Life is good.

Life is good. 

Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, life is damn good actually. And I think it’s worth jotting those happy thoughts down now and then. If not as just a personal note to self the next time I go down the wahhhbulance rat hole that I know I’m prone to face-planting stumbling into now and then.

And truly, nothing too earth-shattering here, just lots of fun little silver linings lately. Or little things. So I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate them, in pictures.

New haircuts — they make me smile. This is a shorter cut for me (you can’t altogether tell from the pic, but this is what I was aiming for) — and I’m diggin’ it, big time. (hi, blow drying my hair in under ten minutes, I’ll take it!!)

photo (49)

Unexpected dreadmill highs — and a speedy (for me) 5k “PR” (if you can call it a “PR” on the dreadmill!). After my Wednesday morning fitdate at the barre, I told my friend and one of the clients who was standing nearby that I was going home to run a quick 5k before getting ready for work. I said it loud and proud because I knew if I didn’t, I’d be prone to skipping the run entirely. BUT, because I proclaimed it out loud before I left the studio, I felt accountable and I’m glad I stuck to my guns. This was a surprisingly fast and fun 5k and it made me feel like a total rockstar all morning. A ‘me’ fitdate, double-style– I’ll take it! #fitgeek

photo (50)

Teaching a 90 minute b9 intensive at the studio — and nailing it — made me SO SO proud and happy on Saturday. The b9 intensive is designed to be our most challenging class (clients must take at least 20 regular classes before taking one of our intensives) and is also meant to help clients get more out of their workouts, focusing on form and finding that mind/body connection. I was *really* excited to teach this class. I came up with what I thought was a pretty killer 90 minute line-up (and accompanying playlist!), filled with my most favorite upper body exercises, lots of planks and pushup series, and a really fun barre/mat combo session to work lower body. Oh and smabs, can’t forget smabs (a part of my body I never thought I’d learn to love to work, but whatdya know, I actually DO love working smabs now!). It was killer. Every client in that room worked their bums off, showing such dedication to the barre, it was just awesome. They absolutely crushed it. It was definitely THE most fun I’ve had at the barre to date. And after teaching the 90 minute class (plus a one-hour class before that), I was exhausted, starving and ready for a shower (didn’t even take a selfie after class, who am I??). So, I felt it was more than appropriate that I try out a coffee shop near the studio (Daily Harvest) that has great iced coffee flavors but somehow, I had yet to get there (which is shocking given how much I love coffee!). So this bad boy turned out to be a much deserved treat — a snickerdoodle flavored iced coffee with a splash of milk. Deeeelish. #earnedit

photo (48)

Annnnnd finally — after ELEVEN rounds of ‘rummy wars’ with the hubs — I won a round of 25 (we play until someone wins 25 rounds and then the winner picks the losers ‘punishment’ so to speak). The hubs was not entirely pleased by this turn of events, but seriously, the guy won eleven rounds before I finally won one, I think I’ve waited long enough. 😉

photo (47)

I betcha you’re wondering what his ‘punishment’ is for my win, hmm? Well, I’m sure you won’t be surprised when you see my choice:

photo (5)

(note the win above my win, Scott is really looking forward to cashing in on that one — to see me squirm for an entire day where I have no control over plans or even any visibility into what our plans are? Ack, Type-A in me is screaming for mercy already, hehe)

Ha!! I can’t wait for this — he’s in for a world of hurt, I can guarantee him that much. But all in a hurts-so-good way I promise (kinda). 😉

Soooo now it’s your turn, what’s making your life good right now? BIg or small, there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough for it.


29 thoughts on “Life is good.

  1. You’re so right, my friend. We should be grateful for those silver linings so much more. For me, it’s a bit hard this year since my godmother died at the age of 50 this February. We were pretty close (she was my bridesmaid) and her daughter is my godchild. So this wasn’t a good start into 2013. E.g, right now I’m suffering from Pneumonia and won’t be able to run for at least 3 more weeks. ARGH!. Last but not least, by the end of March we’re still stuck in the middle of winter weather, snow and ice cold winds here in Germany. No spring in sight. And I can’t wait for spring. But after all, I’m feeling better and I’m grateful for my wonderful husband, the first tulips on my dining room table, that call with my sis when we laughed our arse off, a beautiful Art Deco lamp we bought at a good price via ebay last night 🙂 and my doctor who told me she’s always talking about me as “the woman with that beautiful skin”. Well, it’s the little things that sometimes help us going through black days and dark nights… PS: I love your new hair!!

    • Aww friend, I wish I could reach across the ocean to give you a GIANT hug. You’ve had a rough start to 2013 to say the least. But yet, here you are putting a positive spin on things — which is amazing and beautiful in and of itself. Just like you are, on the inside and on the outside. I SO hope things start to turn around for you soon my friend, hang in there ok?? And remember: you are beautiful 🙂

  2. You are looking so happy in your pictures lately, my friend. Happy and beautiful!
    My 11 year old is making my life amazing right now – I love the things that come out of his mouth. He’s really developing a personality that makes me so proud!

  3. sometimes the little things are really the BIG things, aren’t they? Intensive on Saturday was SUCH FUN to teach, I am still feeling it. was fun that we were doing them at the same time! I LOVE that Scott has to go to arms and abs! wish I was teaching at that time or I would SO COME!!

    • It’s true — the BIG things in life are fabulous too but they are fewer and farther between. And the little things are truly what makes each day so special, you know? I’m STILL thinking about how fabulous and fun the intensive was, I wish they were all that long!! LOL talk about die-hards!!

  4. Love the haircut! It looks amazing! Oh and I totally count PRs on the dreadmill. I have race PRs, outside run PRs and treadmill PRs. They all have their different levels of difficulty. I’m loving that I just completed my first race with Tony. He’s in happy land right now since he got a trophy for winning second place in his age group. The man has worked hard. I love seeing him feel great about himself.

    Congrats on your win. Sorry Scott!

    • I knew I loved you for a reason, hehe. Rummy rocks!! Especially when I FINALLY frickin’ win a round LOL 😉

      PS you NEED to try this coffee, it’s fabulous. Come visit? 😉

  5. So happy to hear life is good! I was beginning to wonder what was happening in the world of Jess! Also was thinking of you since I’m starting to teach at a new studio this week and the owner is awesome and into barre classes. I couldn’t agree more that flavored coffee is just awesome!

    • Ha, yup — I’m still here, just been blogging a lot less — have had a bit of writer’s block I guess?? But life is good as you can see, all goodness. 🙂

      SO glad things are going equally well for you my friend 🙂

  6. That new haircut looks great! I do the same things sometimes- I say out loud to someone that I plan to get my run in- the accountability is sometimes the kick in the pants I need! You and Jolene have such joyful posts lately. It is truly infectious. Thank you!

    • Thank you, I’m loving the cut too 🙂

      And YES — sometimes all it takes is saying it out loud to whoever will listen (haha) to embrace that accountability factor. Another reason I LOVE the b9 community so much, accountability and undying support all around!

      (and you’re welcome my dear!)

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