On #presence2013, fitdates and things

I’ve been meaning to blog all week, but for some reason the words just weren’t there. But today? I have a few thoughts on my mind, nothing all that earth-shattering but I wanted to jot them down while they were fresh. I hope you haven’t missed me too terribly — can’t believe it’s been a *week* since my last post! 

On the #presence2013 project…

In a word, I’m finding myself equally surprised, stunned and amazed at what a little disconnecting can do. This #presence2013 project has already left a lasting impact — I shall count the ways here (in no particular order)...

  • My mood – 1000x less ‘stressy.’ My mind is calm, far less cluttered and a whole heck of a lot less “OATT” like than it’s ever been. You know big change is happening on the mood front when your husband starts a text message with “don’t be mad but…” and then proceeds to tell me how amazed he is in how much happier I seem lately. Less anxious. Less scattered. Less unfocused. And a helluva a lot more present. The #presence2013 project: needed
  • My days — far less jammed up. I’m finding myself pulling back on that urge or push to be constantly in ‘productivity‘ mode. Let’s take today for instance. I had a few things on my mental ‘to do’ list that I wanted to tackle. Instead of continuing to add, add, add to that list, I capped it. I told Scott what I wanted to accomplish, he shared what he wanted to accomplish and we agreed to limit ourselves to a couple of hours of ‘go’ mode before we’d shut it down and focus on ‘weekend’ stuff like rummy wars, book reading, and yes, wine drinking. <–y’know, the *really* important stuff…
  • My fit focus – grateful. More on this one in a sec.

I could probably go on for a few hours about how glad I am that we (i.e. ‘#teamsutera’) are embracing and learning from this #presence2013 project of ours, but I’ll stop here. I promise, I’ll share more as the words come, but for now? Just know that the gift of presence has been the best gift I could ever give or receive. ❤


Now — onto that ‘fit focus’ I mentioned. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how different my fit focus has been lately. I’ve been out of training mode for a good 4ish months and haven’t missed that structure. (I *have* missed running outside in the early AM, counting bunnies along the way…but that has more to do with it being the dead of winter and a lot less to do with training…)

But what I have missed?

Fitdates for one. Or fitdates with besties. Or fitdates, #teamsutera style.
All of it.

I finally had a chance to take a barre n9ne class last Thursday (my sister took a titch too much glee in kicking my ass I’ll tell you that much lol) and when I tell you I was downright grateful to be in that room working out beside one of my best friends ever (mwah) and among some of the most fun clients *and* to have my sister in the center mat? I was: utterly grateful. It was such a needed set of fit moments for me. Of pushing myself through countless sets of tricep presses and pushups. Of finally getting my shake on at the barre and literally seeing the sweat pour down my cheek, drip from my hair and slide down my shoulder. And, at times, shutting out the rest of the room, closing my eyes and just being presentin my fit moment. 

It was during that workout that I suddenly longed for more of these fit moments and fitdates. Sure, I’ve been making time to get my runs in on the treadmill during the week and/or weekend as much as I can, but I haven’t been putting my own desire for fit moments first as much as I’d like to. And no, I’m not trying to add to my plate here (I know that’s what you guys are probably thinking!) — but I am committing to fitting in those fit moments and fitdates where I can. Even if it’s just one class per week that I take vs. teach, I’ll be grateful. Sure, it might not happen every single week, but where I can, I will.

I’m also getting really, really, really excited for the clocks changing — it’ll mean that it’ll stay light enough at night for some potential rundates with the hubs, #teamsutera style here and there. And as we inch closer towards spring? It’ll mean the potential for some early morning running, NOT on the dreadmill, too. Perhaps I can wrangle my sis into some of those early-AM rundates as the weather and clocks shift, hmm? 😉 A set of fit moments I’ll try my best to patiently wait for. (tick tock, tick tock!)

For now? For this week? I’m SO excited to be signed up to take one of my bestie’s barre n9ne classes on Wednesday morning. Since she got certified a few months back, I’ve been itching to take her class and I finally have my chance. And you better believe I’ll be doing my best to stay present in that fit moment.

30 thoughts on “On #presence2013, fitdates and things

  1. LOVE this Jess! I love that you and your man are taking part in Presence2013 together…what a wonderful way to bond and simple BE together. I’ve been dedicating much more time to shut down as well…as time can get away from me and being hooked on the phone/computer all day just doesn’t feel good. I try to shut down after 8 p.m. now which is HUGE for me seeing as though I used to stay on working til 11, even midnight… Being 100% present with loved ones is one of the most beautiful things there is.

