feet of snow is kind of crazy but hey, if that’s what it takes to get me to relax, so be it! I even went to the bookstore today and picked up two books to read under a blanket this weekend. Such a rare treat!

  5. Self doubt can be incredibly oppressive and it takes a ton of strength (in more ways than one) to be victorious. Belief in yourself takes cultivation, thanks for some help in that direction.

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