Everyone needs a little me (workout) time

I hear this a lot — both from clients at the studio, from family and from friends who just don’t think they deserve, need or are ‘allowed’ to have ‘me’ time. Particularly when that ‘me’ time is of the workout variety. It’s seen by some as a frivolous activity, a nice-to-have versus a need-to-have or it’s a selfish thing to want or need that ‘me workout’ time.

But truly? Everyone needs a little me (workout) time. 

Yes, even I need it. 

You see, I’ve been working on a little experiment these past few weeks. Instead of looking at my me-workouts as nice-to-have activity in between all the teaching that I do each week, I’ve been looking at it as need-to-have time. Obviously within reason, balancing it out with the working out that invariably happens while I’m teaching class. But yes, I’ve been making my me workout time more of a priority. Even if it means shifting my focus a little bit — instead of wishing for or yearning for x amount of miles, I get excited about running a quick 30 mins after class or slotting in a fitdate with a bestie mid-week when schedules allow.  And yes, I #makeitcount.

So I have been committing to my ‘me time’ of the workout variety more these past few weeks and I’ve noticed something. Yup, you guessed it — I’m happier.

It’s not rocket science people, putting yourself first and chasing those endorphins produces, yup — happy, joyful energy. 

Sure, I still love, love, love all the hours I spend teaching, watching clients transform right before my eyes. LOVE. But I also love that me time either at the barre or on the mat where I have time to focus on my own muscle strength and endurance. Or the time I spend in my favorite sneakers, running 3 miles or 7, or somewhere in between, those miles don’t matter distance-wise — all that matters is that they are my miles. Miles I fought for particularly hard for on Sunday in the chilly, windy air. But it was worth it. SO, SO, worth it. Especially because it meant a #teamsutera reunion. ❤

photo (46)

So here’s my thinking — I will continue to make my ‘me workouts’ a priority. Within reason, of course, and while still respecting the rest time my body needs. But clearly, based on just the past two or three weeks alone, my mood is just happier, less stressy, more centered. I KNOW part of that has to do with the #presence2013 project. But I also believe it has something to do with the me-workout thing. It’s just needed. 

And please, I hope you all will take that time to remember that you are just important to make a priority as everyone and everything else in your life that is important and that you love. You also love yourself, right? So watch that (self) love blossom, and respect the me (workout) time as much as you can. It’ll only make you a happier, healthier, more content wife, sister, friend, mother, auntie, and daughter (ditto this for the boys who may be reading this post!). It’s important, truly.

26 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little me (workout) time

    • Exactly — I try really hard to strike a good balance, to honor the rest day but also get my ‘me’ workouts in when I can. It’s SO important, makes me feel so much more centered and ‘me’ at the end of the day.

  1. I agree, I think it makes a difference to get in a couple of your own workouts each week in addition to teaching (within reason of course, as we both always say!). I feel better and more centered, in a way. And I ENJOY having that hour to myself (if taking a class, or whatever amount of time I am running) without thinking, or counting! 🙂

  2. Everyone needs a little “me” time in general – and this blog inspired me to get mine! I’m terrible about work/life balance. Currently I have my next 2 weeks booked solid with work engagements – coming on the heels of two crazy weeks at work! Starting April 1st I will commit to having an actual work/life balance and getting some me and me workout time!!

    • AH, this makes me SO SO SO happy to hear — you NEED better balance my dear, carve out that ‘me time’ and keep it as sacred as you would any other committment in your day, you know? Its YOURS, own it 🙂

  3. Sometimes it’s a battle, but I fight for my “me” workout time. I get my butt up at 5 am and workout before the hubs or baby are even awake. It makes me a better wife and mom. I used to be one of those – I don’t have time types, but if you are sitting on your butt after work watching TV, then you have time, and I still watch my favorite shows.

  4. Yes! I definitely need my “me” workout time. Even my husband knows that and knows to gently encourage me to go for a run or to the gym when I’m, ahem, grumpy 🙂

  5. I have wondered, with all the teaching that you do, if you are able to get your own workouts in, or if the classes as your workouts.This is not something that is a struggle for me, but as some of my closest friends have started to discover fitness and become more active this year, I’ve realized it is definitely something that some people struggle with. I’m glad to hear you still dedicate your own special time to yourself.

    • I mean, yes — the classes I teach most often become my quasi-workout for the day, especially because I’m usually teaching more than one a day and while I’m focused on giving clients the best workout of THEIR lives, it’s ineveitable that I’ll get a bit of a workout in too. It isn’t the same as taking a class, but I’ll take that swap to teach what I love so much, you know? So now the times I DO get to take a class, I cherish them EVEN MORE than ever. You know?

  6. I think it is so wonderful that you are taking “you” time! I always wondered whether the instructors at B9 still went to their own classes- I think it is phenomenal that so many of you do!! While I don’t teach, I definitely get the importance of the “me” workout. Before B9, I tended to only hit the gym when my husband went. So when I started going to B9 four times a week- I felt guilty at first. But once I realized how happy I felt after each workout and how a happy “me” meant a happy “us”, I saw that it is time well spent.
    Enjoy your “you” time- you work so hard- you deserve it!!!

    • I am SO glad that barre n9ne is now your ‘me’ time — and that you cherish it and use it to your advantage as YOUR HOUR to focus on you, you, you. That is SO important — if you’re not totally ‘in’ that moment for the entire hour, you aren’t getting the most out of your ‘me time’ you know? I love that about the barre — that hour is intense, but its intensely yours especially when you focus, focus, focus throughout. Love it.

      PS yes, it IS challenging to get to many classes these days, but I try my damndest to get there when I can, I miss it!! (but wouldn’t swap teaching for the world, LOVE it)

  7. True that! Whatever your me time is, it should be a priority. I absolutely adore my hour a day, it’s sacred at this point.

    Great experiment, even more proof.

    Whoop! I like your team:)

    • Exactly — that hour a day, or even a half hour a day is SO sacred and SO important to carve out for ourselves, not even just physically but even more so mentally, you know? I always feel like a million bucks after!

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