The #presence2013 project — (almost) 30 days in

It’s been almost a month since Scott and I proclaimed that presence was the ‘thing’ we were going to focus on during Lent this year.

Hence, the #presence2013 project was born.

As I sit here looking at the calendar, I’m realizing we’re almost one month into this project, and I’m finding myself pretty surprised at how quickly that time went.

But then, I look at how my blogging has been going since the #presence2013 project proclamation, and it’s no wonder the time has flown by.

…I’ve been blogging less. Far less.

…I’ve definitely been tweeting less.

…and yes, even texting less, too.

And all of this disconnecting hasn’t just been for Scott’s sake, but it’s been something I’ve been extremely cognizant of with friends and family too. Any time I’ve been in the presence of friends or family since we kicked off this project, I’ve felt downright rude if my phone has been out — unless there was a real purpose or need for it (like to snap a quick pic or something).

But back to the time flying by — it’s been flying by in a good way. Not because I’ve been too busy with my nose buried in my computer to notice the world and the people around me. But because I’ve been so busy LIVING and enjoying each day, cherishing dinner chats with Scott more, spending more time talking on the phone to friends and family versus just texting them, and just spending altogether less time on all things electronic.

I’ve honestly found myself annoyed if I need to use the computer at night, actually. And that’s never happened before. I’ve just been realizing more and more that I spend SO SO SO much time on the computer for work all day long that I seriously do not need to be on the computer (or my phone) so much at night.

I think the best part of this #presence2013 project has been that feeling of connection between Scott and I that I sense a LOT more lately. It’s a hard-to-describe feeling…presence…but once you have it and harness it, you know what that feeling, that sensation is all about. And you start to miss it…a lot…when presence goes missing on you. It’s like nourishing your body with good food (and good wine, ha), but instead of nourishing your body, you’re nourishing that connection.

And it’s that realization, that nourishing of connections — which is telling me that this #presence2013 project should not end just because Lent ends. It should be a constant evolution towards better balance between plugged-in and unplugged time. And that’s what I’m working towards, very happily so, I might add.

With that, I’m going to go ahead and say a big ‘ol TGIF to all of you right now, it’s been a LONG LONG week and I’m more than ready to cheers to the weekend. It’s just too bad that it’s not wine thirty quite yet. 😉

I will, however, start early with my cheers (since you won’t hear from me tonight on that front!) — so this is me, cheers’ing to #presence2013 (and beyond).

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12 thoughts on “The #presence2013 project — (almost) 30 days in

    • YES, it’s all about connecting, reconnecting and focusing on quality time together with real FOCUS vs. scattered, blurry attempts to connect while doing forty five things at once. You know?

  1. I think this is awesome sis. The best outcome is what you learn as a result of presence…and how to make it fit your lifestyle and work for you, not against you. I think you now have a good happy medium, and I do too, in the ways I have made myself more accountable for being present as well 🙂

    • Exactly — I think I’ve found a really good balance through this #presence2013 project and I intend to continue focusing on it as much as I can. I think its just really helped me have more quality connections with everyone in my life, not just with Scott. And that makes me happy. I’m glad this has helped you too sis, it’s so important 🙂

  2. This is so awesome. I love how this project has evolved and all that you have learned from it. It is about connecting and nourishing, isn’t it? I definitely feel less connected lately – which is good – and I don’t feel the overwhelming need to update update update tho’ this week of posts might suggest something different haha. Can’t wait to see how this continues to evolve and cheers to #presence2013!!

    • Isn’t that neat? To not feel overwhelmed with a need to constantly post updates and things to the entire ‘world’ to see? I mean sure, some updates are fun to do but when it becomes an incessant need, that’s when I think it’s time to pull back a little…at least that’s what I’ve learned. Anyway, I’m loving how this project is evolving and that it’s been helpful to you TOO!

  3. everyone should do this exercise now and then – to remember what it was like before we were so digitally connected, to be more present and aware! this week I have been completely offline, and while it is for reasons of being too busy and kinda sad, I have been more present.

    get out and just enjoy! (and cheers!)

    • Aww I know you are dealing with some rough stuff lately my friend, and I hope you know that even if I’m not as connected lately, I’m constantly thinking of you and sending you good vibes!! Big giant hugs!

  4. I LOVE this! Seriously. I’m pretty good on the weekends about unplugging but have been doing more during the week at night too. I’m a huge fan of the do not disturb feature on my phone. I’m glad you’re loving it and hope you’ll keep with it!

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  6. When I was on vacation I thought I would still be plugged in and blog regularly, but after a day or two, I found myself not even thinking about my computer, blogging, or being online. I had such a good time just being with friends and family, committing fully to them and not worrying about what I was missing online. So I get what you’re saying here – and I heartily agree!

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