This has been whirring about in the back of my mind a lot lately….


Giving them.

Receiving them.

Spreading the love.

Compliments – in my view – are similar to a giant bear hug.

And I think we should give them out even more freely.
…not to mention receive them as graciously as we can, and as freely as we can.

It dawned on me after seeing a string of super-cute comments and ‘likes’ on a pic I quickly instagrammed yesterday morning after a sweatastic run (more on that run in a sec).


And it made me smile – not just the ‘likes’ on the pic which are always fun and I love seeing them, but the compliments or shouts of support or encouragement.
…like a giant bear hug.
And it got me thinking – why don’t we do that even MORE with one another?  I mean, what does paying someone a compliment take – two seconds?
…and you never know what that two seconds meant to the person receiving the compliment.

It could be the ray of sunshine on an otherwise dreary or bummed-out day.

Or the boost of confidence needed to hold their head high as they walk into an important meeting at work.

And a motivator to keep on keepin’ on.

So today, which just so happens to be Valentine’s Day (total coincidence, I swear!), I’m making a vow to make an effort to reach out more, pay more compliments to friends and loved ones and even strangers, and yes, to work on graciously receiving compliments too. (I noticed I have a horrible habit of *really* brushing off compliments when they come from my husband, and I have no idea why. I picked up on it during our snowed-in weekend actually. Got me thinking…)

So lovelies — will you join me on this mission? 


In other news? My run yesterday was awesome. Another surprising one for me. I’ve had this weird ‘crick’ in my neck for a couple of days so I skipped my run on Tuesday (er, postponed it – to later this week…#accountability) to avoid too much jostling and potential further injury.

But Wednesday rolled around and my neck was still a little sore but not nearly as achy as before. So I went with it – promising myself I’d hop off the ‘mill if my neck bugged me. And part of me kind of expected that to happen. But alas, my neck behaved and off I went. After an hour-long episode on-demand of “Castle” (really good show btw) was over, I looked down at the display on my treadmill (I cover it up for the entire run, upping the speed as needed, but never looking at time or distance until I’m done) and I was shocked to see: 6.98 miles. I happily sprinted the final .02 miles and was SO excited to see that I’d fairly easily hit 7 miles before 7am. I was sweaty, happy, run-high and ready to get a move on the day.

photo (16)

I’m constantly amazed at the evolution my running continues to take. Since being out of training mode for months now, my running has been on my time, my terms and practically every single run has surprised me – in a good way. My love affair with running is still very much intact, despite how loose and ‘free’ my running has been of late. Kinda neat, if I do say so myself. ❤

16 thoughts on “Compliments.

  1. I have to say I love reading your blogs…I haven’t responded but in lieu of today’s topic I had to say your writing makes me smile every time I read it. I haven’t taken your class or know you personally, but I take Jolene’s class in Andover and she is AWESOME and LOVE her classes so I feel like in a way and reading your blogs I’ve gotten to know you a little too! Thanks for brightening my days!

  2. I love the idea of giving out more compliments. I always think that I could and should be kinder to people, and giving compliments would help that along. Congrats on your awesome run yesterday–the runs that leave you reminded of how completely in love you are with running are the best. 🙂

  3. You’re so right about the compliment thing! It’s funny, a few years ago I started making sure that when I had a nice thought about someone, I would say it out loud rather than just think it…even if it was slightly awkward. So, like, if I was in line at the grocery store and liked the shirt someone was wearing, I would just tell them. It always makes me feel good when someone goes out of their way to say something nice to me, so I want to do it too—and if I was thinking it anyway, why not spread the feeling! I’ll admit though, I get out of the habit sometimes, so this is a great reminder. I’m back on it 🙂

    Happy V Day!

  4. I LOVE this! I do this with people at the gym all the time. It’s amazing how much happier they are when they are told something to make them feel better. Not to say that I over do it or make it up, just a simple comment to let them know their hard work is being noticed. I think that’s why I like instagram so much. It’s all positive! Facebook can have the sarcastic snarky remarks since people are hiding behind their computers. Intagram just seems so positive and friendly!

    Great job on that run! Love that smile on your face!

  5. This post makes me happy… it is so positive! I wish people could be more generous with their love and compliments… sometimes I’ll say something nice to somebody and they’ll give me a look that says “why are you talking to me?” It’s strange. I feel like we’ve forgotten how to be good to one and other. A big ‘ol bearhug is what the world needs. 😀

    Running is totally one of my addictions… it makes me feel like I’m soaring. It is a beautiful thing, a fantastic way to feel sort of connected to the Earth. I’m so glad it brings you happiness.

    Ah, this entire post is bringing me happiness.

  6. I needed to see such happy thoughts on a day when I got such lousy news about my PT progress (demoted from my running PT to a Pilates based PT since my rehab is not progressing well).

    I’m hoping that even though I can’t run for awhile that this rehab avenue will make me stronger so I can possibly get back to the mission of #13in2013 in June!

    Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day – from your friend the ValentineRD.

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