    • I love that you’re looking to do the same, learning to disconnect and be in the moment a little bit more. It’s HARD to do, especially when you’re used to just DOING it all or go-go-going all the time. But slowly but surely those habits can be tweaked or tamed, I am proof of it (and really, I’m just getting started!).

  2. Glad that presence2013 is all that you had hoped it would be and more. It has helped me too, in staying more present, even if my ‘practice’ isn’t the same as yours with it, and I absolutely love the idea of presence within our workouts and the rare chance at a ME workout. so true sis. and I am glad I kicked your bum 🙂

    • To each his or her own ‘practice’ as it relates to embracing presence, right sis? I’m glad it’s rubbing off on you in a natural way — I think it’s so important to find the right balance that works for you. The #presence2013 thing isn’t supposed to be one size fits all, you know? (and yes, that was an awesome bum kicking, I must say!)

    • I knew you could relate to that my fit friend!
      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to disconnect and run or walk with you for hours, chit chatting the afternoon away. We need to make that happen soon!!

  3. I love you. You’re such a wonderful woman to know. As for fitdates, I’m digging the idea of some more virtual rundates, because I can’t get any of my local friends to get in on running. LOL

    As for the clocks changing? YES YES YES. I don’t normally say that, but I am…I’m ready this year. I’m ready for the spring time and warm weather. So tired of this dreary, wet, freezing weather that doesn’t produce snow (which makes it totally not worth the cold). Oh, and the wind? I’ve seen more 50+ gusts this winter than ever. lol I’m ready for warmth and brighter afternoons. Like now. ❤

    • Aww friend, you are the SWEETEST most genuine person I know. Thank you for always being so supportive, loving and kind. Seriously. LOVE YOU!!!

      Um, I’d LOVE a virtual rundate tomorrow morning!! I shall tweet you now before I Forget to see if you’re up for it 😉 xoxo

  4. Always insightful! I’m finding that I need to cap my To Do list as well, especially when it starts pushing to 25+ things a day. And fit dates are the best – it’s so much better than always eating out with friends.

    • Oh lordy, 25 items on your to do list? And I thought I was a bad offender of that go-go-go mentality! Sounds like you could tame it a bit too, hmm? Cut from the same cloth I do believe 😉

  5. So love this Jess and how your #presence2013 project is going. So huge. It does make a difference, doesn’t it? Even just a little bit of disconnecting? And YES!! Spring please! Coming home from California was a wee bit of a rude awakening. xo

    • It’s made a GIANT change so far, and I haven’t even been doing this presence thing for all that long yet AND it’s not like I’m disconnecting 100%, just at the pace that feels good to me. It’s just amazing and I’m SO glad we’re doing this, so needed.

  6. La la love your #presence2013! You and your man complement each other so well and it is so encouraging to read about how this is strengthening your already tight bond.
    And yes,,,LET’S GET EXCITED FOR TIME CHANGE! AMEN!!!! I am counting down the days….13 to be exact 🙂 Homestretch baby!

  7. I have a feeling that if I were to embark on a similar project as #presence2013 that I would also be less stressed. I know that blogging, although I love it and I’ve met some really great people through it, creates stress in my life that wasn’t there before. I’ve often wondered if I should give it up. There are so many bloggers out there. So many good ones too. What exactly does my voice add to the mix? Is it worth it? I think those are questions I have to ask myself continually. I’ve got to reevaluate my purpose.

    • That’s definitely part of it for me too — I’ve very much so pulled back on blogging, mostly because I’ve naturally had less to blog about and I’m not one to blog just to blog, it always has to have a purpose or intention behind it. So I’m partly blogging less because I’ve just got less to say lately and partly pulled back because I’ve been focused on being more present in real life. That’s not to say there isn’t room for blogging in life, there definitely is, but for me — I’m learning that I need some boundaries there and I can still be a happy, fun blogger without feeling tied to my laptop 24/7. You just have to find that right balance that works for you — asking yourself those questions will get you there, I’m sure of it!

  8. I love how supportive you all are of each other in Barre9. It really is refreshing to see how much you all enjoy what you’re doing and how you really give each other a boost! I am currently having one of those weeks where blogging is having to take a backseat! Tony is prepping for a show and things are a little on the crazy side around here. I’m trying to breathe through the stress…trying. I hope you have an incredible week my friend!

    • It’s one of the BEST parts about barre n9ne — the community ❤

      And please please please friend, breathe, exhale and try to take it one day at a time ok?? love to you!

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